Youth Club New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Are you aged 11 to 18 years old? At a lose end on Saturday 31st December. Then why not invite your friends to come and join you at the Youth Club celebrations and see the New Year In. Starting at 8-30pm, your parents are welcome to collect you between 00-30hrs and 1am or you are welcome to bring a sleeping bag, over-night clothes and join our sleepover at the Hall. You will then need to be collected at 9am, or make your own way home. You are welcome to bring DVD’s/ Video’s (maximum rating of 15), CD’s to play on the disco rig we are have for the evening and any PS2, board games you fancy.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends. Cost is £2 per Youth Club member or friend and a food donation for the party eats. So that everyone has fun and the evening is not spoilt please note no alcohol is allowed at this event and there is no smoking on the premises.