Prayer Corner

“This Christmas some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny” is a wonderful challenge to us all. What is the journey we are all travelling from cradle to grave – it is a pilgrimage as we discover who we are as children of God, brothers and sister in Christ’s family. Our destiny is eternity and the adventure to is lead our lives in a way that honours God and allows his glory to shine in the darkness of this world where so many struggle to cope.

Though tiring with all that we do Christmas is a wonderful time of year for those that follow Christ’s teachings and example in their lives. Not only can we partake in all the secular parties and events, we also have the deep inner joy of coming together as believers to worship God and give thanks for His amazing gift to us – his son Jesus. Do take time out to allow the spiritual being in you to soar with the angels, adore with the wise men, and pay homage with the shepherds.

For others this time of year is a nightmare of loneliness, fear, broken promises, debt, domestic abuse fuelled by alcohol and anger, homelessness and separation from those who are important. For others it is a time of sadness, or mourning or coping with the pain of illness and frailty. Do take time to pray for your neighbours, friends and family. If you have elderly neighbours or new neighbours why not drop in and say hello, wish them a good Christmas and see if there is anything you can do to help them at this time. Do pray for all those who will have to work across this season – the emergency services, transport drivers, the armed forces, the media, hotel and restaurant staff and all those other essential service workers who we just take for granted through the rest of the year.

Within the Newsletter there are things to give thanks for, and things to ask God’s guidance, strength and blessing for as we seek to serve him. Do get into the habit of praying for the leaders of these events, so often they are busy doing and need others to give the prayer support.

In our corps family we need to rejoice at Kate’s remarkable recovery from surgery. It is a joy to see her each week. Winnie has not been well and continues to need our prayers for healing. Ailsa asks that you continue to pray for her friend Emma. Do pray for those that are caring for family members, and for those who through illness, lack of transport, infirmity or distance are unable to worship and fellowship with us on a regular basis Letitia, Winnie, Edie, Sue and Philip, Olive Morris, Ella, Sonia, Ernest, and Linda.

Finally do pray for the many friends and neighbours who will join with us to worship over this period, some will have a faith, others will not. Do ask God to open the way for sharing so that others will come to know him for the first time this year. For those that are travelling to stay with family and friends do ask God to keep them safe.