Congress 2005, 19-20 November

It’s a cold and windy day.
Do we have to go to Wembley?
YES – It’s Congress, you’ll meet lots of people, you may even speak to and shake hands with the General!
But it’s cold and a long way!

Not only was it cold and windy, Wembley Conference Centre was crowded, not everybody spoke to the General let alone shake his hand. No, all they seemed to get was lots of laughs, cheers and shouts as custard pie after custard pie was pushed into their face. The pie was actually shaving foam so at least they ended up smelling nice.

Did we have a good time? Yes!

The children’s activities were based around God looking at what’s in our heart, the unseen inside of our motives. If we have a clean heart and do what, as Christians, God tells us to do we should be happy.

But why do we do it?

For me Congress was not what I wanted to do, but if I can help just one child to enjoy the day and have fun, then it is worthwhile. The children had lots of fun, especially seeing two adults being plastered with custard pies. For me it was a day for the children, not for me, I was to be used for their enjoyment, and because they had fun I felt that I had done my job. It is said ‘What goes around comes around’. The children enjoyed the day, which in turned made the day enjoyable for me.
Paul Flinders