Quotation of the month

July saw the G8 Summit meeting in Scotland, the realization that the growing levels of anger and sense of powerless among young people in the UK has lead to suicide bombings in London. While the G8 Summit was occurring an international J8 Summit was occurring where young people (14 to 18ish) from across the globe came together to share their vision of the future. “We are the future and, if we do our bit, we can change the world. We are all born on the same level and we should help other people.” Emma Kerridge aged 14yrs.

“There aren’t many outlets for young people to express their views. There is the UK youth Parliament, but it doesn’t have much of a voice.” Lydia Nicola aged 15yrs.

“Everyone should have a voice, but young people especially because they can’t vote. These issues (Global warming and Africa) matter to everyone.” Katherine Richards aged 15.