Divisional Family Fiesta 05

Was a wonderful hot sunny day and Vine Hall School set in the depths of the countryside was the perfect place to just chill, spend time with friends over a picnic lunch, play games and celebrate how amazing God is. For those with energy there was swimming, family games, a sing Gospel Workshop, and “Families in the fast lane” seminar. Finally there was the Scavenger Hunt that had one walking all over the grounds of the school looking for worms, snails, oak leaves and rubbish as well as answering some tough questions. Congratulations go to Samrand and Srood, two of our Kid’s Club members, who won the Scavenger Hunt – we all enjoyed the Celebration chocolates prize.

The times of worship brought the whole divisional family together as all ages had something for them – The Puppets from Sutton Corps, the Divisional Youth Chorus, the brass band led by Fred and Tristessa Aberg and worship band lead by Nik and Emma Pears. Majors John and Anne Read from Regent Hall where the guests of the day and lead the worship exploring the themes of the River of Life in the morning and Wilderness Transformed in the evening, where Ailsa shared her testimony. Denise Cooper organised the children’s morning worship and she had us considering how special we are and praying for families and some of the situations families face, including those affected by the London bombings.

Our thanks go to all the divisional staff for all their hard work and vision in organising this day.