I have not seen the film ‘The Passion of Christ’ and I have no intention of ever watching it. This decision was confirmed as the correct one, for me, last month. I was in a Christian bookshop and saw a copy of the book ‘The Passion of Christ’. I picked it up and started to look through its pages. It contained pictures from the film. When I got to the pictures, which depicted the whipping of Jesus, I was reminded once again of the barbarity of the treatment that Jesus received from the religious and civic authorities. The horror of that treatment was vividly illustrated. The body of Christ was covered in blood from his head to his feet and his torturers were splattered with his blood. I closed the book, but it was too late, those graphic images were engraved in my mind. I always find it hard to read the descriptions of a Roman whipping and those images were quite a shock to my system. I knew I would not have been able to sit through the film. The images combined with the sound effects would have been just too much. Yet, I am grateful to God for reminding me of the sufferings of Jesus.

You see I can get a bit complacent about my faith if I’m not careful. I need reminding about the cost of my redemption.

During this month I will be carefully reading again the accounts of the events leading up to Easter Sunday. Trying to visualise the scenes, hear the sounds, smell the aromas, and feel the bustle of all that took place. I want to be there, in my imagination, so that on Easter Sunday I can once again echo the words of Thomas – “My Lord and My God”.
God Bless You, Major David




Excerpt from the past. Corps History No 49

Over the weekend of July 18/19 1959 our halls were reopened after complete redecoration and we went ‘modern’. The mayor and mayoress of Wimbledon visited us on the Saturday afternoon, together with Colonel Lockyer of our National Headquarters and our divisional commander, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur Smith. Croydon Band presented a musical programme in the evening and, despite a strike in the printing industry, meaning no advanced publicity or printed programmes (no personal computers then!), a fine crowd was present.

Incidentally, Lieut-Col. Smith had been our DC in the West London division. He was then transferred to South London Division and took Wimbledon into that Division with him. It was a shortlived affair and a month after this special weekend we retransferred to West London.

On the morning of Sunday 19th July our Corps Officer, Major Ron Chalk (who had worked hard for this occasion) solemnly announced that 'two of our comrades are no longer with us -Brother and Sister Stove! Now, these two 'stoves' together with a third one in the smaller hall, had provided the heating for many a year. It was the corps officer's ‘job’ (if nobody else volunteered) to light these huge iron monstrosities during the night hours if we were to sit comfortably during the winter months. You could spot the folk who liked to inhabit these more tropical areas of our buildings by the ruddiness of their cheeks and the occasional singeing of garments. Many years previously, we had a beautiful depiction of Christ on the wall at the back of our platform, but the heat from the stove in the hall behind it caused it to crack and peel away, such was its fierceness when burning brightly. The day before Muriel and I were married in November 1947, and were to hold our reception in the ‘YP’ hall, the coalman kindly called and dumped a huge delivery of coke on the floor around the stove in that hall and Muriel’s father spent the evening shovelling it all up. Happy days! Now that era had come to an end and we were blessed with real central heating in the form of radiators, with a massive oil tank at the rear of our premises, adjoining the gents’ (outdoor) toilets! MY, how we'd moved on since General Booth’ s inauguration.
Next month: We reach the age of 75.
Ron Foot




Spiritual Gifts Day - 12 March

Just what is a spiritual gift? Do I have any? If so what do I have? The Bible promises us that God will give the church all the gifts it needs to complete His work. As the church is made up of people this means that He gives gifts to each person to help the church grow locally. Between 2 and 7 pm on 12th March Trevor and Thelma Beachman will be leading us in a time when we can explore what Spiritual Gifts are and discover some of the wonderful gifts that God has given to each one of us. To help with planning of numbers do let Major David know if you are coming.




Mother The Best Friend of All

Sunday 6th March is a day set aside for saying thank-you to our Mum’s for everything they do throughout the year and to remembering everything our Mother’s did for us while they were alive. As a corps we will be acknowledging this during our morning meeting at 10-30am.

Our quotation of the month is a short verse by Patience Strong titled “The Best Friend of All”. “Mother cannot drop her burdens. She goes plodding on – even when she’s weary and her strength is all but gone… Mother just goes on though life at times is hard to bear. Mother goes on being Mother. Mother must be there – to do what things are needed for on her so much depends. The faithful one, the loving one, the best of all our friends.”




Friendship Club 22nd February

I am pleased to say that inspite of the very cold weather, 20 of us sat down to our new year dinner. A good and fun time was had by all, and from our bring and buy stall we raised £45.00 towards the helping hand scheme.
Joyce Veacock




Many thanks

I would like to say “Thank you” to everyone for their kind thoughts, cards & prayers during my recent stay in hospital. It meant such a lot to have the support and prayers of so many kind friends. Bless you all.
Doris Kerry




Cardboard City – 19/20 March

This weekend will see the CYM youngsters and leaders building a cardboard city at the Hall and living in it over a 24-hour period. All right maybe it will be a cardboard hamlet, rather than a city, but the aim of the event is to help us all understand what it can be like living on the streets and having nowhere to call your own. It will also help us raise money for the Merton Faith in Action Homelessness Project that meets in our Hall each Wednesday.

The event starts at 9am on Saturday and finishes at 9am on Sunday. Those taking part will build their cardboard home during the day and take part in activities around it, while sleeping in it at night. Those taking part are seeking sponsors. Each person can be sponsored by the hour. Some are only planning to spend part of the day living in the city – others will be there for the 24 hour period.

If you wish to take part please speak to Ailsa about the details. If you are happy to sponsor someone do ask the young folk I am sure they will appreciate it.




Preaching programme for March

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Bible Fellowship
6th 10.30 am lead by Majors David and Susan Hall. 6.00 pm lead by Majors David and Susan Hall.
Junior Soldiers Class 11/11.45am children remain in meeting.
Sunday Club 12/1 pm led by YPSM Ailsa Flinders
13th 10.30 am Morning Meeting lead by Trevor and Thelma Beacham 6.00 pm lead by Majors David and Susan Hall.
Junior Soldiers Class 11/11.45am led by YPSM Ailsa Flinders  
Sunday Club 12/1 pm led by YPSM Ailsa Flinders  
20th 10.30 am Morning Meeting lead by Majors David and Susan Hall . 6.00 pm lead by Majors David and Susan Hall.
Junior Soldiers Class 11/11.45am No Juniors.  
Sunday Club 12/1 pm No Sunday Club.  
25th March Good Friday . 10-30am Led by Majors David and Susan Hall  
27th Easter Sunday 10.30 am Morning Meeting lead by Majors David and Susan Hall 6.00 pm lead by Majors David and Susan Hall
Junior Soldiers Class 11/11.45am led by YPSM Ailsa Flinders  
Sunday Club 12/1 pm led by YPSM Ailsa Flinders  




YP Memory Verse

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11




First-Aid Training 18th March

For those leading sections and helping in sections there is a need to know what to do if someone is taken ill or has an accident. A little over three years ago 14 members of the Corps attended training.

Now their certificates need to be updated and new helpers and leaders have joined the corps so a course has been organised on Friday 18th March to allow us all to be retrained. The day runs from 9-30am will finish by 5pm. You will need to bring your own pack lunch, but tea, coffee etc will be provided. There is no charge for this course.

If you wish to attend please let Major David know as soon as possible. Many thanks.




The Music Man 15th to 19th March

Do you fancy an evening at the Theatre? If so then do consider going to see the amateur production of “The Music Man” by Sutton Theatre Company at the Secombe Theatre, Cheam Road, Sutton. Alex Phillips who comes to a number of CYM activities will be performing as Winthrop on 15th, 17th and 19th in the evenings. Tickets range from £10 to £13, with concessions for OAP and children and can be booked from Mrs. L .Wood on 0208 395 1236. .




An afternoon at the Oscar’s 15 January 2005

It was a great afternoon as 24 stars of film, met stars of stage, TV and the pop world. There was Batman, the Donkey from Shrek, Violet from Lemoney Snickets, Britney Spears, Harry Potter, lots of princesses and the occasional prince as well as the paparazzi press. All had joined together for the CYM New’s Years Afternoon at the Oscar’s Party. Our Oscars where awarded for the best fancy dress. The winners were Katy, in the under 8’s who came as the star from Legally Blonde. In the 8 to 11’s the winners were Harry Potter (aka James) and Britney Spears (aka Emily). Finally in the over 12’s Oscar went to Charlotte who came as Violet. Do look at the photos up in the community hall to see how much fun everyone had.

Many thanks go to all the leaders who helped on the afternoon and to the Mum’s for all the wonderful food that came in to make our feast the equal of any After Oscars Bash.




Kid’s Alive

The young folk at the Corps have been in the Salvation Army Children’s paper recently. Keanu and Rosie have both had mentions in connection with their Enrolment as Junior Soldiers. In addition Charlotte has been entering a number of the competitions that appear in Kid’s Alive and much to her surprise won a pen in one of them. Well done to you all.

Kid’s Alive is published weekly and costs 50p. If you would like a copy please see Betty or Ailsa to order one.




Annual Prize Giving 16 January 2005

Still tired from the Oscars the previous day the Sunday Club Children arrived excited and looking forward to seeing who had won what over the previous year. It is always good to look back over the previous year, and from all the achievements and successes look forward to the year ahead.

The Shield for Junior Soldier of 2004 was awarded to Gillian The Shield for YP Musician of 2004 was awarded to Charlotte The Shield for Best Sunday Club Class of 2004 was awarded to Catherine’s (James, Aidan and Keanu)

Certificates of Thanksgiving where given to all the adult leaders and helpers who make it possible to run the CYM program that happens each week; Certificates of Achievement were awarded to Charlotte and Letitia for coping with difficult circumstances in their lives over the last year.

Finally Rebecca awarded a Certificate of Thanksgiving to everyone at Wimbledon Corps for all the support and funds that they gave her while she was away for a year with Viz-A-Viz.




Happy Birthday to you..

February 4th saw the Children at Kid’s Club making party hats, playing lots of games and enjoying lots of Birthday Cake as they celebrated the 4th Anniversary of the Club’s opening. By all accounts it was a fun evening – thanks go to all the leaders who lead that evening, while a couple of the other leaders spent a lazy day on the beach in Portugal!




Food Hygiene Training

With the growth in the corps outreach and use of the building by the Homelessness Project, it has been necessary to review who has regular access to the corps kitchen, and whether the activities that occur are meeting various regulations when food is prepared and served to members of the public who access the building.

It is good practice and nationally recommended that all those regularly preparing and serving drinks, snacks and meals to other people should have attended a Basic Food Hygiene Awareness Course, which takes one day to complete. Also only those involved in preparing the food should have access to the kitchen, and children should not have open access to the kitchen because of the safety risks.

Currently only two members of the corps hold the Basic Food Hygiene Awareness Certificate so Major David is arranging training at the Hall for later this year. If you are currently involved in preparing food or drinks at activities and would be interested in attending this course please let Major David know so he has a good idea of numbers. Many thanks.




Thank-you very, very much

Ailsa and Paul had a good holiday in January, just relaxing in the sun in Portugal. However CYM activities carried on as normal. A big thank-you goes to Lorraine for covering the Sunday Club activities and to Rebecca for covering the Junior activities.




YP Funday – Tunbridge Wells

Yuk - Yuk - Yuk

Have you ever kissed a gungy duck? No well that is what the intrepid YP children had to do as part of the FunDay. Don’t get worried it was only a plastic duck floating in watered down strawberry, chocolate & other ice cream toppings. This was part of one of the wacky funny games. Other activities included making a banner that started with the words ‘Impossible’ and ended with ‘Not for God’. Various versions were made but Wimbledon’s trio had a little acorn into a big oak tree. How many of you love the film ‘Finding Nemo’, well what colour eyes does the dentist have? That was one of the many questions in a quiz designed to get the children to watch, listen and look at various things.

A great day even for some of the leaders who got sprayed with water pistols. The sun shined on us indoors even if it was actually snowing outside.
Paul Flinders




Puppet Workshop

Do you enjoy the antics of the puppet’s that bring such joy to the children at Holiday club and during CYM worship events? Have you ever fancied having a go? Are you curious about what it is like to be a different person, perhaps not even human?

If so then come along and have a go at one of the One Way Street Puppet Workshops that are being held during April/May. The cost is £10 per day. If you are interested do talk to Rebecca who is organising a group to go.




Noisy Friday

On Friday 18th February we had a day out at the Corps. Some men and women from the Fire Stone Rock Band came with lots of different drums from Africa and India. We all sat in a circle with a drum each and copied the man with the ‘Mother Drum’ and played different rhythms. Also we had instruments called chimes that played high and low notes, tubes that sounded like rain when you turned them upside down. One of the ladies was deaf, so she brought her working dog - Buddie -with her. Buddie was really gentle and let us stroke him. Four others and me played a demonstration with timbrels, accompanied by the drums.

In the afternoon we had snooker, table tennis and other games out to play. The best was the Playstation 2 (PS2) computer game called Superstar. We had a microphone and choose a song to sing along to, the words came up on the screen. The computer told you if you sang good or bad. Even some of the adults sang along to their favourite song. The day was ended with the Tuck Shop. My best bit was the drums, I didn’t know they were going to be so good.
Aidan & Lorraine.




Prayer Corner

March is always a funny month - some years it’s warm and sunny with a big hint of spring. Others years it is cold, snowy and wet. What ever the weather do take care and keep warm. Looking through the newsletter there is so much happening at the moment – do pray for everything and that God will give us all the energy and vision we need to do everything he has planned for us. In the news we hear less about the Tsunami Relief work than we did a month ago. Do continue praying for all the relief workers and those that are supporting the communities to rebuild and start again. There are many more years of work to be done. Women’s World Day of prayer brings millions together across the world supporting each other and focusing prayer on issues that God has raised among women worldwide.

Friday 11th March is Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. One of the areas of work that will benefit from the money raised this year is Elder Abuse. This is one of those taboo subjects in British culture. We acknowledge that children may be subjected to abuse and that 1 in 4 women will experience Domestic Violence from a partner. What we do not acknowledge is that many older people will suffer abuse from their children, assaults and thefts by strangers, as well as financial and material exploitation from tradesman and con artists who come to the door. It is an area of shame in our society and one that needs to come into the open so together we can all start to care for each other and take steps to stop it happening. Do pray for all the professionals working in this area – police, social services, hospitals, GP’s etc. Do pray for anyone you know who has been subjected to this. Do pray that the money raised by Comic Relief will help raise awareness on this subject

Do remember by name those known to us who need God’s help, healing and presence in their lives. For Amanda as she prepares for Enrolment as a Senior Soldier. For Muriel and Ron. For Ann, (Joy’s daughter) as she enters the final stages of training to run the London Marathon. For Rebecca’s friend Sonia, who is under going radiotherapy. For Ailsa’s friend Sharon recovering from surgery and for Gill who goes into hospital in March for a leg operation. Finally we think of those that through frailty, ill health or other reasons are unable to worship with us on a regular basis – Letitia, Gerald, Olive Morris, Ella, Ernest and Mary, Sonia, Sue and Philip, Edie, John, and Linda.




Women’s World Day of Prayer

This year women from around the world will be gathering together on Friday 4th March to pray and worship in unity with each other and God. Local services are occurring at Raynes Park Methodist Church at 10-30am and Merton Park Baptist Church at 8pm. see the notice boards for further details.





Tsunami Appeal

The Corps raised £770.30 for the Tsunami appeal in January. Many grateful thanks to all.



Corps Diary March 2005

1st Tuesday Songster Practice. 8pm in Senior Hall. See Ron for details.
4th Friday Women’s World Day of Prayer

Kid’s Club. 6/7-30pm. See Lorraine for details.
6th Sunday Mothering Sunday.
12th Saturday Spiritual Gifts Day. 2 to 7pm. do see Major David for further information
15th Tuesday CYM Trip to Secombe Theatre in Sutton. See Ailsa for details.
18th Friday Emergency First-Aid Training. See Major David for further information

Kid’s Club. 6/7-30pm. See Lorraine for details.
19/20th Cardboard City – CYM Fundraiser for the Homelessness Project. See Ailsa for details
25th Friday CYM Easter Extravaganza in Community Hall. 3 to 6pm. See Ailsa for details.




Tiddler’s Race 2005.

It’s that time of year again when the CYM youngsters are after your small coins – 1p’s, 2p’s, 5p’s and 10p’s. Between 13 Feb and 17 April the children will be saving these coins from their pocket money as their Self Denial contribution and also collecting coins from other people as well. All the money collected this year will go together with the money raised during the Cardboard City event and be given to the Merton Faith in Action Homelessness Project.




Mind – Sponsored Trek in Peru

Ann Johnson has recently held a Coffee Morning to raise funds for her Grand-daughter who is planning to go on a sponsored Trek in Peru later this year to raise money for Mind. She needs to raise £2500 to pay for her travelling, board and lodging costs while she takes part in this long distance walk. Mind is a charity that supports individuals who have mental health needs and their carers. If you are able to help support this sponsored event do please give your donations to Ann as soon as possible.




New Malden Korean Salvation Army Corps

On Sunday 20th February Major David and our DC Major Anthony Cotteril led a Corps meeting to discuss whether we should share the building at Wimbledon with the New Malden Corps. There are about 60,000 Korean’s living in the South West London area and several years ago a corps, lead by Korean Officers, was planted in New Malden. Through faith, prayer and hard work this Corps has grown to the stage where it is too big to continue worshipping in their current building.

They recently approached S.E. London DHQ to ascertain whether Wimbledon might be interested in allowing the corps to share the building. A meeting occurred between the corps officers and DHQ staff, which suggested that it might be possible to share the one building. This led to the Wimbledon Corps meeting to discuss the issue.

Many probing and thoughtful questions where raised by members of the corps. It was possible to answer some, and others will need further discussion to work out the answers. At the end of the meeting it was agreed in principle that formal discussions should go ahead to explore how the two corps could effectively share the building, how God’s ministry could be extended through the synergy of the two corps working alongside each other and to ensure that such an arrangement would not lessen the witness to God that occurs in the building. The officers from the New Malden Corps will be invited to meet with us all in the near future.




Spring Harvest – 5 to 10 April

“What does it mean to be a people of God in 2005?” is the question that those attending the Christian Spring Harvest Holiday event will be seeking to answer. A small group form the Corp will be attending the event at Minehead from 5 to 10 April 2005. There is currently one half-board place left, sharing in a four-person apartment with lounge and kitchenette, sleeping in a twin room. Cost is £215 per adult or £135 per child (aged 2 to under 15 years). If you are interested in the above place, or knowing more about the event do talk to Ailsa.




Private Tests also available

  • Full vision test
  • Comprehensive eye-health check
  • Spectacles provided where necessary
  • Dedicated eye care professionals

Freephone 0800 731 0031