YP Prize Giving


Back row left to right:- Rebecca Flinders, Company Guard Joy Rogers, Tiffany Rogers.

Front row left to right:- Aiden O'Haloran, Toni Rogers, James Murfin

Wimbledon's Young People's Weekend started with much laughter and fun as the young folk "followed the star" through games and activities at the YP Party.

As wise men followed the star, so the young people have wisely chosen to follow Jesus. All their hard work was recognised with the awarding of prizes during the Sunday Family service, which focused on the "Choices we all make".

This year three new shields were awarded for, 'YP Musician of the year (Rebecca Flinders), Junior Soldier of the year (Tiffany Rogers), and God Squad class of the year (Leader Joy Rogers, Aiden O'Haloran, Toni Rogers and James Murfin).

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