Whitchurch Corps 17 October 1999


Rivers of Living Water was the upbeat and fast flowing theme of the morning meeting, led at Whitchurch by member's of Wimbledon's God Squad (Sunday School) and Ram:Page (worship band). The service challenged people to get to know Jesus, the source of the River of Life, which will bring security, hope and healing to all nations.


After lunch, and a walk along the River Test, God Squad members led an open air in the local park, where over 20 adults and children stopped to watch the drama and join in the action songs.


Two young people from the park came to the evening meeting where they were encouraged to get to know Jesus as their special friend. Using the words of a popular TV sitcom "I'll be there for you" everyone was encouraged to focus on the fact that Jesus is there for each one of us, and we all need to be good friends and share Him with our friends.