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Christmas Drop In   December 1998
Desert Detectives holiday Club   August 2003
Farewell to Majors Stephen & Margaret Huyton 31st May 2000
Hopes & Dreams Musical 1st Saturday July 2000
Launch of Tiddles Race. 20th February 2000
MannssambandetVisit of the Norwegian Male Voice Chior 11th February 2000
Messiah from 'Scratch' 21st April 2000
New Year   January 2000
Newshounds Holiday Club   August 1999
Paul Clement retires as Singing Company Leader Monday 31st January 2000
Corps Retreat Positive Failure Friday 4th - Sunday 6th February 2000
Rebecca Flinders sworn-in as a soldier   September 1999
Rebecca Flinders Crest Award   April 2000
ShipShapeHoliday Club   August 1998
"Space....the final frontier?" Holiday Club 14th - 18th August 2001
The Story KeepersHoliday Club 14th - 18th August 2000
Toy Service   December 1999
Visit to Whitchurch   October 1999
Watt's Circus Comes to Town Holiday Club 5th - 9th August 2002
YP Outing. 2nd June 2000
YP Prize Giving. 21st January 2000
YP Fun Weekend at Felbury Center, Holmbury St. Mary.   October 2002

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