Christmas Day Drop In 1998


Christmas dawned a wet and mild day, with little to distinguish it from any other. By 11am various helpers were at the Hall assisting Major Stephen with the last of the preparations for the "Drop In". Much of the work had been completed the day before by the same helpers.


As noon approached the sense of purpose and camaraderie built amongst the team. A Bill board was posted outside and the "Drop In" was open. We soon had our first guests and several more came through out the afternoon. It was good to meet up again with four people who had come to the Drop In the previous Christmas, and having had such a good time chose to come back this year.


Contact had been made during the morning with the local Police, Accident and Emergency Units and Social Services to check whether they were aware of any one in need. It was all quiet and expected to remain that way as it was a mild day. During the afternoon various helpers and Salvationists went "walk about" locally linking up with those on the streets who preferred to stay in their squat's as they did not need to seek shelter to keep warm.


For all involved it was a was a quiet afternoon. We were there for those that needed fellowship and a place to be on Christmas Day. We were able to share our love of Christ, and Christmas Day, with others just as the William Booth and his family did in the early day's of the Salvation Army. As we closed at 5pm there was a sense of continuity and tradition that brought it's own contentment, as we made our ways homeward to continue celebrating Jesus Birth Day.


Ailsa Flinders

YPSM Wimbledon Corps.