The Who’s Who of Wimbledon Youth Corps Leadership Team

Majors David and Susan Hall

Corps Officer. Responsible for Church Ministry, Pastoral and Corps Administration, Parent and Toddler Group

Hall 0208 542 4197

Ailsa Flinders

YPSM (Coordinator of Youth Program)

Corps Cadets


Junior Soldier Class Leader

Holiday Club

020 - 8224 - 5202


Youth Brass Band



God Squad - Leader for 0/7 year olds


Betty Hunt

Parent and Toddlers Group

Youth Treasurer.



Vacant Cradle Roll Co-ordinator  
Paul Flinders Web-Master and Assistant Holiday Club Co-ordinator  
Kid’s Club Leaders Ailsa Flinders, Paul Flinders, Lorraine O’Haloran.  
Helpers in musical sections Dawn Phillips, Tom MaCaffrey.  
Sunday Club Leaders Lorraine O’Haloran 2-6 yr. old
Betty Hunt and Vivienne Murfin 7-9 yr. olds
Ailsa Flinders 10-12 yr.
Major Susan 13 yr. +


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