For the last few years the children of the YP Corps (as part of Self Denial) have collected 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins. The money raised has then been donated to a worthy cause. During a holiday in Portugal, Ailsa and Paul made contact with the Salvation Army in San Bras. It is a small Corps and the officers cover the whole of the Algarve. They meet in a small room with little facilities. Not even a place to make a drink. Despite the wealth that the tourist resorts depict the people of Portugal are very poor. Some families living in corrugated iron sheds no bigger than a double garage. Although the Corps was small it was growing and had a large outreach program with plans to plant another Corps in the Algarve, but very little funds to finance their work. It was decided that this years Tiddlers Race money would be donated to the San Bras Corps.
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