2nd - 6th August 2004


The holiday club was based on holiday club resource material produced by Children's ministry . The aim was to look at various parables and the key people in them (the 'Stars') and relating them to today.


Background Information


Looking at some of the well known (or supposedly well known) stories of Jesus, not only to relate them to today, but also to see how the main characters dealt with their weaknesses. How did these key people work through their problems.

Today we hear a lot about depression and related disorders, the unforgiving world we live in. Can we provide a means of help?

The main characters of each day's story were used (some times acted, some times as a recording) to award prizes on the Friday in a Hollywood style awards ceremony. .



The names of the Halls were changed to give a "Hollywood" atmosphere.

Main Hall


the Academy

Rear Hall


The Cutting Room


Summary of the main daily activities

  • Who can remember Memory Verse from yesterday.
  • A Fathers Love (The Prodigal Son)
  • Soil Samples (The Parable of the Sower)
  • Forgiveness (The unmerciful servant)
  • Helping others (The Good Samaritan)
  • Accountability (The Parable of the Tallents).
  • Work sheets related to the day.
  • Games
  • Art & Craft

Some of the Art & Craft and other Activities of the week were.

  • Making accessories for the 'Hollywood Party & Awards'.
  • Growing Cress.
  • Writing poems.
  • Making a life size scarecrow.
  • Paper flowers.
  • Collage using seeds.
  • Day out at Hampton Court, including river trip.
Afternoon activities for 8 to 11 year olds included.
  • Vidoes related to the mornings activities.
  • Various games.
  • Water based games on Tuesday.
  • Ten Pin Bowling on Friday.


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