The holiday club was based on "Shipshapes" holiday club resource material produced by Scripture Union. The aim was to help the children learn about Jesus through the eyes of the disciple Peter.

The setting was two ships, complete with Captain and cabins for various small groups of children.


Background Information

* Some of the names for places in the Hall were changed to lend a "nautical" feel so







Path by hall



Rear Hall


Lower Deck

Main Hall


Main Deck



Poop Deck




* Each child was a Cabin Boy / Girl on one of two ships and they needed to get "Shipshape" to be good members of the Crew. Each leader added a nautical rank on their name badges, with the Fleet Admiral being the overall Co-ordinator for Holiday Club, Captains were in charge of each team.

* The two ships were HMS Discovery and HMS Endeavour


HMS Discovery - 5 to 7 year olds - ship used by R. F. Scott for a voyage of exploration to the Antarctic in 1901-1904. The journey explored the Ross Sea and reached further south than ever before.

HMS Endeavour - 8 to 1 1 year olds - ship used by Captain James Cook on his first voyage of exploration in the Pacific from 1768 to 1771. He circumnavigated the two main islands of New Zealand, charted the East coast of Australia and returned through the Torres Strait.

* Each day had a specific theme, Hooked, Under the Weather, All at Sea, Making Waves, and The One That Got Away. Each theme was linked to a bible passage that showed how Peter got to know Jesus, became a disciple , saw the miracles of healing the sick, being a servant to each other, having courage to be bold and strongin our belief in Jesus, and finally how the Holy Spirit helps us each day.


Summary of the main daily activities

  • colour in name badge.
  • As each child finishes their name badge involve them in decorating the Cabin Team Box by sticking on pictures, or adding to previous days pictures.
  • Who can remember Memory Verse from yesterday.
  • Recap on previous days story.
  • P.T. - (Simple Aerobics)
  • Shanty Time (Sing Songs)
  • Bible story and where it can be found in the Bible.
  • Pull the memory verse (word by word) out of the fishing net and pin onto a line in correct order.
  • Work sheets related to the day.
  • Games


Some of the Art & Craft and other Activities of the week were.

  • Colouring the Name Badges worn during the day.
  • A3 Posters of days theme.
  • Bible Story Work Sheets
  • Meeting Jesus Frieze - Day 1 cutting out figures (of Jesus, fisherman, boats), sticking (either as screwed up small balls or squares) on crepe paper, then using blue-tac stick them onto the background. After holiday club the figures were taken home by the children.,
  • Get Well Card - Day 2
  • Happy / Sad Face Masks - Day 3
  • Cock a doodle do head bands - Day 3
  • Go fish Quiz - Day 4 list of questions based on days 1 to 3
  • Shakers and ribbons for the Celebration Party - Day 4  



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