January Letter From LETTER FROM BETTY (a.k.a. Rebecca)




Happy New Year and "Should old acquaintance be forgot..." well sorry it's me again, like you could ever forget me!



Our Christmas Presence Tour went really well. All the kids that attended each show seemed to really enjoy it. After the tech rehearsal being so bad I was feeling quite nervous and not ready for the show at all. But you know the old saying; "It will be alright on the night…." Well guess what - it was.

I haven't got room to tell you about all of the shows so here's a few highlights. 4th December at Elm Park - The show went really well until right at the end when Andy (guitarist in TASTE) was saying the thank-yous. He had just started thanking me when all of a sudden, out of the blue, for no particular reason at all there was a power cut - Oh no! Just as the "techie" was being thanked we have a power cut - great timing and lots of laughs.

5th December Cambridge - The first half of the show went well with out any problems at all, until the second half (TASTE Gig). At their song "It's time to go" the funniest thing happened. Half way through the song Ben (Drummer) got up and left the stage… everyone was confused, when he reappeared with a chair we all found out that his drum stool had broken while he was playing! - How funny!

And finally to make you laugh even more 20th December South Croydon. I started the show like normal with the opening credits but then to my shock John (REACT member) came running out and said, "Betty I really need to talk to you", and I naturally replied, "I'm concentrating go away." John persisted in telling me it was really important so I finally gave in and he told me, "Chris (Host of the Show) has fallen over and busted his ankle!!! So Andy is going to host the show. We will keep you informed of the progress of Chris's ankle." Well funnily enough Chris did not appear that evening for the show and Andy hosted the whole show (good one Andy).


Prayer Support

Do pray that everyone who came to the Christmas Presence show and that God will water the seeds of faith planted. Please pray for my church elders as they meet to plan the ministry and outreach for the church in 2004. Do remember the ongoing Soundnation project in Beccles Suffolk. Also do pray that all the volunteers will settle back into the routine of work after two weeks off over Christmas. Finally I would ask that you pray for me as I seek guidance as to what God wants me to do from September this year.




Please pray that God will guide all the team as they lead these events and that those that attend will know God better
5th Jan - Back to work!
7th Jan - Viz-a-Viz Retreat
16th Jan - My appraisal - help
18th/23rd - Beccles Soundnation School Week
25th Jan - Gig with REACT
26th / 28th - Sound Essential and Take a Look Event





Many thanks for the extra Christmas presents that a number of you gave me this Christmas. £205 has been gifted this month. Making a grand total of £1995-50 raised so far. Only £1104-50 to go. So please continue praying that the rest will come in. Thank you very much.


Yours in Christ's service,