News Hounds

The holiday club was based on "News Hounds" holiday club resource material produced by Scripture Union. The aim was to help the children learn about Jesus by being a news reporter.

Just as dogs follow a trail the children would follow a trail of events in Jesus' life, finding out as much as posible. Three editors were appointed and the children formed the editorial team, their Kennels.

The Three Kennels

Cosmic Corgies

6 to 7 year olds

Major's Mongrels

8 to 9 year olds

Polly's Collies

10 to 11 year olds


Background Information

* Some of the names for places in the Hall were changed to lend a "Doggie" feel so



Doggie Bag



Poopa Scoop

Main Hall


Crufts Hall

Rear Hall


Dog House

* Each child and staff had to have a Press pass specific to each day and Kennel.

* Each day had a specific Headline theme, Stranger in Wedding Sensation, Amazing Change for Skin Men !, Beggars Dream Comes True, Roof destroyed in Sin Shocker, and Nasty Little Mans Jackpot. Each theme was linked to a Bible passage that showed how Jesus did both miracles (Wedding at Cana, Healing the 10 Lepers, Giving sight to a blind man, healing a parallised man), and the unthinkable (Made friends with a Tax Collector).

* A Newspaper was produced each day for the children to take home. Each edition included the days story, Leader profiles, Handy tips, Jokes and puzzles.


Summary of the main daily activities

  • colour in name badge.
  • As each child finishes their name badge involve them in decorating the Kennel In Box by sticking on pictures, or adding to previous days pictures.
  • Who can remember Memory Verse from yesterday.
  • Recap on previous days story.
  • Video of other stories about Jesus.
  • Bible story and where it can be found in the Bible.
  • Memory verse relating to the days Headline.
  • Work sheets related to the day.
  • Games


Some of the Art & Craft and other Activities of the week were.

  • Colouring the Name Press Passes worn during the day.
  • A3 Posters of days theme.
  • Bible Story Work Sheets
  • Decorating buns to make minature wedding cakes.
  • Thank You Card - Day 2.
  • Glasses made from pipecleaners and coloured plastic sheets - Day 3.
  • Man and a stretcher - Day 4
  • Zacchaeus meets Jesus Frieze - Day 5
  • Bookmark made on Sunday, (all children were invited to the Sunday School {God Squd}).  


A doggone success

FUN and games, team art and craftwork, singing and other 'kennel activity' made for an enjoyable week at the Newshound holiday club at WIMBLEDON.

Each day a Bible story was enacted and then reported on in the day's issue of the Daily Hound. The group pictured are throwing away bandages no longer needed by a leper who has been healed by Jesus.

Summing it up as 'a week of little miracles', YPSM Ailsa Flinders related wonders such as that of Missie who made it clear on the first day that she had no desire to be involved in religion. Although her leader had wisely found her an opt-out alternative, Missie discovered she wanted to read the Bible on the second day. By the end of the week she had found a God who loved her, and cried because the holiday club was over.

Many children and parents responded to the invitation to a line-dancing evening and six club members attended the young people's weekly Godsquad meeting the following Sunday morning. - R. F.

Reproduced by permission of the publishers of Salvationist. Issue dated 2nd October 1999

Bounding Hounds

Fun and games, team art and craft work, great singing and daily 'kennel activity' made for a wonderful week at WIMBLEDON's Newshound Holiday Club. Headlines were seen in the Daily Hound which reported stories about what Jesus had done. These were acted out each day. When learning about lepers the hounds had to bandage up one of the club leaders (pictured).


To finish the week children and parents joined in a celebration including line dancing and custard pies for the leaders! And the following Sunday morning six club members joined the Godsquad to learn even more about Jesus.

Reproduced by permission of the publishers of Kids Alive. Issue dated 2nd October 1999

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