Excerpt from the past. Corps History No 72

In addition to our own centenary, 1987 saw the 100th anniversary of our Catholic friends' church in Edge Hill and of the public library in Hill Road, Wimbledon. Our library friends were very agreeable to our request to stage an exhibition on their premises from Monday 3rd to Saturday 15th August under the title 'Your local Salvation Army 1887-1987.
Our side-drummer Ray Black, songster Celia Battcock and I set up the display on the first Monday. Ray worked very hard during our special year, as did Celia who was a young people's worker in the corps and a highly respected teacher at Park House School, Wimbledon. Among her RE pupils was Master Ian Veacock. On our return from the library to the SA hall we had a most hilarious hour. Ray had obtained some mannequins which he used on a number of occasions, including our reunion weekend, and on this day he had their legs and arms twisted in all sorts of impossible contortions. Celia, normally a rather serious young lady, was absolutely helpless with laughter and I began to fear for her safety! Looking at this happy photo I took of Ray and Celia at the library it is tragic to record that Ray, his sister Florence, her husband Arthur and finally Celia all died of cancer within a few years of each other. In the other picture you see Ray clowning again by one of his creations! Above the central bookshelf you can see a copper scraper-board picture of our hall. Created again by John Taylor, it was a popular souvenir of our centenary. The angelic little Army boy below is also Ray's handiwork.
Ron Foot