Make your Voice Heard Help preserve Christian Values in the UK

The last few months have seen the views of Christians, and other faith groups, across the UK increasingly disregarded as the government continues to impose a “hierarchy of rights” that favours non-Christian views to the detriment of Christians convictions, and where adherence to the law is promoted above personal conviction and faith. This has been particularly witnessed in the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill and the Sexual Orientation Regulations.

Over 60% of people living in the UK declare themselves to be Christian on the census returns – and yet the majority seem unaware of how the freedoms to worship and express that faith is being eroded by political actions and policies. Premier Christian Radio has been highlighting these issues for many months in programming and now has launched a Declaration to Uphold Christian Values in the UK. They are encouraging all Christians – whether regular church attendees or those that just come periodically, to sign the Declaration which will be sent to MP’s stressing there are thousands of people in the UK that wish to see these values upheld and not eroded.

The Declaration states, “As a British citizen, I am requesting by my signature below that you give the rights of Christians equal value when drafting or voting on legislation. Whilst I understand and embrace the need to uphold the rights of other groups and beliefs, the rights of Christians should not be compromised or subordinated to placate those views. Thank-you for upholding the rights of all citizens, including Christians.”

An increasing number of churches share the concerns and the need for the Christian Church to make a stand for the values we uphold, and on which many of today’s rights and freedoms where originally based. Without the actions of Christians in years gone by, caring for the poor, displaced, refugees, asylum seekers, orphaned and fighting to end issues such as slavery and oppression the equalities and anti-discriminatory agendas of today may not have arisen. Do read the poster on the notice board in the community hall and please give careful consideration to signing the Declaration and making your voice heard.

Further information and copies of the Declaration can be found on Premier Radios website –