The World Can't Wait

Remember Make Poverty History in 2005?

In June there is to be another national awareness campaign. It is called 'The World Can't Wait'. On Saturday 2nd June campaign, charity and church groups from across the country will gather at Westminster in London for a rally aimed at reminding the Prime Minister, and the UK government of their responsibility towards the world's poor. The Salvation Army plan to have a contingent at the rally and preparations are now being made for a rendezvous point near to Westminster, so that those who wish to attend as part of a visible Salvation Army group can do so. If you want to join the Salvation Army contingent it would be good for the SA organisers to know so please email public.affairs@salvation Or look on website. Further details can also be found on Corps Notice Board in our community hall and there is a short article in the Salvationist (p.5) and the War Cry (p.2) for the 26th May.