Self Denial February 2007

A tradition in the Salvation Army is the giving up of something, so that money and resources can be given to those seeking to share God’s love and message with others. As the Juniors learn in their classes it started with the giving up of sweet puddings and the money being saved being used for God’s work. Over the years this has grown and grown. Mission work has always been a key feature of the Salvation Army and has lead to the church being active in over a 100 countries across the world.

Salvationists are encouraged to give sacrificially in this period, and the suggestion for many years has been the giving up of one week’s wages or 10% of the available income for a week during the month of February where this is possible. Self Denial starts on Sunday 4 February 2007, and the Altar Service when we give our gifts will be held on Sunday 4 March 2007.