Tiddlers Race

Exèrcito de Salvação, Portugal

It’s that time again – do start saving up your Tiddler’s (small coins of 20p or under in value) as the CYM members will be after you to collect as many of them as they can.

As shared in the January newsletter the money collected this year will be given to the Salvation Army Corps based in the Algarve at São Brás de Alportel. A number of new activities for the children in the area were launched in 2006, under the Banner of “Mission for the Algarve”. These have included starting a Young Peoples Holiday Camp, a Children’s Day, music school and regular Joy Hour. They need our support in prayer and funding to maintain this outreach in 2007.

Do look at the flyer enclosed (InglesProjecto3.pdf) that shows some of what has been achieved. If you want to see more do explore the São Brás website
http://www.missaoalgarve-exercitodesalvacao.com .