Faith In Action

The AGM was held on Tuesday 30th January with about 40 people attending. There were a number of ‘good-byes’ and ‘hellos’ as 4 trustees stepped down and 5 new trustees were welcomed. Those stepping down were Muriel Martin, Andrew Wakefield, Andrew Austen, and Basil Rickard They have given excellent service to FIA and we are extremely grateful to them for all the work they have done for FIA. I cannot remember all the names of the new trustees but I will try to include them in the next newsletter. The Mayor of Wimbledon Councillor Geraldine Stanford. Had been invited to the AGM but her work within the borough meant that she was unable to attend until later in the evening. We are grateful to her for choosing FIA as one of her charities.

You may have read in the local papers about the murder of Paul Doohan in November 2006. Paul was a friend of many of our clients and his violent death had an adverse effect upon everyone associated with the Drop-In. Paul’s funeral service, which will be held in Scotland, is not due to take place until March.

We decided that as part of our support for our clients that we would hold a service of thanksgiving for his life. On Wednesday 31st January that service took place with about 25 people including clients and volunteers attending. During the service everyone present was invited to light a candle in memory of Paul. We are grateful to Ron for providing the musical accompaniment for the service.