Sainsbury’s Fairtrade switch

Fairtrade shopping ensures that those in the third world who produce food sold here in the UK receive a living wage, and benefits that allow them a reasonable live style, preventing some individuals and communities becoming bonded labour.

In what is the biggest ever commitment by a single company anywhere in the world Sainsbury’s has announced that in future the 10 million banana’s which it sells each week will be Fairtrade certified. This will ensure the fruit producers in Central and South America and the Caribbean will receive a stable price that covers the full cost of production plus an extra $1 per box of banana’s (18 kilos) for investment, which is known as the “Fairtrade premium.” In addition to this Sainsbury’s have also strengthening their relationship with small scale farmers in the Windward Islands and Dominican Republic for other goods.

Adapted from an article in Christianity Magazine February 2007.