Prayer Corner

April starts with that mixed weather of spring-time, when some days herald the warmth of summer, and other days cling to the cold of winter. Do pray for healing for everyone in the corps and known to you who are suffering the colds, chest infections and other bugs that this type of weather so often brings.

Within the corps family we need to give thanks for the successful outcome of Ron’s medical treatment. That Letitia should be able to join us for a while on Easter Sunday. For Keanu as he prepares for the London Mini Games that he is taking part in. That the arrangements for our 120th Corps Anniversary and 100th Songster Anniversary are coming together. Do pray that the various events will allow opportunities to reach out to those living around the corps and linked into various activities at the corps. Please remember Lorraine and Major Susan who both help support family members who are older and becoming frail.

There are lots of different issues covered in our Newsletter – do pray for them and the people involved. In addition please pray for Major David and Ailsa as the outcomes of the CYM review are shared and for the impact the outcomes will have on the programme in the future.

Finally do remember to pray for those who are unable to worship with us on a regular basis. Their presence is missed, but they are not forgotten –Letitia, Olive, Linda, Edie, Ella, Sonia, Gillian, Ernie, Sue and Phillip and Kitty.