Corps Newsletter

This edition of our corps newsletter will be the last one edited by Paul and Ailsa. For almost six and a half years Paul and Ailsa have had the responsibility of preparing and publishing our corps news letter. They have done a tremendous job and I am extremely grateful to them for carrying out this task so competently . They have enabled us to keep up to date not only with corps news but also with Christian national and international news. This has safeguarded us from becoming too inward looking and has enabled us to see the bigger picture.

Although the newsletter will continue there will be some changes to its format and content. The issues for May and June will of necessity have less pages, and it may take several further editions of the newsletter before we arrive at a model that meets the requirements of being easily manageable and informative.

Please note that the copy deadline for the May edition will be April 22nd.
Major David.
Paul will continue to put the newsletter onto the Corps Website.
The Editor