An Easter Garden

Tradition talks of the tomb where Jesus was buried as being in a garden, we do not know whether it was a bare plain garden – or one rich with flowers and trees. However in many countries there is a tradition of making an Easter Garden to remind us of the joy that comes with the empty tomb on Easter Day. Some are displayed in churches, others in people’s homes. Why not have a go yourself.

You will need

  • A shallow dish – lined with garden soil or potting compost
  • Moss to cover the soil
  • Egg cup – filled with water
  • Small cut flowers and leaves
  • Small pebbles / stones
  • One larger stone (to mark the front of the tomb)

Line the dish with soil. In the centre of the dish place an egg cup filled with water, and then bank the soil and moss up round it. Fill the egg cup with the flowers and leaves. On one side of the garden hollow out part of the banked soil to make a tomb entrance. Place the large stone to one side of this, showing the empty tomb. Then place pebbles at the base of this to make a pathway up to the tomb. Spray the moss with water to keep it fresh and top up the water in the egg cup.