Film of the month The lives of others (15)

The last couple of months have seen a number of films that are grappling with issues and themes that are important to the world we live and which can be good conversation starters with friends allowing a Christina viewpoint to be presented in an everyday setting. Blood Diamond - with issues about forced labour, Ten Canoes – exploring a thousand year old Aboriginal myth, Amazing Grace – The end of slavery, are just a few of the films.

April 13 sees the opening of “The lives of Others”. This film is set in 1984 and is a drama about a Stasi spy whose job is to keep track of an artist and his mistress. As the drama unfolds the spy is conflicted about what’s the right thing to do, and a surprising number of unlikely hero’s and villains emerge. The challenge of the film is given similar circumstances which we would we be Unlikely hero or unlikely villain? Adapted from Idea March/April 2007 edition.