Which way?

Have you noticed that as soon as the summer holidays begin road works appear all over British roads! This has lead me to a month of exploring quiet, narrow lanes in rural Surrey as I have avoided the M25 and other main roads. An interesting feature I quickly noticed was the signposts or the lack of them. Whereas the major routes are well sign-posted, with clear boards detailing in advance the towns that can be reached by turning of at the next junction, the country roads have few, often small sign-posts on top of the junction you need. These signs are often old, made of painted metal that weather and age have defaced, hedgerows and trees have overgrown and there is no fancy street lights to illuminate them at night or in the rain.

Obscured and ignored the local people travel swiftly past these signs, while for me these signs are all there is to point me in the all important right direction. The disciple John describes the miracles of Jesus as “signs” (John 2:11). Turning water into wine reveals Jesus glory in a way that enabled others to start believing in him. Feeding the 5,000 points to Jesus as the bread of life. Healing the man born blind illustrates Jesus role as the light of the world. The raising of Lazarus points to Jesus as the resurrection and the life. Old familiar stories, learnt in childhood and often quickly passed by. Yet for those who do not know Jesus these “sign-posts” are all important in helping them see who Jesus is and what he wants each one of us to be. Why not spend time this month thanking God for the sign posts in your spiritual journey and seeing if you can uncover a few of those sign posts for others to find.




Excerpt from the past. Corps History No 32

Those bombs dropped on Friday 16th August 1940 killing our junior soldier Laurence, were small fry compared with later versions. Nevertheless they did considerable damage, bringing the war literally to our own doorstep and beyond. Houses in roads near to our hall were destroyed or badly damaged.

The Wimbledon Tyre Company premises, then at the corner of Montague Road, received a direct hit, starting a fire in which seven people died. No 143 Russell Road, next door to where Edie Berkshire now resides, was destroyed and St Andrew's church in Herbert Road, close to where Lorraine and Amanda now live, was spattered with machine gun bullets and several houses nearby were damaged. 10 high explosive bombs in Kirkley Road alone caused widespread damage, one landing in the centre of the road only yards from No 39, the home of Majors Percy and Lily. Major Berris records that within 10 minutes of the 'all-clear' sounding the CO had contacted the police, fire service and ARP (air raid precautions) centre and was touring the debris-strewn streets informing all and sundry that the Salvation Army hall would immediately open as a rest centre and assistance bureau. That's dedication for you! In fact, our hall had also suffered some damage but until midnight all who came were fed. With rationing that was some feat and the good work continued right into the weekend.

Later that year an anti-aircraft shell fell upon the home of Major Berris and family, causing £200 damage to the back of the house, a substantial sum at that time. He reports that Wimbledon council 'got on with repairs immediately'. As the 'blitz' continued over the following months Percy Berris regularly arose at 3 am to take morning tea (12 gallons!) in a huge urn perched upon an old pram, together with an encouraging word to the many sheltering deep down in South Wimbledon underground station, returning in the evening with a similar mission. Muriel and Olive's father, who was our treasurer at the time and often assisted Major Berris has added this note to the history book: 'The CO very modestly understates the part he played in these trying months'.

Standing outside our hall early one Sunday evening, our worthy Percy wept as he closed the doors because his soldiers no longer dared venture out in the dark when the drone of planes, the bark of anti-aircraft guns and the whistle of failing bombs all struck terror.

Good people of Wimbledon in 2003, value your freedom!

Next month: Another hero of Wimbledon corps sacrifices his life in serving his fellow-men
Ron Foot




Major - Down Under

As many of you will be aware Major is planning a long holiday this year, and has the chance to travel to the other side of the world. She will be away from 2nd September to 17th October. Plans are well in hand for a number of specials who will join with us to lead our worship while she is away.




Prayer Corner

August has been a month of answered prayer as well as month that has seen others coming to terms with changes in their life. We need to start with a big thank to God for bringing new families to worship at the Corps. It is always a joy to welcome them into our fellowship. Do give thanks for Ksenya and Rebecca’s exam grades. Both are moving onto new things and we need to ask God to stay close to them as they cope with all the changes. We need to say thank-you that James fractured arm healed so quickly and he was able to have a good summer at camp. Toolsee has been able to have a week at home with Maita as she continues to regain her health and strength. It was good to see Maita at Holiday Club and we give thanks for this.

A number of our Corps family need support through prayer as they face testing and challenging times. Please continue to pray for Mary, Ernest and the family. Sue is waiting admission to hospital for treatment on her leg. Edie has asked that we pray for her son who is undergoing cancer treatment. Ailsa has Bronchitis that is being stubborn to heal. We also need to remember those who are unable to attend on a regular basis Linda, John, Sue and Philip, Olive Morris and Edie.




Dennis Taylor, Bandmaster of Streatham Vale Corps, and valued bandsman at Wimbledon passed away on 14th August. He was well known to many in the Borough as he was also a former Mayor of Merton.




Building Work at Corps

Building work will start at the Corps on 8th September to make repairs to the outside of the building and decorate the interior. During the period of work meetings will take place in which ever Hall is fit for purpose and not a health and safety risk. Please bear with us through the disruptions it will be worth it in the longer.




My family and I would like to thank all our friends at the Corps for the support you have given us in the last two years. The prayers and thoughts for us have helped us through this difficult time, and the encouraging news of Heather has been wonderful. If we have even doubted the power of prayer, never again. It has enabled us to keep going during the many setbacks which we have encountered. Thanking you all once again.
Anne Johnson and family.




A True Friend




Quotation Of The Month

“Kodak gives you pictures of yesterday, Polaroid gives you pictures of today, But only God can give you pictures of tomorrow!”
From A Bucket of Surprises by J.John and Mark Stibbe.

If you have a favourite quotation, poem, bible verse that inspires you do let Ailsa have a copy so the words can be shared to inspire others in our walk with God.




The Throwing Stones

Following our recent Bible Trivia Quiz Rebecca shares with us a Bible Band, that she and Paul Clement created during the days of Ram:Page.
So let us welcome the Throwing Stones
Guitar Paul
Keyboards Andrew
Drums Phil Collins from Genesis!
Bass Thomas – who has now left because he doubted the bands success!
Lead Singer Pheobe – from Friends
Backing Singers Jonah and The Whalers

Support Acts David and the Giant Killers
And back from retirement – Lazarus.
Security Samson
Manager Isaiah - Sees the bands future. Sends apologies, he will not attend Band’s final show.
Band dreamed up by Daniel

Can you do better? If so suggestions on a post card to Ailsa.




If we live ...

“If we live, we go on serving him. That’s an adventure. If we die, we’re in heaven with him and that’s incredible.” Words of Bill Bright, founder and leader of Campus Crusade for Christ (also known as Agape in UK) who recently died, aged 81. His life was an adventure as his work grew to become one of the largest Christian ministries in the world, working in 191 countries, employing 26,000 paid staff and 225,000 volunteers. His 1956 booklet ‘The Four Spiritual Laws’ has been printed in 200 languages and distributed to more than 2.5 billion people. In 1979 he commissioned ‘Jesus’ the most watched film in history.





Rebecca – gaining Merit Profile in her National Diploma.

Ksenya – Getting 3 A’s and 1 B in her A levels. She has been accepted by King’s College London to study law.




Another Leak!

Members of a local church discovered that the roof was leaking. The following Sunday the church secretary started his notices by apologising for the DRIP IN THE PULPIT. M.M.

Taken from Christian Crackers (6) by Phil Mason.

Supplied by B. Hunt.




Preaching programme for September

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
7th 10-30 am lead by Major Christine Clement (THQ) Monthly Corps Prayer Meeting at 5-30pm
6pm Salvation meeting lead by Major Christine Clement (THQ)
Sunday Club 12/1pm lead by YPSM Ailsa Flinders  
Junior Soldiers Class Children remain in Meeting  
14th 10-30 am lead by Envoy Ray Kear (Sutton) 6pm lead by Captain’s Peter and Eileen West (Sevenoaks)
Sunday Club 12-1pm lead by YPSM Ailsa Flinders.  
Junior Soldiers Class 11-11.45am.  
21st 10-30 am lead by YPSM Ailsa Flinders 3 pm Praise Meeting YPSM Ailsa Flinders
Sunday Club 12-1pm  
Junior Soldiers Class 11-11.45am  
28th 10-30 am lead by Major Lillian and John Sandford (Croydon) 6pm lead by Envoy Ray Kear (Sutton)
Sunday Club 12-1pm lead by YPSM Ailsa Flinders.  
Junior Soldiers Class 11-11.45am  




YP Memory Verse for may

“How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.” Psalm 104:24




Corps Diary September 2003

Tuesday 2nd Songster Practice at 8pm. See Joy for details.
Friday 5th Kid’s Club. 6/7-30pm. See Ailsa of details.
Thursday 11th Bible Fellowship at 7-45pm. Daniel – Tempted to Compromise. See Ron for details.
Tuesday 16th Songster Practice at 8pm. See Joy for details.
Friday 19th Kid’s Club. 6/7-30pm. See Ailsa of details.
Tuesday 30th Songster Practice at 8pm. See Joy for details.
Divisional Youth Councils for those aged 12 to 25ys will be 4/5th October.
Harvest Sunday will be 26th October, lead by Major Rosemary, with Harvest Supper on 27th October.
Corps Anniversary Weekend is 15/16 November, and Major Stephen Huyton will lead the Sunday Worship.




Following In Their Footsteps

On the 2nd September the church remembers The Martyrs of Papua New Guinea. In 1942 the Japanese invaded Papua New Guinea. There were many missionaries living and working there. As the invasion was expected many missionaries had been evacuated. However others remained. Of those that stayed over 200 died, many being executed by the Japanese. Their bravery in staying stemmed from the fact that they knew that they were where God wanted them to be doing his work.

Hildegard was educated by a recluse and became a nun at the age of fifteen. She started to have visions and explanations for them from God and became Abbess of Diessenberg. Here she wrote down the visions as well as other works, including commentaries and natural history. Her down-to-earth holiness brought many people to her convent for spiritual direction and to commit their lives to service for God. She died in 1179 and the church remembers her on 17th September.




Panorama Of Islam - Pray Topics For The Muslim World

In 1995 Pakistan had a population of 141,600,000 with an annual growth rate of 2.9%. Only 26% of the population are literate. The peoples who live in Pakistan are the Punjabi – (61%) in the northern plains. The Sindhi (12%) in the south and Karachi. The Pathan /Afghans (10.1%), Urdu (9%), Baloch (3.5%). The remaining peoples are immigrants such as the Mohajirs (Indian Muslims) and over 160 ethnic groups from the north and Indus plain regions. 96.7% of the country are Muslims (Sunni 67.7%, Shi’a 26.1%, Ahmaddiya 3%), 1.5% are Hindu and 1.7% are Christian.

  • Do pray for the Christian, ethinic minority and Hindu peoples of this country who are facing many problems and persecution since the Islamization of the country.
  • Do pray for Christians from a Muslim background who are particularly threaten under “sharia” law for converting to another faith.
  • Do pray for the unreached peoples – over 160 ethnic groups, speaking over 40 languages i.e the Baloch, Pushtu, Brahui, Pukhtun, Punjabi and Sindhi peoples.
  • Do pray for the Ahmaddiya people who face intense Muslim persecution.
  • Do pray for missionaries serving in Pakistan and the support ministries that produce and distribute Christian literature, Bibles, Jesus video and radio broadcasts.




Who said time travel was not possible! The children attending this years holiday club ‘Desert Detectives’ travelled back in time to dig up from the desert artefacts relating to various biblical events in an attempt to find the ‘Mighty Godsword’. With the help of Bert, Lucy and Cleopatra (our puppets) we endured the plague of flying bugs, propped up the hall as we tried to recreate the fall of Jericho and many other activities. Have you ever been in the desert? No, well try this, take three plain cream crackers with nothing on them and eat them, and no water. How dry and parched does your mouth become? Some of our intrepid members passed this challenge. It was not until the last day that it was revealed that the ‘Mighty Godsword’ was not a sword at all but was infact ‘The Mighty God’s Word’ the Bible.

Because the week touched on events throughout biblical history, it was decided to produce a biblical timeline to which pictures would be added throughout the week. This was to show the events relative to each other. This timeline also showed the split from Hebrew to Judaism and Christianity, and the split of Judaism and Islam. This year we had several Muslim children who joined in and every one had lots of fun.