A new term! A new school! New meeting times! A new month! How do we approach the change that inevitably comes with September, Harvest and approaching autumn. Some folk seem to approach anything new or different with hope and expectation. Others seem to anticipate the changing routines and seasons with a certain measure of apprehension. Now this is sometimes explained by peoples differing temperaments, or by the fact that the future, as far as can be seen, is gloomy or fearful. There are, though, other possible explanations for this apprehension. It may be too much dependence on other people, poor self esteem, lack of confidence in our abilities and skills, a low expectation of what God can do, or a lack of faith.

Sometimes this apprehension for what tomorrow might bring can spoil the enjoyment of today. So what about today? Try to think afresh that the power, the wisdom and the grace of God are totally adequate to meet every need that could possibly arise. You are a wonderful and unique creation that God loves. Even if He feels very far away from you and that He has little involvement in your life, remember that the Bible records Jesus saying “Surely I will be with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20). It’s a promise He will keep.

So as we approach a month of change in the Corps and in our own lives do not give credence to the suggestion that this is a time when God will be unable to guide, support and lead you forward. As the month unfolds why not approach each day as David, who wrote so many of the Psalms, did - “Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Saviour and my God.” (Psalm 42:5)




Excerpt from the past. Corps History No 21

For a time in the mid-1920s over 200 children attended our Sunday school each week. Wherever did they put them all, Ailsa! From this number our first YP brass band was formed.

There had been a very efficient YP drum and fife band back in 1909 and a splendid photograph shows the members, together with many other children, at an outing on Bognor Regis beach the following year. 'The Young Soldier' (now 'Kids Alive!') of 24 October 1924 ran a paragraph plus a photograph of the brass band formed in January of that year. The first member had already transferred to the senior band and there was always a waiting list to replace others as they grew older. The five cornet players pictured included ten-year-old Paul Johnson and his older brother Peter. Writing in later years, Band Leader Fred Clemons said 'even at 9 years of age Paul was so nimble with his chromatic scales that he put my fingering to shame and I made him my 'solo cornet' - he earned this position through sheer hard work and home practice.

Paul himself became YP band leader in the early 1930s (during which time he taught the young Ron Foot) and held this position for an astonishing 30 years. He was a very fine cornet soloist, featuring on many a programme given by the senior band. If only we had had the means of recording in those days!

July 1925 saw the formation of a 'Sunbeam Brigade' at Wimbledon. This was the Army's equivalent of Brownies. Although the SA had scouts, they called their guides 'guards' and their cubs 'chums'! As Shakespeare said, 'what's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet'.

I have had the privilege of writing up our corps history book for some nine years, in two spells. What of the events of 2002 which will become history to be read in 50-60-70 years time? Some of your names may appear then, together with your part in Wimbledon corps; will your days in Kingston Road disappoint, or inspire? Will our successors have a laugh at the old fashioned 'books' and 2-D photos? Technology is changing at such a pace, the mind boggles at the thought of recording media in 2072. But Jesus will still be 'the same: yesterday, today - for ever'.

Next month: Renovations for our hall, and we celebrate the General's 70th birthday.
Ron Foot




Christmas Bazaar

Looking ahead, so we all have time to prepare, our Corps Christmas Bazaar will take place on 16 November. Doors will be open 11/3pm. The Corps Council proposed that each Section run a stall. There will be a small prise for the best dressed stall. Funds raised will go to the Senior Corps.




Many Thanks

Go to Joy and Tom for leading the evening service on 11th August and to Ailsa for leading the morning meeting on 25th August. Preparation for such ministry takes time as leaders listen to what God is saying, and then seek ways of sharing this with us in a way that will help us all grow closer to God. Do pray for them and Major Rosemary who faithfully seeks to bring God’s message to us week after week.




YP Camp Fire

A big thank-you goes to Paul for organising this fun evening, attended by 34 folk of all ages and backgrounds. The occasion was a farewell to the 14 Scouts from Sweden who had been staying at the hall for a few days before going on to the Jamboree near Chelmsford. A number of the folk who came where local families who had not linked up for other activities, and it was good to see some of the young folk at Holiday Club the next week.




Farewell and Adieu

To the Circus Top, the music, puppets and fun. 60 children registered for our Holiday Club this year, the majority of them in the older age range of 8 to 11 year olds. Our prayer was for 45 children to register. This week would not have been possible without the support of a dedicated band of adults and teenage helpers whose enthusiasm and willingness to get along side the children and muck in as needed is appreciated. Thank-you very much for all you did.

Looking to next year, and assuming no further growth, there is a need for more adult leaders and helpers, especially gentleman. Bernie, Paul and Tom had their hands full this year helping in the teams as well as covering the First Aid, Security and Games co-ordinator functions. If we have further growth we will also need at least another 3 team helpers. Do please consider whether you or your partner could get involved in next years Club. It means so much to the young folk and it would be a shame to limit it for lack of adults. If you are able to help please let Major Rosemary or Ailsa Flinders know as soon as possible. All leaders and helpers over the age of 14 years will need to be police checked and references taken up. In this way we help protect the children in our care for that week and meet the requirements of the Children’s Act and the Home Office Safe from Harm Regulations.




Preaching programme for September

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
1st 10 am Lead by Major Rosemary Randall Monthly Corps Prayer Meeting at 5-30pm
6pm Salvation meeting lead by Major Rosemary Randall
Sunday Club Go Forward Acts 12:1-19,
Jeremiah 29:11
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in Holiness Meeting  
8th 10-30 am Morning Meeting lead by Major Rosemary Randall 6pm Lead by Major Rosemary Randall
Sunday Club Kid’s Zone -
My friend, Jesus Mark 10:13-16
Y Zone -
The Pig Issue
Luke 8:26-39. 2 Corinthians 2:14
Junior Soldiers Class The Junior Soldier at School
1 John 2:6
15th 10-30 am Morning Meeting lead by Major Rosemary Randall 2 pm Praise Meeting lead by Major Rosemary Randall
No evening meeting.
Sunday Club Kid’s Zone -
Powerful Jesus! John 11:1-44
Y Zone -
Come Forth - John 11:1-44
Junior Soldiers Class Promotion to Glory - John 14:3  
22nd 10-30 am Morning Meeting lead by Major Rosemary Randall 6pm Lead by Major Rosemary Randall
Sunday Club Kid’s Zone -
High and low Luke 15:1-7
Y Zone -
Don’t get lost - Luke 15:1-7, John 10:1-5, 14-16
Junior Soldiers Class The Army of the Helping Hand -
Mark 6:30-44
29th 10-30 am Harvest Thanksgiving lead by Major Rosemary Randall 6 pm Evening Meeting lead by Major Rosemary Randall
Sunday Club Kid’s Zone -
Near and far - Luke 15:11-24
Y Zone -
The Rebel - Luke 15:11-24, Joel 2:13
Junior Soldiers Class Love in Action Matthew 25:34- 40  




YP Memory Verse for may

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:11




A Meditation

The days of pain on leaden feet,
Creep heavily along;
The care-free days of health are fleet,
Accompanied by song.

But O, ‘tis hard to sing when pain
The feeble body grips;
When aches the poor bewildered brain;
And faith is in eclipse

When neither medicine nor balm
Bring comfort or relief;
Nor cooling stream, nor shading palm,
Alleviate the grief.

Then for patience to endure
What cannot be escaped;
For by strange ways and things obscure,
The character is shaped.

Then to recline on Him whose skill
Works all things for the best;
And trust in His most perfect will,
Is to be truly blest.

From Flowing Tides Daily Meditations by Norman R. Perry. ISBN 0 9506352 3 5




Coffee Fellowship

We all enjoy the ‘cuppa & chat’ after our morning services, however there is a need to help with serving and washing up. Do please volunteer to help by signing your name on the rota on the notice board. Thanks.




Harvest Meetings and Supper

Our Harvest Thanksgiving meeting will take place at 10-30 am on 29 September, when we can bring our gifts of dried and tinned foods that will be used to help those that come to the Corps in need. The evening will be a praise meeting and involve the Timbrel and Drama group. Our Harvest Supper will take place on Monday 30 September at 7pm. Betty and Joyce have agreed to prepare a Pie and Chip supper and tickets for this will be £3.




Annual Appeal

Starts on 14 September 2002 and lasts for 2 weeks. The Corps Council has decided that this year envelopes will be delivered with a return envelope enclosed, and there will be no door to door collections made. This is based upon the generous donations received from the public last year by this method. If you are able to help deliver envelopes please see Major Rosemary to agree streets as it is hoped to cover a wider area this year including all of Wimbledon Village.

Raising money for Annual Appeal in this way does require more time ahead of the event in preparing letters, return envelopes, stamping the official envelopes with the Corps number etc.. This task has been taken on board by a number of people and sections in the Corps - Thanks go to The Over Sixties, Home League, Betty, Joyce, Paul, Bernie and Major for all their hard work.




Prayer Corner

As shared from the platform and during worship a number of our Corps folk, their families or friends are in need of our prayers.

Do remember Major’s friend Mary diagnosed with cancer; Sue, Philip, Olive, Eddie, John who are unable to attend regularly; Heather receiving chemotherapy; Bernie, Joy and the family; Gill awaiting medical tests; Shelly who is experiencing a difficult pregnancy.

Others named as needing God’s support during prayer in various meetings are Barry Furness, Tricia and family, Marjorie, Ella, Angie, Paul, Nick and Sandy.

Please continue to pray for the people of Soham and the families and friends of Holly and Jessica.

Also remember all those affected by flooding in Europe, India and China.

Do remember all those who attended Music Schools and Junior Camps. Tiffany, Letitia and James as they start at new schools. Please give thanks for the 60 children who registered for Holiday Club and pray that some will join other YP activities at the Corps this autumn.




Corps Diary September 2002

Wednesday 4th Come on and Celebrate. Upper Norwood SA. 7.30pm. See notice board for details
Friday 6th Kid’s Club re-starts at 6pm. See Ailsa.
Sunday 8th Times of Meetings change - see details in this Newsletter.
Tuesday 10th Singing Company re-starts at 6-30pm. See Joy.
Thursday 12th YP Band/ Drum Practice re-starts at 6-30pm. See Joy and Rebecca.
  Drama Club and Timbrels re-start at 7-15pm. See Rebecca and Joy.
Friday 13th Annual Appeal Station Collections. See Betty for details.
14th to 29th Annual Appeal. See article in this newsletter.
Sunday 15th Faith Lunch at 1pm.
Thursday 19th Monthly Bible Fellowship. 1 John 1-12 Faith in the Victory.
Friday 20th Kid’s Club at 6pm. See Ailsa.
Sunday 29th Harvest Weekend.
Monday 30th Harvest Supper at 7pm.




Worship Changes

At the last Corps Council discussion and prayer lead to a decision to change the pattern of worship currently experienced within the Corps. From 8 September 2002 the Holiness Meeting will start at 10-30am, Junior Soldiers Class will start at 11am, Coffee Fellowship will be at 11-30am, Sunday Club at 12 noon to 1pm. The Salvation Meeting remains at 6pm.

On the third Sunday of the month there will be a Corps Faith Lunch from 1 to 2pm, followed by a Family Praise Meeting at 3pm. (There will be no 6pm Salvation Meeting on this Sunday). The first of these will occur on 15 September. The Corps Prayer Meeting will continue on the first Sunday of the month at 5-30pm and a volunteer to co-ordinate a rota for leaders for this is needed.

It was also agreed that a number of “section” weekends with guest speakers will be arranged. So we look forward to the Home and Family Weekend, Cradle Roll Sunday, Band and Songster Weekend and YP Annual next year.




Golden Fields

The summer holiday season is almost over. Children getting ready to return to school, families are away and our Corps Holiday Club has come and gone. Our normal routines changed and there has been a chance to see a different aspect of life.

Recently as I drove through the quiet country lanes of south west Brittany it was thought provoking to realise that being a hundred or so miles further south was enough to have fields light gold as the wheat and corn ripened and hay was gathered in. Another delight was abandoning the supermarkets for the joy of wandering through village markets selling local cheeses, fish freshly caught from the sea and tasting all the differing pastries and breads.

Bread comes in so many different shapes and forms and is the staple food of life in many cultures around the world. It can be eaten on its own or in combination with other foods. It can be a starter, part of a main course, a sweet dessert or just a snack. In the Gospel of John we read of Jesus describing himself as “The bread of life” (John 6:35 & 48). Jesus was reminding his listeners that they needed to feed on God’s word everyday of their lives, not just once in awhile. With the help of the Holy Spirit we can come to him just as we are - hungry, helpless, tired, longing for something different - and receive from him the nourishment and renewed strength we need to live each day as it comes along.

As life takes you along different paths this month, take time to meditate on Jesus’ promise that he is “The bread of life”. Go on find a few moments each day to rejoice in all the benefits he has won for you. Let your souls be fed with this daily bread and enjoy the renewal in your spiritual life that will follow this feast.




YP Weekend Away

Please note the date for this weekend has changed to 4 to 6th October 2002. There are still places available for those wishing to attend.




Corps Audit

Is now complete. Thank-you for delivering the various paperwork to Betty for this. You can now collect the material from her.




My New School Prayer

I’m starting a new school, God.
I’m a bit nervous about it,
But I’m excited, too.
It’ll be good making new friends.
And I know that you’ll be there for me, wherever I am.
Thank you.

Written by Michael Forster. © Copyright Kevin Mayhew.