Take time !

Welcome to January 2002. Another year closer to the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. I wonder how did you spend New Year’s Eve this year? For some it will have been a time of partying and being with family and friends. For others it will have been a time spent alone - perhaps in hospital or where a partner or children are away from home. For some it will have been a time of memories and mourning. Others will have had their head under the covers hoping that the on-call bleep remains silent, while shift workers will watch the clock looking forward to the end of their night shift. For most of us it will have been a time of reflection, of making New Year Resolutions and commitments for the year ahead. So in true keeping with this theme the Newsletter ponders on the idea of “Time….. to”, with various ideas scattered throughout the Newsletter. We trust you’ll enjoy reading them, and take time to ponder on the thoughts contained, perhaps even share them with a friend or family member. “Time…to” thoughts are based on “Celebrating the Millennium”, by TELit © 1999 ( Bible references from NIV. New Year is a “Time… to remember”. Jesus never owned a car…never paid a mortgage. Never made a telephone call or eat a pizza. The only ‘net’ He knew was the one his friends used to catch fish! Yet, although He died at the age of 33, Jesus remains a pivotal figure throughout the last 2002 years of human history.




Excerpt from the past. Corps History No 13

Warming to his task of defending himself and the Army against prejudice prevalent in 1911, the Founder continued his address at Wimbledon Theatre: ‘my family have never drawn a shilling out of Army funds for our personal use. There has also been accusation of non-publication of the Army’s balance sheets. I tell you, a balance sheet has been published in every one of the 45 years’ existence of our movement, after audit by an eminent firm of actuaries. Scandals die hard, and I am anxious to remove these delusions. It has also been said that the Army has been recruited only from the submerged classes - do I look like a burglar?’ (laughter). William Booth was more gentle towards the church in general than he had been in his address at Wimbledon in 1887 and declared ‘we are not in friendly competition with the churches - we are the friends of all and the enemies of none’. He regretted, however, that the SA was looked upon as “English”, simply because it had been born in this country, but in fact it was a world-wide institution, belonging to no particular nation, but to humanity. He was also disturbed (as has been our present General, John Gowans) that we are better known for ‘dispensing charity’ than for our all-important work of reaching out to the hearts and souls of men to reclaim them for God. As he reeled off volumes of statistics regarding the Army’s progress, the Founder suddenly addressed the assembled congregation: ‘you don’t seem very enthusiastic down here, but rather dumb because you are in the presence of so respectable a mayor. Never mind him - give way to your ‘amen’ and ‘hallelujahs’ - and get ready for the collection!’ In his closing remarks, the Founder said ‘some ask, “what will happen when the General has passed away?” They need not worry - I am not gone yet, and I intend to live as long as I like’ (hear, hear!) Not quite famous last words, but he was promoted to Glory 18 months later. Next month: A vote of thanks for the ‘grand, old man’.
Ron Foot



YP Party 3 to 6pm 19th January

The last year has quickly passed and 19th January will be our YP Hollywood Cartoon Party. Come dressed as your favourite Hollywood or Cartoon character and look forward to lots of fun. Do remember to bring an item of food with you to contribute to the Party Tea. Drinks and Ice Cream will be provided.




Take “time….to consider”.

Take “time….to consider”. We have just celebrated Christmas, a time that reminds us that Jesus entered the world in unusual circumstances. He was conceived outside of marriage, born in an occupied country, became a refugee and later after returning to his parents home town made astonishing claims about His identity as the Son of God, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father..” (John 14:9). Who do you think Jesus is? Many consider Him a leader, teacher and example of how to live, but He is really much more… “Christ Jesus came into the wortld to save sinners”(1 Timothy 1:15). Jesus came to make it possible for us to enter a right relationship with God the Father… “I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6). So this new New Year take time to consider.. we either accept these words of Jesus, or make Him out to be a liar.




Promoted to Glory

Our sympathy and Christian love go to Anne Johnson and the family following Paul Johnson’s Promotion to Glory on Christmas Eve. At the funeral service at Putney Vale and the Corps on 4 January many people gathered together to thank God for his life and witness which has been valued by so many over the years. Do please remember them all in your thoughts and prayers at this time.




So is now the “time…to seek”

So is now the “time…to seek” a fresh start at the beginning of 2002? They say that when God made time, He made plenty of it! Yet whilst we may believe we have plenty of time to seek peace and reconcilliation with God, His word as recorded in the Bible warns otherwise, “... now is the time of God’s favour…” (2 corinthians 6:2). The consequences of hoping for the best, are unthinkable “…whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only son.” ( John 3:18). We do not know what the future holds, we do not know what will happen to us, our loved ones and friends in 2002, but we can know Jesus who holds the future. Is it “time… to seek” the Lord afresh, or perhaps for the first time? If so why not talk with Major Rosemary or any of the other leaders, they would be pleased to answer any questions you may have on developing your personal relationship with God.




24-7 S/A Prayer Corner

Many people in the Corps, or known to us, need remembrance in prayer at this time - Please remember Anne Johnson and the family. Give thanks that Vivienne is back with us following her leg operation. Toni Rogers, her Mum, Dad and Gill Williams continue to need our prayers. Eddie Berkshire has had a fall and is in St. George’s Hospital. Daphne from Over 60’s who is in hospital. Olive Morris and John Taylor, who are not able to worship with us on a regular basis. Ailsa as she seeks God’s guidance about continuing in her current employment. For all the children enrolled on the Cradle roll and the YP Prayer partners. Ailsa’s friend Sue with stress related illness.




Corps Diary January 2002

Sunday 13th 10am Cradle Roll Service
Monday 14th 8pm Corps Council
Friday 18th 6/7-30pm Story Keepers Kid’s Club
Saturday 19th 3/6pm YP Party - See Ailsa for details
Sunday 20th 10am YP Prize Giving
Thursday 24th Group Fellowship Bible Stuty. Venue to be confirmed.
Sunday 27th Launch of YP Tiddler’s Race.




Take “Time… to change”

So often New Year Resolutions quickly fade and are forgotten, but we need to take “Time… to change”. Throughout history there have been many great acts of heroism and sacrifice, but the greatest act of love the world has ever known took place on the Cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ, the only human to have ever lived a perfect life, died for each one of us, “at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6). Unlike every other major religion, Christianity does not have a need for man to “earn” acceptance with God. Raised to life after His death, Jesus asks each of us to turn from all we know to be wrong and ask Him into our lives by His spirit to be our Saviour and Lord, “to all who receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God. (John 1:12). In this way we find forgiveness, are put right with God and are given a completely new start, “if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come.” (2 Corinthians 5:17).




Is it “time … to surrender?”

Is it “time … to surrender?” Christ Jesus reaches out in love to each one of us. No matter what the last year has brought - happiness, heartache, joy, sorrow - Jesus is calling us to stop doing things in our own way and to place our lives firmly under his direction and do things His way, so we can say “My times are in your hands”. (Psalm 31:15). Although Jesus offers salvation as a free gift, there is a cost in being one of His true followers, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” (Luke 9:23)




Corps Bible Fellowship

Is a wonderful way to explore God’s Word with others through discussion, prayer and reflection. Ron faithfully prepares and organises this Fellowship which means so much to those that attend. If you’re interested in exploring the Bible further do check the dates for 2002, up on the notice board in the community Hall, and invite yourself along. You’ll receive a warm and friendly welcome.




Exèrcito de Salvação, Algarve

Captain Pedro Neves, and his wife António, send their greetings to all ex-Streatham Vale Corps members who are worshipping at Wimbledon Corps and remember him from his days at Streatham Vale (if you know of any one elsewhere do forward his regards). He is currently the commanding officer of the only Salvation Army Corps on the Algarve, Portugal and Ailsa and Paul had the chance to visit and worship with them over Christmas. The Corps is now a little over five years old and flourishing. The majority of Salvationist’s are under 30 years old. There is a vibrant Timbrel and Dance Brigade, and a small brass band that is growing. The out-reach to the needy is massive and growing. They would value all our prayers for four ventures that are being launched from January 2002. There is a need to raise funds to purchase a new 9 seater mini-bus, and to build a new citadel and social service complex on the Algarve, within two years. The Corps is also starting a Gospel Choir, and a monthly International Worship Service.




Family Service 10am First Sunday of each month

This service, originally started by Majors Stephen and Margaret, will recommence on 3rd February 2002. Each service will be orientated for families with children, rather than our traditional Holiness meeting. If you have any ideas or contributions that could be included please share these with Major Rosemary.




Cradle Roll Service 10am Sunday 13 January 2002

Is a “time … to give” thanks and marvel at how wonderful the gift of children is - even when they keep us up all night and try the patience of a saint! Some time ago Vivienne Murfin agreed to take on the role of co-ordinating our YP Cradle Roll, which had sadly lapsed. With the able help and encouragement of Major Rosemary families for forty six young children have asked to become linked to the Corps through our YP Cradle Roll. So do come and join in this time of celebration lead by Majors Richard and Caroline Mingay (Home and Families Divisional Officer) when we welcome them into the family of God. This will be followed by an extended Coffee Fellowship and open God Squad for the older children.




Sunday Announcements / Hall Booking

Betty and Paul are struggling to catch up with all the news for announcements and the Newsletter. Also as the Hall is now in more frequent use there is the potential for double bookings. Betty has placed a diary in the local officers room and requests that all hall bookings, regular section activities, Divisional, Territorial and special events be entered in this to help with planning and announcements. If there are then additional announcements for Sunday please give to Betty ahead of the meeting.




Preaching programme for January

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
6th Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Joshua the Leader Prepares - Joshua chapters 1 and 2  
Junior Soldiers Class The Names of Jesus - Mark 8:27-30  
13th Cradle Roll Service Led by Majors Richard and Caroline Mingay. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Joshua the Leader Steps Out - Joshua chapter 3  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in Cradle Roll Service  
20th YP Prize Giving Led by Ailsa Flinders. Led by Ailsa Flinders.
God Squad Joshua the Leader Obeys and Wins - Joshua chapters 5 and 6  
Junior Soldiers Class Take part in YP Prize Giving
27th Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Poor but Rich - Luke 21:1-4, Matthew 6:1-4  
Junior Soldiers Class “Whosoever will may be saved” - Matthew chapter 28:18-20  




December Teasers – Answers

What was the feast of Stephen in the carol ‘Good King Wenceslas’ ?

Boxing Day was the day chosen by employers to give their servants or staff small gifts of money - this custom still survives when the local postmen and dustmen call to wish us 'compliments of the season' in exchange for a small Christmas 'box'. This day, 26th December, is also St. Stephen's day, commemorating the first male Christian martyr who was stoned to death in Jerusalem in 33 A.D. He was one of our most popular saints in the Middle Ages, but is now largely forgotten, except in the carol 'Good King Wenceslas'. Boxing Day had until recently been the day for hunting wrens, squirrels and other small animals. 'The Hunting of the Wren' was a rather sinister custom extremely popular in Wales, south-western England, southern Ireland and the Isle of Man. A wren was hunted and killed, hung on a pole and processed through the town - donations were collected 'on behalf of the wren' in exchange for its feathers, which were considered lucky. In some areas the wren was carried in a garland of decorated bush of holly or gorse - in Kerry, Ireland, the bird was put live into a glass jar. Of course nowadays the wren is no longer hunted, and the bush does not contain anything (and there have been cases of potatoes being carried in the jar!).

Why is it traditional to have a special meal on Christmas Day ?

Late December has always been a time of low spirits - everything appears to be at a low ebb and the time of renewal is still far away. From the time of earliest man therefore, this period was chosen as a time for celebrating and looking forward to better days to come. Our present-day festival celebrating the birth of Christ is rooted in many pre-Christian traditions around the time of the winter solstice. In northern Europe Odin was worshipped with festivals of eating and drinking; the Yule Feast of the Norsemen. Log fires were burned to aid the ailing sun and sacred places were decked with ivy and bay. In the 4th century the Roman emperor Constantine was converted to Christianity, and he decided to substitute Christian festivals for the pagan ones rather than trying to ban the latter altogether. The British took to the new celebration and slowly abandoned the druid rites they had clung to. Feasting on the 25th December has continued to this day, although in Puritan times all such 'heathen' celebration was banned - in 1644 the Parliament, incensed by the lack of religion and general uproar surrounding the festival, declared that the holiness of 25th December should be marked by fasting, and troops toured the streets of 'London to make sure there were no dinners cooking on this day. However, with the restoration of the monarchy and the return of Charles II, England again began to celebrate Christmas as a time of great jollity. In the last century a more personal, family -based Christmas became popular. Prince Albert brought his German Christmas traditions to England, and Charles Dickens wrote about Christmas as a time of peace and goodwill to all men in 'A Christmas Carol'. It is felt by many that our modern Christmas has become a great deal too commercialised, and that it may be time to return to a more personal occasion as it was in Victorian times. Christmas dinner is now traditionally roast turkey and Christmas pudding, but before turkey became popular a boar's head was the centrepiece (and is in fact still served today at Queen's College, Oxford). Goose, roast beef and chicken were also popular in more recent times.




Christmas & New Year Greetings

For us all have been received from Vi Tucker, Mavis Briars (New Zealand), Majors Stephen and Margaret Huyton and Mark and Nelly Kolpatchi




YP Prize Giving Service 10am 20th January

Within the YP Corps there has been lots of hard work and growth in the last year for which we will give thanks during this service in the awarding of Prizes and Certificates for various achievements. Joy and Lorraine’s Bramwell (Primary) Class has shrunk this year as Toni and James have moved up to Catherine’s. We give thanks for Toni’s commitment to become a Junior Soldier, and ask for your prayers for James who has recently started his Junior Soldier Preparation Class. Catherine’s class, (7/9 year olds) run by Betty, is now the largest and nosiest God Squad Class. Many thanks to Vivienne for helping out with keeping the peace! The William’s / Corps Cadet Class has now separated back out to 2 classes with Major Rosemary taking on board our Corps Cadets 12½ years+), and William’s (10-12½ year olds) remain with Ailsa. February 2000 saw the launch of the Story Keepers Kids Club, for 5 to 11 year old children. Many thanks to all the leaders who have given up time to help run this and prepare evenings. After a good start numbers in the last term have dropped to just 6 regular attendees. Do pray that this will change in 2002. The Easter Extravaganza on Good Friday was a new venture and saw 21 children join us for the afternoon. Holiday Club continues to grow and was well attended by 32 children. Again it would not have been possible without the able help of so many people. My thanks to everyone. Joy, assisted by Rebecca and Tom have been very busy with the YP music sections. The Learners Band started in September and currently 7 young folk are learning Brass or percussion instruments. Do encourage them as practice is always boring……! Joy has also formalised the informal Timbrel Group, and this now meets most weeks. This is open to all Corps members so grown-up or child if you fancy having a go do join in on a Thursday evening at 7-15pm. Finally the Drama Group started in September under the leadership of Rebecca. In just 6 weeks they rehearsed the drama performed on Remembrance Sunday. Well done to every one, it is never easy to get up in front of people and act. We look forward to more in the year ahead. This group is open to adults and children alike, so if you fancy having a go do come 7-45 to 8-45pm on a Thursday evening.




Many thanks

Go to every one who helped organise, lead worship, collect, sing and play Timbrels and instruments during Advent. It was a time with both high’s and low’s, but was also a good witness to the good folk of Wimbledon Town.




Take “time… to admit”

Take “time… to admit” that in a world where even the most famous figures are guilty of serious moral failure, the character of Jesus remains untarnished. We all like to point a finger at others, whilst excusing our own weaknesses, but “If we claim to be without sin, we decieve ourselves and the truth is not in us.” (1 John 1:8). One day we will all be called to give an account of our lives, “man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgement..” (Hebrews 9:27). May God Bless you and all you do in 2002.