Peace Be Unto You,

There are two days in every week about which we should not worry, two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension.

One of these days is Yesterday with all its mistakes and cares, its faults and blunders, its aches and pains.

Yesterday has passed forever beyond our control. All the money in the world cannot bring back Yesterday.

We cannot, undo a single act we performed. We cannot erase a single word we said. Yesterday is gone forever.

The other day we should not worry about is Tomorrow with all its possible adversities, its burdens, its large promise, and its poor performance, Tomorrow is also beyond our immediate control.

Tomorrow's sun will rise, either in splendour or behind a mask of clouds, but it will rise. Until it does, we have no stake in Tomorrow, for it is yet to be born.

This leaves only one day.

Any person can fight the battle of just one day. It is when you and I add the burdens of those two awful eternities Yesterday and Tomorrow that we break down.

It is not the experience of Today that drives a person mad, it is the remorse or bitterness of something which happened Yesterday and the dread of what Tomorrow may bring.

Let us, therefore, live but one day at a time.
In his service




Excerpt from the past. Corps History No 20

The first day of October 1923 saw the opening of Raynes Park Corps by Commissioner Edward J. Higgins who in 1929 became the Army’s third General and the first to be appointed by a High Council, as originally established by our Founder William Booth in 1904 and since incorporated into law by the British Parliament as The Salvation Army Act 1931. Wimbledon band and songsters gave musical items at Raynes Park in the evening of what our history book describes as ‘an auspicious occasion’.

In earlier days Salvation Army halls were not fully licensed for marriages and on 10th November 1923 we read ‘for the first time since Wimbledon hall became Licensed a marriage was celebrated on this day. The bride, Lieutenant Hilda Foot and bridegroom, Captain Walter Feltwel1, both juniors of this Corps and products of which the Corps is justly proud were joined together by Colonel Langdon, in the presence of 300 friends. Afterwards a reception and wedding feast was held at which ... a presentation was made by the corps of a handsome clock to the young couple before their departure to Derbyshire for their honeymoon’.

The rest, as they say, is history and it is wonderful to know that all these many years later (work it out for yourself!) the two daughters of that marriage, Muriel and Olive, are still serving the Lord at Wimbledon.

In April the following year No 39 Kirkley Road (almost opposite our hall) was purchased for £425 with a lease of 82 years for the corps officers’ ‘quarters’ and remained so until 1986 when 14 Poplar Road became the ‘official’ dwelling. Incidentally - how about emulating Buck Palace and flying the Army flag from the rooftop when our Major Rosemary is in residence there!

I love the entry of 20th September 1924: ‘Young People’s Harvest, led by the CO. A good day, but somewhat interfered with by Mrs Booth’s visit to Balham’. How dare she! June 1925 saw the arrival of Adjutant and Mrs Allen from Stapleford Corps to become the first commanding officers to occupy 39 Kirkley Road - the bad news was that ‘the walls need papering throughout".

Next month: Over 200 children attend our Sunday School and a brilliant 9 year old cornet player in the YP band.
Ron Foot





Many thanks go to the organisers and cooks of our Strawberry Tea, and to Major Rosemary for arranging the quiz. Not only was a good time had by all, but £18 was raised for Corps Funds.





As time goes by people we know move on to new pastures and new adventures. We have recently heard that David Heales, who use to attend God Squad, will shortly be leaving to spend a year in Fiji teaching English and Social Studies. Do pray for him as he takes on this new venture.




Late publication

Apologies for the late publication of this edition of the news letter. Holiday club took more time to finalise than was expected.
The editor




Gifted musician

A short while ago Ron wrote in the newsletter (June 2002) about Mr. Buckman being one of the finest musicians in the Salvation Army, and particularly in Wimbledon Corps. I was never fortunate enough to have met him, but I know Paul knew him well. I think Ron is one of the finest musicians of this present day, how fortunate we are to have him at Wimbledon. I admire his musicianship and envy his capabilities. I am sure he could play on the piano any song in the Army tune book without the book ! He surely has a great gift and is a perfectionist in every way. We may have lost Mr. Buckman (who has gone to glory), but we still have Ron Foot.
Anne Johnson




Favourite Hymns.

Dentist's hymn. Crown Him with many crowns.
Weather-man's hymn There shall be showers of blessing.
Contractor's hymn. The Churches one Foundation.
Needleworker's hymn. Holy! Holy! Holy!
Golfer's hymn. There is a green hill far away.
Politician's hymn. Standing on the promises.
Optician's hymn. Open my eyes, so I might see.
Gossip's hymn. Pass on the message.
Electrician's hymn. Send out the light.
Pilot's hymn. I'll fly away.
Paramedic's hymn. Revive us again.
Lifeguard's hymn. Rescue the perishing.
Shoe-repairer's hymn. It is well with my soul.
Travel agent's hymn. Anywhere with Jesus.




Five Dollar Violins By Bill Denton

But Ananias answered, 'Lord, I have heard from many about this man, how much harm he did to Your saints at Jerusalem; and here he has authority from the chief priests to bind all who call on Your name.' But the Lord said to him, 'Go, for he is a chosen instrument of Mine, to bear My name before the Gentiles and kings and the sons of Israel; for I will show him how much he must suffer for My name's sake.' (Acts 9:13-16, NASB95)

Years ago, there was a master violinist in Europe. He would play in concerts, and he had a magnificent Stradivarius violin, extremely expensive. He would play the Stradivarius violin in concert and everyone would whisper in the crowd, "Listen to the beautiful sounds of the Stradivarius." He would play in churches, and people would say, “Listen to the beautiful sounds of the Stradivarius." He even played before kings and queens, and they, too, would turn to one another and say, “Listen to the beautiful sounds of the Stradivarius." All the glory went to the instrument. Then one day this master violinist was walking by a pawn shop. He noticed an old, beat-up, worn-out violin. He walked into the pawn shop and asked how much it would cost. The owner of the pawn shop told him the American equivalent of five dollars. He bought the violin, and he took it home. He polished it, and he refined it, and he tuned it, and he retuned it, and he built some character into that violin. Then, when he was to play the greatest performance of his life in a concert hall, he took out the little, five dollar, worn-out, beat- up violin that he had polished and retuned. He put it up to his chin, and he began to play, and everybody in the concert hall whiskered, "Listen to the beautiful sounds of the Stradivarius. " -- Ron Lee Dauis, "Rejoicing in Our Suffering, " Preaching Today, Tape No. 74.

Ron Lee Davis tells a beautiful story. It's even more beautiful when you understand the implications to human lives. It's quite easy when you look at some people to think of them as sort of a human Stradivarius. They produce 'beautiful sounds." I mean that when you see or hear them, you are witness to success, excellence, achievement. With them, everything seems, well, right. They are what people are supposed to be.

There are others, however, that are not anything like that 'human Stradivarius.' They are much more like the five dollar, worn-out, beat-up violin. They're equipped and shaped right, but nobody would expect them to produce anything appreciable.

What the story illustrates, though, is not what either violin could produce on its own. Rather it speaks to the effect of the master violinist. People ought to recognize a wonderful spiritual truth that promises something very much needed by most of us five dollar, worn-out, beat-up types. The ability to produce something beautiful is in us. We have the necessary equipment. What we really need is the effect of the Master.

Too few people understand that God is the one who can take a person who looks like a worthless piece of junk and make something grand out of him or her. We see the shell of a person and decide that it's hopeless and worthless. But, with a little cleaning up, polishing, tuning and retuning, and even a few repairs, what looked like junk can turn out some pretty wonderful accomplishments.

If you think of yourself as a piece of junk, the correctness of your evaluation will depend on whether or not you will allow the Master to make something better out of you. The only hopeless case is the one who refuses the Master's touch.


© Copyright 2002, Dr. Bill Denton All Rights Reserved. Article may not be reprinted in any "for profit" publication without further permission by the author. Articles may be freely distributed via email, reprinted in church bulletins or in other non-profit publications without further permission.





Sally Anne’s, our Parent and Toddlers Group, recently held a sponsored toddle, aided by our three youngest Junior Soldiers and various parents and leaders. A grand total of £145 was raised which has been split between the PAT funds and holiday club funds.





By all accounts the Corps Trip to Eastbourne was a good day, enjoyed by all who went. The fellowship was enjoyed, the shopping cheaper than locally and there was the chance to indulge in a few seaside foods. Our thanks go to Joyce and Betty for organising this event. We look forward to next years.




24/7 SA Prayer

As shared from the platform a number of our Corps folk, or members of their families are in need of our prayers. Do remember Heather receiving chemotherapy; Sue, Philip, Olive, Eddie, John who are unable to attend regularly; Bernie, Joy and the family; Tusa and Maita who have recently moved and Shelly who is experiencing a difficult pregnancy.

Do uphold Rebecca and Kerri as they prepare for Music School (they will be going with Ksenya and Gregory Kolpatchi). Timothy as he heads for Divisional Junior Camp. Do pray that all the leaders and assistants at these events and our own holiday club will have the energy to keep going, and the sensitivity to make good relationships with the children and help them get to know Jesus for themselves. In particular pray for Tiffany, Lucy and Kerri as they join our Corps Holiday Club leadership team this year as helpers for the first time.

Finally come September Tiffany, Letitia and James all start new schools. It is never easy moving school so do pray that it will be an easy transition for them.





Is advise that some of our parents have not followed. Charlotte has recently taken part in a schools event at Wimbledon Theatre where classes have written their own operetta and performed it. Charlotte’s class sung about the exploitation of child workers. Kerri has also been busy dancing recently in Oklahoma.




Preaching programme for August

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
4th Lead by Major Rosemary Randall Monthly Corps Prayer Meeting at 5-30pm Salvation meeting lead by Major Rosemary Randall
Sunday Club Go Free Luke 24:1-9, 33-36,45-49  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in Holiness Meeting  
11th Lead by Songster Leader Joy Rogers and Tom McCaffrey Lead by Major Rosemary Randall
Sunday Club Go Healing Acts 2:1-41, 3:1-10, 1:8  
Junior Soldiers Class Let’s wear uniform! Matthew 5:14-16  
18th Lead by Major Rosemary Randall Lead by Major Rosemary Randall
Sunday Club Go Forward
Acts 12:1-19, Jeremiah 29:11
Junior Soldiers Class Is temptation sin? 1 Corinthians 10:13  
25th Lead by YPSM Ailsa Flinders No Meeting
Sunday Club No Sunday Club  
Junior Soldiers Class No class remain in Holiness Meeting  




YP Memory Verse for may

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord.” Jeremiah 29:11




Corps Diary August 2002

Friday 2nd YP Camp Fire and Social with Scouts from Sweden. 7pm at Hall
5th /9th Kid’s Holiday Club. See notice board and Ailsa for details
Friday 9th Circus Sizzle. See Ailsa for details
Tuesday 13th Audit of corps Finances. All section accounts/registers to Betty by 11 August please.
Thursday 15th Bible Fellowship. Ssee Ron for details.
17th /24th Music School
23rd /25th Divisional Junior Adventure Camp
Thursday 29th 7-30pm Welcome of the High Council at Regent Hall Corps. £2 per ticket. Money to Major Rosemary as soon as possible.





At the last Corps Council discussion and prayer lead to a decision to change the pattern of worship currently experienced within the Corps. From 8 September 2002 the Holiness Meeting will start at 10-30am, Junior Soldiers Class will start at 11am, Coffee Fellowship will be at 11-30am, Sunday Club at 12 noon to 1pm. The Salvation Meeting remains at 6pm.

On the third Sunday of the month there will be a Corps Faith Lunch from 1 to 2pm, followed by a Family Praise Meeting at 3pm. (There will be no 6pm Salvation Meeting on this Sunday). The first of these will occur on 15 September. The Corps Prayer Meeting will continue on the first Sunday of the month at 5-30pm and a volunteer to co-ordinate a rota for leaders for this is needed.

It was also agreed that a number of “section” weekends with guest speakers will be arranged. So we look forward to the Home and Family Weekend, Cradle Roll Sunday, Band and Songster Weekend and YP Annual next year.





Grateful thanks go to Rebecca and Lorraine for turning out at 7am to help raise funds at Wimbledon Railway Station. £178-37 was raised which goes towards the costs of the YP Weekend Away in October





Please note the date for this weekend has changed to 4 to 6th October 2002. There are still places available for those wishing to attend




The Salvation Army Malawi Region

lst July 2002
Dear Miss Hunt,

Christian greetings from a rather cool Malawi.

We are now in mid-winter so quite enjoying a break from the heat. I hope you are enjoying some good weather in your part of the capital as all eyes are on the centre court of Wimbledon at this time.

Thank you for your continued care and support for Major Martha. This is deeply appreciated indeed and a real help and blessing to her and the family. I will forward the cash to her when we have banked the U.K. cheque. Please convey my thanks to your dear Over Sixties members and assure them that their help is much appreciated.

Life continues to be very busy in the region and we are now in the middle of a large feeding programme to thousands of people who are without food at this time. Millions of Malawians are going hungry. The whole situation is very sad indeed. We would appreciate your prayers at this time.

Do take care and God continue to bless you for such practical love and concern for dear Major Martha.

God bless you,
Malcolm R.Forster Major




Mrs.A. Flinders:
São Brás, 02 de Agosto de 2002
Here are the receipts for your kind donations of Euro105,26 and Euro52,37. We have appreciated your kindness and support for the Salvation Army work in the Algarve.

Your donations were very much appreciated. Rose and I just got marching orders. As from September we'll take up our new responsibilities in Lisbon. May our Lord bless you and continue to use you.

Pedro Neves





End of year assemblies have seen Tiffany, Gillian, Letitia and James all awarded with certificates of commendation for their hard work, often during times of difficulty, over the last year. In addition Rebecca has successfully completed her first year at college finishing with 2 Distinctions and 3 Merit passes in course work allowing her to progress to the second year of her course.