From the co’s desk

Dear Comrades and Friends, First of all, I would like to thank you for the warm welcome I have received at Wimbledon Corps. I pray that firstly, we will be a spiritual Corps by allowing the Holy Spirit to work within us and through us. Secondly, a praying Corps with a vision for the future for all age groups so that we may flourish in the days that lie ahead. Thirdly, I ask for a happy Corps, where we work together joyfully one with another. Philippians 4: verse 4 says:- “Always be full of joy in the Lord; I say it again, rejoice.” A little boy was given a priceless possession - his grandfather’s gold pocket watch. How he treasured it! But one day, while playing at his fathers iceplant, he lost the watch amid all the ice and sawdust. The boy gave a frantic search - but still no watch. Then suddenly he realised what to do - he stopped scurrying around and became very still, and then in the silence he heard the watch ticking and found it. God has given each of us a priceless gift of joy in Jesus. How easy it is to lose that joy in the scurrying around of life. Joy is always there to find, if we will but pause and listen to the beautiful presence of Jesus in our lives. The joyful Christian faces life without fear, each new day is a challenge. If you start searching for joy you will never find it, but if you surrender to God and do His will, then joy will come to your heart. It was the famous Billy Sunday who said:- “If you have no joy in your religion, there's a leak in your Christianity.” Yes, when we keep our hearts clean; when we spend time in reading the Word; when we pray; when we make time to listen to the presence of Jesus - then a wonderful thing will happen, for our hearts will be filled with God’s love and joy. May we as a Corps radiate that joy in Christ, so that it will bubble over into the lives of others so that they also may experience this everlasting joy which can only be found in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.
Major Rosemary Randall




Corps History No 11

General William Booth told his congregation at Wimbledon on that August evening in 1887 of his regret that the ‘churches’ had not welcomed those the Army had sought to convert through the power of the Holy Spirit (it had not been his original intention to open local army centres, but rather to pass on the converts to the established churches). ‘People say the Salvation people are vulgar, happy, jolly - well, why shouldn’t they be? People tell them that it is wrong to laugh in a place of worship and very wrong and wicked to laugh on Sundays. But it is Sunday every day of the week with them, so what are they to do? There are lots of people never in earnest, never sing ‘hallelujah’, except when it comes in a hymn, never say ‘hallelujah’ when they are shaving (laughter!) or when anything goes wrong. How therefore can they expect to sing ‘hallelujah’ in Heaven?’ ‘In the east end of London, a Salvation soldier came across two drunken men and a dirty dog and, in conversing induced them to go to the barracks. Of course, the men made excuses, the last of which was “what shall we do with the dog?” “Bring it in as well”, said the soldier. Well, they did, and the result was that, while the poor dog went to sleep, the men became converted. Now, ask them what the Hon Mrs Flowerpot of the Parish church would have said, had the drunks and the dirty dog gone into her velvet-cushioned pew! I fancy I can see her in her silk dress, sailing up the aisle, aghast. Mrs Flowerpot would rather the men had gone to hell than occupy her pew, to her inconvenience and discomfort’. (It seems the General may have had in mind the words of James, the earthly brother of Jesus, in his letter, Chapter 2, verses 1-5 !) Next month: We move on to the twentieth century and to the return of the Founder, 24 years later, to Wimbledon.
Ron Foot




Music of the month

Johnathan Veria is a talented international operatic baritone, and one of the most invited guests on the BBC’s Songs of Praise. His ‘Life and Soul’ album produced by ICC, is a mixture of traditional hymns and modern Christian songs that show the sensitivity and versatility of his voice and singing style as he leads you into worship of the God we adore. CD ICCD54530 rrp £14.99 Tape ICC54520 rrp £9.99




The day we went to (Bangor) London Zoo

“Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor” London Zoo ! We went on a train. We got off the train and walked down the road. We arrived at the main gate. The first animals we saw were fish in the aquarium. Then we saw some goats and wild boar. We saw some giraffes and an animal that looked like it had stolen a zebra’s trousers. We all had lunch early because we were hungry. Then one group went to see the elephants and the millennium show. The others looked at the bears and we saw the penguins feed. We all signed a card for Toni. It was a good fun day and we got a brown monkey for my dad, and he named it lazy bones.
Tiffany Rogers




When you long for peace.

Watching what has happened in America is frightening. Going to war is frightening, and makes us scared. Psalm 46 verse 9 tell us that “God makes wars cease to the ends of the earth”. Dear God We all hope that you are our light and our salvation, and we thank you for protecting us all from danger and that we will never be afraid again. If evil people attack us you will protect us from danger so that we will not be afraid, and we hope that the people will not kill us, and if they do then we would go to heaven to you. If I have done something wrong and a whole army surrounds me I will not be afraid even if they attack me, I will not be afraid because I will trust in you God.
Letitia Rogers.




Service of Remembrance

Wednesday 12th September Guildford Cathedral American Service of Remembrance. On Tuesday 11th September America suffered the greatest terrorist attack known to man, my best friend is American and her step brother was near the Pentagon when it was hit, debris hit him and he got a lot of soot and dust in his lungs. So when I found out that the American Community in Surrey were holding a service of remembrance, my friend, mum and I went to it. It was nice to see so many Americans in one place not seeking revenge or condemning the people who had done these evil atrocities. Even though there was lots of tears for loved ones that had died or were missing there seemed to be unity between everyone, a calming and peaceful unity that words cannot describe. But for me the biggest miracle was my friend, when she first came to this country she was bullied because of her American accent, so she tried really hard to get rid of her accent. I only heard her American accent when she was talking to her dad, but that night she openly prayed with her American accent. She may have been upset because her stepbrother got hurt, but she felt safe in this county, and she didn’t feel alone. The evening finished with ‘The land of the brave’ and you could tell that God was moving that night. So remember God is with this situation no matter what happens.
Rebecca Flinders.




Corps Diary October 2001

1st Normal Senior and YP section practices restart after Annual Appeal.
Wednesday 3rd Over 60’s rally.
Friday 5th Story Keepers 6pm. 5 to 11 yr olds at the hall.
Saturday 6th Passion, for 12-25 yr olds 7.30pm at Maidstone Corps. See Ailsa for details.
Sunday 7th Youth Councils for 12-25yr olds. All day at Chatham. See Ailsa for details.
Sunday 14th Harvest Sunday. Gifts of tinned and dried food will be received in the morning service to help those in need.
Monday 15th Harvest Supper, details to follow.
Wednesday 17th Divisional Come & Celebrate meeting.
Friday 19th Story Keepers 6pm. 5 to 11 yr olds at the hall.
Sunday 21st National Health Care Sunday.
Sunday 28th National Volunteer Sunday & Vocational Fellowship Day.
Wednesday 31st YP Jam Party 6pm. The alternative to Halloween. See Ailsa for details.




Important announcement

Please note that the YP Retreat 19 - 21 October 2001 has been cancelled. As a result of the ongoing restrictions caused by the foot & mouth disease the planned venue are unable to support the event. At short notice it has not been possible to book an alternative. Sorry.




Thought For the world




Prayer list

  • For Major Rosemary as she settles into the Corps and quarters.
  • Thanks that Gerald’s eye surgery went so well & for full recovery.
  • Continued recovery for Paul Johnson, now moved to a rehabilitation ward.
  • Everyone we have met and spoken to during Annual Appeal, and that they will be generous in their giving.




Ten days of repentance (17th - 27th September).

In the ten days between Rosh Hashanah (New Year) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) Jewish believers spend time in repentance and prayer. During Yom Kippur one prayer they will recite is ‘Al Chet’. A prayer that assists with the task of teshuva (repentance). The prayer helps them identify the roots of sin that has occurred over the last year. Then through confession they come before God and say “This is who I was. Help me to change to what you want”. A prayer that could help us all to overcome the regrets and negative emotions of sin. Intrigued ? Then come to the evening meeting 30th September to find out more.




Reading matter !

"After the Gospels’ Are you curious as to what some of the early Christians thought as the church grew and spread through the first and second centuries after Jesus’ death ? ‘After the Gospels’ compiled by David Winter is a collection of seventy seven readings by many early church authors, including Clement of Rome and Ignatius of Antioch. It’s a good introduction to the teachings of the early church and the spiritual challenges they faced. ISBN 18410.11975 rrp £5.99 And for the teenagers, following on from “The Chocolate Teapot” and “The Superglue Sandwich” is “Killer Ping-Pong Surviving life at Home”. David Lawrence provides a teenagers guide to coping with the hassles and strains of life at home. Each chapter begins with an everyday story of teenage survival, followed by practical and biblical advice on ways of coping. ISBN 18599.94687 rrp £3.99





  • Congratulations to Ailsa for passing her Masters degree in Management of Community Care.
  • Contratulations to Keri Phillips in the Singing and Drama Groups for securing a place to dance in the Panto at Sutton this year.
  • Congratulations to Alex Phillips who has got through to the final auditions for the new West End Musical “Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang”.




Preaching programme for October

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
7th Family Service Led by Major Randall. 5.30 Prayer meeting, followed by service led by Major Randall.
God Squad Mad, Bad or God ? Matthew 16:13-28  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in the main meeting  
14th Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad All or nothing ? Matthew 13:44-46  
Junior Soldiers Class Our mission as Salvationists. Matthew 28:18-20  
21st Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Code or Practice ? Matthew 22:34-40 & 26:6-13  
Junior Soldiers Class Bible Hot Shots part 1 Psalm 119:89  
28th Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Ready or not ? Matthew 25:1-13  
Junior Soldiers Class Bible Hot Shots part 2 Romans 15:4  




September Teasers – Answers

What is Nutting Day ?
When is St. Matthew's Day ?
And what links the two ?

Nutting Day This is the day on which children would traditionally go out into the local woods to gather hazelnuts. The nuts are supposed to be perfectly ripe at this time - in fact this is often later, but before the calendar change, Nutting Day would have occurred later in the month. Nutting Day was the day on which lacemakers were allowed to light candles to aid their work. They could use candles during winter from this day until Shrove Tuesday in spring. Old lacemakers, who spent long hours at their pillows, were advised to refresh their tired eyes by bathing them in gin. This apparently stung a little, but enabled workers to continue for at least two more hours. Eye strain and poor light must have meant blindness for some women, who had to work very long hours even to exist. St. Matthew's Day However 21st September, St. Matthew's Day, is also known as The Devil's Nutting Day, on which day nuts should not be picked. In some parts of the country it was also thought that you should never gather nuts on a Sunday.




October Teasers

What and when is St. Michael’s Day ?
Where does the phrase ‘cheap and nasty’ come from ?




What helps when things are tough ?

I have spoken to a friend about keeping hold and not giving up. She has been very helpful and caring. I have been praying to God and reading Psalm 91 which was very helpful. It was about putting people under Jesus’ wing. I have found some situations very difficult, but since I have found Jesus I am able to cope as best as I can. Gillian Williams. “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty … He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge, his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Psalm 91 verses 1 & 4.




Answer to Last months Bible places word search

Antioch Ephesus Philippi
Ararat Galilee Rome
Babel Jericho Sidon
Bethany Jerusalem Tarsus
Bethlehem Nazareth Tyre
Damascus Nineveh  




YP Jokes !

From ‘Space the Final Frontier .. ?
Q. What did Captain Picard ask Data to do with his broken sewing machine ?
A. Make it so !! From Jacob Borg.

Q. How many ears has Captain Kirk got ?
A. 3 - A left ear, a right ear and a Final Frontier !! From Alex Phillips.

Q. Space doctor can you help me out ?
A. Certainly, which airlock did you come in ?

From Lucy.
Spaceman: Space doctor please help, I feel like a pair of curtains.
Doctor: Just pull yourself together.

Q. Why did the scientist install a knocker on his door ?
A. To win the no bell prize !

Q. Why did the space doc tiptoe past the medicine cabinet ?
A. Because he didn’t want to wake the sleeping pills !

Q. Why did the policeman have sore arms ?
A. Because he was part of the Flying Squad !




Reach for the sky.

Friday 21st September saw the children in Storykeepers Club remembering the bravery of those that had fought in the Battle of Britain. We heard how 2927 airmen fought in the four months from July to October 1940, and that only 1592 survived. We thought about some of the heroes, like Wing Commander Douglas Bader who had two artificial legs, still flew, and escaped from prisoner of war camps after he had been shot down. Then there was Group Captain Stanley Vincent who was a pilot in both world wars. Wing Commander George Unwin was one of the first pilots to fly a Spitfire when they where delivered to 19 squadron based at Duxford. We made a ‘lolly’ stick bi-plane, and held paper aeroplane competitions. Several slides were shown of some of the aircraft flown in the second world war as well as some of the more unusual aircraft that appeared towards the end of the war. We closed by thinking of those in America and how heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and how they are all willing to help others, even if it means giving up their lives.