Why Believe in Jesus Christ?

Who was Jesus? Just a man? Or was he God? Jesus is the one way to God-fully human and yet fully divine. Perfect man and perfect God. He was fully human, born of the Virgin Mary. He grew up in an ordinary family and spent the early years of his life working as a carpenter in the small Galilean village of Nazareth. At about the age of thirty he left home and travelled around for just three years - teaching, healing and caring for all in need. On several occasions he raised the dead to life in full view of witnesses. He ordered evil spirits to leave those who were possessed, bringing peace and wholeness to their minds. His wonderful and unique teaching about the kingdom of God, which no other teacher has ever begun to match, was backed up by a perfect life with no stain of sin or selfishness. He was at home with all people, accepting them and treating them with respect, no matter who they were or what they did. Jesus knew what it was to be hungry and thirsty and to be so tired that he fell asleep in a small boat in the middle of a storm. He knew what it was to weep in deep personal grief and he experienced loneliness and desertion by his friends. He went through the most excruciating pain when he was mercilessly flogged and crucified - the most painful death the ancient world could devise - but even the Roman Governor admitted he could find no fault in him. Jesus was a perfect man in every way. But alongside his perfect life and marvellous teaching, Jesus made the most astonishing claims: ‘The Father and I are one,’ he once said, claiming equality with God. He said he was able to forgive sins, claiming openly to do what only God can do. He said that he was the only way to God: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except by me.’ He promised peace to all who came to him: ‘Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest.’ He claimed that he would raise to eternal life all who trust in him: ‘My sheep listen to my voice; I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they shall never die. No one can snatch them away from me.’ To know him is to know God. To trust him is to trust God. To honour him is to honour God. Jesus was either a fraud, or badly mistaken, or just plain mad - or else he was what he claimed to be. This was what one of his followers, Thomas, discovered. At first he refused to believe that Jesus had risen from the dead, but then he met the risen Christ face to face and fell at his feet in love and worship: ‘My Lord and my God.’
Why Believe by Norman Warren Published by Lion Publishing 1992
I trust this is our experience in the weeks ahead in the hustle and bustle leading up to the celebration of Jesus’ birth.




Corps History No 11

Wimbledon Theatre (recently refurbished) originally opened on Boxing Day 1910 with a production of ‘The Chocolate Soldier’, based on George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Arms and the Man’ with delightful music by Oscar Straus. The theatre boasted one of the largest stages in the country, had lights run off its own power supply and (in a basement) Turkish baths from which heat could be wafted to the auditorium through ducts. It was to this splendid building that General William Booth paid his second visit to Wimbledon. The upright 58 year old who had opened our hall in 1887 was by now nearly 82 but, said the Wimbledon Borough News, his ‘oratorical efforts’ were remarkable, though his voice had grown ‘rather feeble’. Nonetheless, he ‘spoke at great length three times on that Sunday’ (14th May 1911). Official corps history books did not make an appearance until some time into the twentieth century and this wonderful occasion is recorded in clear handwriting on the very first page of Wimbledon's volume: (see inset below). On the second page the entry continues: ‘The great Salvation meeting at night resulted in 75 souls at the mercy seat. It was a very wet day, but we had great crowds at every meeting..... God bless the General!’ Next month: witty repartee between the Founder and our mayors and ‘applause from the drum’!
Ron Foot




November Teasers

What is ‘Stir up Sunday’ ?
Who is St. Andrew and when is his day ?




Adventure camp

This is my story of my time at adventure camp. We arrived on the Friday evening, after unpacking our belongings and finding our rooms, we went to the canteen area where we made name badges. We went outside and played a game with the leaders. This was called the train game. Later in the evening we had to play another game called get the balls from the boys. We went inside to have our supper and then we went to bed. On Saturday we had breakfast, then I went on the adventure course. This was fun, then I had to get my bible and notebook for bible class. After this I went to get my swimming costume because we had to go swimming after lunch. We spent an hour in the pool. While I was in the pool Tiffany was supposed to teach me to swim. She didn’t. We then went to play games and had dinner. After dinner we had fifteen minutes for fun time. On Sunday we went and played two games, then went swimming again, I finally learned to swim without Tiffany helping me. We had dinner and our parents arrived to see our show and bring us home. We however went to a camp site in Sevenoaks and had more fun and games. Tiffany did not realise we had brought her birthday presents with us, she got a big surprise when she found her presents of a CD radio cassette player and Harry Potter toys. I went to the car and gave her my birthday present of an apple. We had a great time and arrived home on Monday afternoon. Adventure camp had been fun to go to, our new DYO is brilliant and we made lots of new friends. We learned new songs about Jesus and one of them was called the Sharky Song.
Gillian Rogers
My first Junior Adventure Camp. On 31st August, the last weekend of the summer holiday I went to the Halls Greens centre in Weald, Kent for my first adventure camp. I was feeling very exited, not nervous at all. I knew four other children from my Corps who were coming too. When I arrived I was told I was in room 8 and in Tornados Group. When I got to my room I was really pleased to see my mates had already arrived. I unpacked my bag and made my bed, then I was ready for the activities. I made my name badge (but lost it on the second day), and ate a delicious dinner with all chips. After tea we went outside for our ‘find game’ in the dark, after they had talked to us about sound in the dark.
Charlotte Murfin.




Corps Diary November 2001

Saturday 3rd Day with the General. London. See Salvationist for further details.
Wednesday 7th Come on and Celebrate. See notice board for details.
Sunday 11th Remembrance Day Service 9am outside Nelson hospital. See Joy for further details.
DC visiting corps in evening.
Thursday 15th Group Fellowship Bible Study. 7-45pm at Olive’s home. 30 Hartland Way, Morden, Surrey
Friday 16th StoryKeepers Kids Club at 6pm. Visit of PC Steve McTarggett our local Home Beat Officer.
Saturday 17th Cell-ebration at 7-30pm for 12/25 yr. olds at Croydon Citadel. See Ailsa for further details
Monday 26th Pastoral Care and Census Meeting with the DC. 8pm at the Hall.
Advance Notice - Christmas Arrangements confirmed to date. Advance Notice - Christmas Arrangements confirmed to date.
Sunday 2nd 10am. Toy Service. This family service is open to all. Do invite neighbours and friends.
Monday 3rd Carol Concert at Royal Festival Hall. See Salvationist for details.
Tuesday 4th Carolling at Old People’s home.
Sunday 9th 11-30/1-30pm - Carolling at Centre Court
Tuesday 11h Carolling at Old People’s home.
Sunday 16th 11-30/1-30pm - Carolling at Centre Court
Tuesday 18th Carolling at Old People’s home.
Thursday 20th Carols at Morden Central Ward Residents Club. See Joy for details.
Sunday 23rd 10am Corps Carol Service.




Favourite Bible Verses

“Why do you call me good”, Jesus answered. “No-one is good - except god alone.” (Mark 10:18). John Greenleaf Whittier wrote, “In the maddening maze of things, and tossed by storm and flood, to one fixed trust my spirit clings: I know that God is good!” As you look at news of events from around the world - the flooding, the famines, all the displaced peoples, the terrorist attacks and wars - it can be easy to doubt the goodness of God . Whenever this happens we need to look at the fixed things in our faith to remind ourselves that it is us who have doubts, not God that has changed. The Cross is a fixed point, irrefutable proof that our God is love. He allowed His Son to die at Calvary for each one of us. When we see the events on the news, and hear of all the things that affect our family, friends and community we need to look beyond them to the empty Cross. It’s a fixed point that reminds us that God has defeated sin and death. His love and goodness remain the same throughout eternity, no matter how much man may change. “For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” (John 3:16/17)




Preaching programme for November

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
4th Family Service Led by Major Rosemary Randall Led by Major Rosemary Randall
God Squad “One in faith”. Acts Chapter 10  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in the main meeting  
11th Led by Major Rosemary Randall Led by Divisional Commander Lt. Col. David Jones.
God Squad “One in name.” Acts Chapter 11 verses 19-26  
Junior Soldiers Class Our Mission. Matthew Chapter 28 verses 18-20.  
18th Murder Mystery led by Corps Cadets/ William’s Class Can’t be bothered led by Corps Cadets/William’s class
God Squad “One in caring”. Acts Chapter 11 verses 27-30 and 2 Corinthians Chapter 8 verses 1-15  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in main meeting.  
25th Led by Major Rosemary Randall Led by Major Rosemary Randall
God Squad “One message”. Acts Chapter 14  
Junior Soldiers Class The names of Jesus. Mark Chapter 8 verses 27-30 and John Chapter 1 verses 35-42  




October Teasers – Answers

What and when is St. Michael’s Day ?
October 10th is Devil’s Blackberry Day in folklore. A day on which you are not supposed to pick any more blackberries, as it was once thought that the Devil spits on them today, making them poisonous. The custom arose because 10th October used to be St. Michael’s Day before the calendar change in 1752, and there is a legend that when St. Michael threw the Devil out of heaven, the latter landed in a blackberry bush. Perhaps he decided to get his own revenge on blackberry pickers on this day. In fact blackberries are beginning to be past their best at this time of the year, when the mornings are starting to turn cold and the berries become damp and tempting to insects. In defiance of the Devil, blackberries were cleverly picked the day before in some areas, and then made into a special tart or jelly today. If you do go out to pick blackberries, always try to find those growing away from busy roads. The berries found on the banks of busy highways are contaminated with exhaust fumes and are not as wholesome as one might think.
Where does the phrase ‘cheap and nasty’ come from ?
A fair was once held at St. Audrey’s chapel in Ely on 17th October to celebrate the Feast of St. Audrey on this day. At the various stalls it was usual for a cheap variety of bobbin lace to be sold. This was of such poor quality that any poor lace was eventually known as St. Audrey's. This in time became shortened to 'tawdry' and, this is, apparently, where the term which refers to anything that is cheap and nasty comes from.





Divisional Youth Councils on 7th October was a day of pure worship and reflection on our encounters with God. As the “See it and Believe it” Mime Troupe challenged our pre-conceptions of how and where we can encounter God, passages from scripture reminded us of others varied experiences - Blind Bartimaus, The Woman at the Well, Mary as she washed Jesus feet and the host of the meal whose encounter was far from comfortable. Testimonies from those who have been on Stop-Gap conveyed the immensity of meeting God in unexpected ways. A time of open testimony allowed others to share their experiences of God at times of decision making, crisis and grief. Interwoven throughout the day was the Worship Band who sensitively led us all into fresh and new encounters with God - at times in praise, at times in stillness, at times in prayer and for many in times of fresh communion and recommitment. It was a day to change lives, and all of us who went where challenged to seek daily Encounters with God in both our personal devotional time, but also collectively within the YP Corps.




Thought for the month

Do you speak in tongues ? My guess is sometimes ! The disciples spoke but many could not understand what was being said. How often have you talked to others about Christ and yet they do not understand. It’s as if you spoke in a foreign language. Next time think about what you say, don’t just spout off a load of clichés or jargon, use phrases and words that the listener will understand.




Growing in Faith

Children’s Corner
“Lift the Flap Nativity” reminds us that Advent is just 5 weeks away. The creative text and illustrations of this book will encourage children (and parents too) to become fully involved in retelling the nativity in a new and exciting way. RRP £6.99

The Veggie Tales have become a firm video favourite for many children. New from the same film animators is “3-2-1 Penguins”. These wacky space cowboys take us on a faith, fun and hilarious adventure in “Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn” that explores the idea that patience is a virtue and that always going first often leads to trouble. RRP £9.99
For Teen’s
“The Prayer of Jabez for Teens” by Bruce Wilkinson is a good book for encouraging and teaching young adults how to be effective in prayer. With the 24/7 prayer movement sweeping the UK the contemporary format of this book can offer teenagers stories that “show, not tell” what to do to be blessed. RRP £7-50

“Cece Winans” is a diverse album of contemporary Christian music encompassing musical styles such as pop, R&B and gospel. Songs range from the emotive and passionate Looking Back to You, to the powerful message of victory over Satan contained in Out My House. This is an album that reflects a message of hope and Christ’s peace. RRP £14.99 CD £10.99 tape.
For Adult’s
In a world of pain, bitterness and rejection how can we forgive those who wrong us? In the book “Total Forgiveness: Achieving God’s greatest challenge” R.T. Kendall explains what total forgiveness demands of us, while reminding that we are called by God to keep no record of wrongs, to refuse to punish those who have hurt us, to show mercy and avoid bitterness. A timely message for the church of today. RRP £6.99

“The New Celts” praise and worship album displays the diversity and range of Christian musical talent that God is raising up in Ireland. Featuring musicians such as Robin Mark, Brian Houston, Andy Rogers and Joanne Hogg, from Iona, the songs convey a passionate heart for God and a love of the Celtic musical form. RRP £14.99 CD £10.99 tape.




YP Jokes !!

Yet more jokes from holiday Club!*!.
Mir Team
Knock, Knock.
Who’s there? Russia.
Russia who?
Russia little bit faster or you’ll be late!!!!!

Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Earl who?
Earl tell you if you open the door!!!!
Lucy in Babylon 5 Team
Holo Doctor I feel like a soft drink….. I told you to stop playing squash!!!!
Q. Why did the space cadet throw his clock out of the Space Camp window?
A. To see time fly.