From the editors Desk Why did this !!

Why did this, or that happen ? If only I had .. this would not have happened ! How often have you said, or heard this said ? Even Jesus heard this, Judas asked a similar thing when Jesus’ feet were anointed. The thing is that we do not know why certain things happen or what impact they have in the future. The Disciples did not know the effect Christ’s death would have, but I am sure they asked why did it happen. Just think if Christ had not died everything that followed would not have happened, no Resurrection, no Christmas or Easter, and no Christian faith. Jesus took twelve ordinary people and moulded them into a team, they did not know what the outcome would be. They had to work through their disagreements like the rest of us, and I guess they had quite a few. Judas always concerned about costs, Peter with his quick temper, cutting of a soldiers ear without thinking. How many times did they say why did this or that happen ? The only way to look at this is to accept that every event has a purpose, for us or someone else now or sometime in the future. In our daily lives we mix with people that ‘rub us up the wrong way’. Life is like that, not perfect. Look beyond the incident ask yourself why people act like this. Think about their past circumstances, what kind of experiences have they had ? God has sent them into our lives for a reason, so we need to learn to accept them for what they are, ‘imperfect ordinary people’ and work with them. The lessons to be learnt could be by both parties. Let me explain. A person has run a business on their own for many years, and the business finally fails. That person then has to find a job and work with other people as equals. He does things on impulse because he has not before had to consider work mates. This causes frustration and disagreements. Both parties can learn from one another, both have things to bring to the overall working of the team. Some lessons may not be realised for a long time, only as we look back on the past we may realise the reason for events. The thoughtful word, helping hand, tolerance and patience may not bear fruit until much later. Really this has nothing to do with faith, I see it as a fact of life. Our faith just emphasises that we must accept people for what they are, putting a bigger responsibility on us to be mindful and accepting of others short comings. After all we also have short comings. So remember we may never understand or know why things happen, they may be for our benefit or the benefit of others. Therefore ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’.
The Editor




Excerpt from the past. Corps History No 7

Such excitement in Wimbledon during the summer of 1887 ! It was just ten years since the All England Lawn Tennis Championships had begun before a ‘crowd’ of 200 in quiet Worple Road, one end of which led into fields with a footpath to the little village school at Raynes Park. Now in June there were joyful celebrations to commemorate Queen Victoria’s golden jubilee - much merriment and loyal tributes - but the Salvationists of Wimbledon, were already preparing for their own great day: Monday 22nd August when General William Booth himself would open our ‘fortress’ in Kingston Road. The motor car was in its infancy and our Founder arrived by a horse-drawn cab. The War Cry of 3rd September enthused that this was ‘one of the most perfectly constructed barracks you could wish to see. Its red brick front with stone facings, has a bright and cheerful effect, while the inside has both the useful and just a touch of the ornamental combined. Full is not the word; it was a "jam". "Storm the forts of darkness" (sung to the tune of "Come, landlord fill the flowing bowl") went off with a bang, and the hallelujah electricity ran all over the place’. A wonderful description but, as we shall learn later from the local press of the day, the building was actually lit by gaslight. We also learn that ‘it is recorded elsewhere that the Wimbledon folk so much wanted the Founder to stay that they took the wheels off his cab’ ! Hmmm ... perhaps a ‘tall’ story? Next month: the local thoroughfares are jammed as ‘the great chief’ arrives.
Ron Foot




May Teasers – Answers

What and when is Royal Oak day ?

OAK APPLE OR ROYAL OAK DAY MAY 29 was once a time for great national celebration and festivity. It is the day on which Charles II was restored to the throne, and it became popularly known as Oak Apple Day due to the story of his escape from the Roundheads. Fleeing from pursuers after the Battle of Worcester, Charles hid in an oak tree near Boscobel House at Wolverhampton. Although this actually happened on 4th September, it naturally became linked with the day of his restoration, decreed as a day of national thanksgiving by Parliament in 1660.

What is well dressing ?
A tradition that occurs in some areas of Britain, but in particular in Derbyshire, is that of well dressing. There used to be many holy wells and springs in Britain with reputedly magical or curative powers, some of which are still kept up and attract pilgrims. These wells were often originally consecrated to pagan deities but many were rededicated to Christian saints and, frequently, the Virgin Mary. The water from these wells and springs used to be thought to be particularly effective at special times such as Easter or Whitsun and especially Ascension Day. At these times, usually Whitsuntide, many of the wells are garlanded with flowers and bedecked with ribbons. Some, such as the village wells at Tissington in Derbyshire, are decorated with incredibly complicated mosaics of biblical scenes, using only natural materials. At Wirksworth, also near Derby, there are as many as nine wells, each decorated with a different design.




June’s Teasers

When is St. Peter’s day ?
What is ‘Strewings’ and ‘Bawming’ ?




People to remember in Prayer

Lorraine, Matthew, Martin, Aiden, and their extended family following the passing away of Lorraine’s father. Toni Rogers and her mum and dad. Major Olive Feltwell who is to have surgery very soon. Winnie Vick.
Cadets entering training college this year from this division:- Keith and Vicki Burr, Daniel and Emma Rous, Esther Halliday, Catherine Stevens, Chris Moran, Alice and Andrew Stone, Theresa Harris. Gillia and Henk as they prepare to move to Redhill Corps, and Major Rosemary Randell who will be leaving Hastings Corps to join us in September




Cadet’s summer placements

Do pray for:-
Sue Betts – going to Dorcester, and Alan & Carol Donaldson – going to Croydon.





The second weekend in May saw the celebration of 3 wedding anniversaries Mary & Ernest 61 years: Paul & Ailsa 20 years: not forgetting Shaun & Sarah 6 years.




Corps Diary June 2001

Sunday 3rd YP Pentecost Picnic 3-5pm.
Bill Browning will speak on Call to celebrate Christ’s presence during the evening meeting
Monday 5th Over Sixties open day commencing 2pm.
Friday 8th YP station collecting at Surbiton station 7-9am.
Sunday10th Ekklesia - for 12 to 25yr olds at Brighton Congress Hall. See Ailsa for details.
Monday 11th YP Leaders meeting. 8pm at the hall.
Thursday 14th Bible Study Group.
Friday 15th Story Keepers Club 6pm - 7.30pm
Sunday 17th Fathers Day
Wednesday 20th Basic First Aid Course. A full day course in the community hall. All welcome.
Saturday 23rd YP Outing to Birdworld Farnham. See Ailsa for details.
Monday July 2nd Strawberry Tea 7.30pm. See Joy Rogers for tickets (£3) Saturday
July 7th Passion – for 12 to 25yr olds. See Ailsa for details.




24-7 prayer

From the original 24-7 prayer meeting prayer has spread like a God-virus into many nations, denominations and age groups. Hundreds of non-stop prayer meetings now link up on the web to form a unique chain of prayer.
1. To turn the tide
  • The dream behind 24-7 is to turn the tide of youth culture back to Jesus. It's a big dream - maybe an impossible dream.
  • We recognise that the Body of Christ in the West is bleeding young people.
  • Something has to change. But clever strategy alone is not the answer. Never has been. History shows that the tide turns when God's people pray. That is why God is mobilising prayer movements like 24-7 (and others).
  • Were seeing thousands upon thousands of young people praying together for their friends and their heroes in a focused and persistent way. 24-7 targets youth culture at a local, national and international level; addressing demographies (like skaters and clubbers) as well as geographies (schools, communities, nations).
2. To mobilise prayer
  • 24-7prayer is not for experts. 24-7 is for those who find prayer a struggle.
  • 24-7 is a model that works! It has proven unusually successful at mobilising people - especially young people- to pray like they've never prayed before. People learn to pray… by praying!
  • 24-7 captures the imagination. Young people today are more likely to turn up at a prayer meeting at 3 a.m. than at 7.30 p.m! Why? Because it's extreme. The dare is to be alone with God for a whole hour - maybe even in the middle of the night.
  • 24-7 makes prayer easier. The arts play an important part. Many say that 'an hour feels like 10 minutes in the prayer room'.




On a Mission from God!

"Pray continually." (Jesus)
Prayer and evangelism are inseparable.
  • The Moravian 100 year prayer meeting, tucked away in a remote village in Germany, sent out 3000 missionaries to the ends of the earth!
  • When the Holy Spirit fell at Pentecost, it was upon a prayer meeting. Writing about the Hebridean Awakening, Arthur Wallis observed: “Let it be burned upon our hearts by the Spirit of God, that this mighty movement that turned the world upside down was not only born out of prayer, but that it brought forth prayer and was maintained by prayer.”




Preaching programme for June

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
3rd Family Service (Pentecost) Holy Spirit in the Old Testament (selected verses) & His Coming (Acts 2). Call to celebrate Christ’s presence. *
God Squad Who dares speaks. Acts 2:1-42  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in the main meeting to celebrate Pentecost  
10th Peter’s messages Acts 2,3,4 Call to Soldiership. *
God Squad No compromise. Acts ch. 6 & 7  
Junior Soldiers Class Marriage is for keeps ! Exodus 20:14  
17th Fathers day The Believers. Acts 4 Call to Inner Life. *
God Squad Trading Places. Acts 16:11-15  
Junior Soldiers Class Honesty is the best policy. Exodus 20:15  
24th Stephen’s story. Acts 6, 7 Call to our life together. *
God Squad Turning point. Acts 26  
Junior Soldiers Class Telling the truth Exodus 20:16  
  * Based on the book and video Called to be God’s People.




Thirsty ?

As the temperatures hit the 70’s and the sun beats down, have you ever longed for a tall cool drink in the shade ? David, the writer of Psalm 63, fled fom his son Absalom through a hot dry, sandstorm swept desert. Water was a scarce commodity. Just imagine David’s thirst, parched lips and burnt skin. Yet in the wilderness, stripped of all his usual support, creature comforts, security and assurance of God’s saving presence, David found something very precious. Falling back on his past experience of seeing God (v2), beholding his power and glory (v2), and knowing God’s love (v3), only then could David see that knowing God and being loved by God was the most important thing in life. David’s response was to glorify God (v3), praise God (v4), and sing (v5) even with parched lips ! He keeps on with prayer and meditation (v6), but trusts God to help him (v7) rather than rely on how he’s feeling. David chooses to remain close to God (v8) even when he feels as though God is far away. So where are we ? Is God the most important thing in life ? Are you in a spiritual desert ? Are you tired and wanting to give up ? Are you muddling along, scared to let go of things and just trust God ? Remember that long tall cool drink, well God’s living water, his Holy Spirit, reaches parts other drinks can not. Go on drink deep, God wants to give you more of himself. Just as he did to the disciples on Pentecost 2000 years ago.




Call to worship

“We call Salvationists worldwide to worship and proclaim the living God, and to seek in every meeting a vital encounter with the Lord of life, using relevant cultural forms and languages.” (International Spiritual Life Commission). Worship springs from our heart as we come before God to rest, be strengthened and built up to “go out into the world”. It includes prayer, praise, singing, Bible reading, music, meditation, testimony, drama, reflection, poetry, and meeting with God as we meet in fellowship. In the Salvation Army we have a rich legacy of many ways to worship God. For those who enjoy worship through music and song and informal praise, why not come and gather around the piano after the Sunday evening meeting as Bill leads us into worship. For those seeking the assurance of prayer, there is the monthly prayer meeting at 5.30pm on the first Sunday of the month. For those seeking to reflect and share God’s word, then come to the monthly Bible study co-ordinated by Ron. Rebecca and Letitia are exploring how to use drama in worship. Interested ? Then chat to them and get involved. I wonder what other ways are there to worship ? Go on dream, try it, get others involved. It could catch on you know !!




Highlights from Corps Council 30 April

  • Grounds at the rear of hall:- Quotes to be sought to clear brambles etc. Two ideas to be explored for helping make the area more manageable in the future.
    1) Approach ITV Ground Force team.
    2) Seek charity donation to set up a children’s play area/garden.
  • Health and safety issues:
    * Mice in kitchen- Being tackled.
    * Dangerous chemicals are now stored in locked cupboard.
    * All portable electrical equipment to have maintenance check.
    * Portable gaz heater to be disposed of as no longer needed.
  • YP Hall – Various ideas for painting the new cupboard made. A mixture of blackboard & mural agreed.
  • Annual Appeal starts 15th September. Postal appeal area to be extended. Flyer on Corps activities to be included in envelope. Collating to occur in August- volunteers needed.
  • CO’s furlough 21st August – 11th Sept.
  • Social / outreach activities.
    1) Holiday club planning well in hand.
    2) Line dancing evening 10th August. Tickets £4. Supper to be arranged by Joy Rogers.
    3) Story Keepers – growing. Good Friday 19 children came. Proposal to become fortnightly in September.
    4) Strawberry tea and quiz evening 2nd July. Tickets £3.
    5) Harvest 14th October followed by Harvest Supper and social on Monday 15th. Volunteers sought to co-ordinate the supper and social.
    6) Christmas – 5 collecting dates earmarked. All music sections and YP sections will be involved. More details to follow.




“Called to be God’s people”

As the Salvation army moves forward into the new millennium there is a hunger and need to discover afresh the inner life that gives each one of us as Christians that inner strength to respond to God’s call in our lives. Nothing should be of “higher priority than growing in grace and understanding in holiness of heart and life, and our experience of the risen Christ, present among us, experienced by us, and expressed through us in the quality of our lives and service.” ( General Paul Radar). During our evening meetings, until 29th July, there is a chance to explore the findings of the Salvation Army International Spiritual Life Commission, and to work out as a Corps what God’s will is for us. We are called to be God’s people, lets fellowship together to ensure we are God’s people. Come and see the video, read the book, and share with each other your wonder of Being God’s people.