From the CO’s Desk -For all there is

Hear me please Lord, as there's something I need to say,
Bear with me Lord, as in earnest I will pray,
There's many a reason to praise Thee,
And thank Thee Lord, I do,
There's many a question to ask Thee,
And wonder Lord, I do,
For why oh why Lord, is there so much strife?
All the death and destruction, why all this loss of life,
There's hatred and there's envy, jealousy and greed,
And while there is abundance, there also is much need.

Hear me please I pray Lord, help me understand,
How to spread your love Lord, spread it through the land,
For everything I praise Thee,
Thank You Lord, so much,
For understanding I ask Thee,
For puzzled I am much,
Will the evil in man be halted, will love win through,
Will death and destruction teach us, able us to build anew,
Will the hatred be stemmed Lord, by goodness sprung from You,
And will the righteousness of most conquer the evil in few?
Thank You Lord for listening, I feel aglow like new,
What a joy it is to share Lord, and able to just pray to You,
For all there is I praise Thee,
And thank You Lord, I do,
For my prayers are answered Lord,
Glory be to You.




Corps History No 8

A few weeks ago I sat at a viewer in Morden Library, gazing intently at a film of ‘The Independent and Wimbledon Mercury’ dated Saturday 27 August 1887.
Although there was the usual hush around me, in my head I could hear the excited cries of the vast crowds on that Monday evening, 22 August of that year.

‘Kingston Road from Merton Park station to the Grove (South Wimbledon)’, I read ‘as well as the principal thoroughfares of Wimbledon and Merton presented a lively appearance, what with the gay dresses of Salvation soldiers and the armlets of brilliant red of the many lassies, who for the most part were visitors from other battalions, to witness the opening ceremony of the new Fortress in Kingston Road’.
‘….. the announcement that the General was coming was the cause of most of the excitement, while the fact that a very large crowd was gathered outside the new, Fortress long before the doors were opened proved that there was some anxiety as to who should have the first glimpse of the great chief of the Army’.
This sketch of William Booth features in the centre of the article (no press photos then) and at the top appears the artist's impression of the hall featured in our May newsletter.
‘The building is capable of seating nearly 900 people; the walls are substantially built ….. the roof supported by five principals in one span. The hall is lighted by means of 12 large windows to the sides (this would have included those in the areas subsequently partitioned off, without ceilings and now used as prayer and songster rooms) and seven in the front (three of these being over the foyer, added much later)’ 900 people? What optimism, what enthusiasm what a squash! Next month: all ‘mod con’, including removal of the ‘foul air’ !
Ron Foot




Troubled times !

How often do certain words come to mind when problems arise ? Way back in 1970 I went to see (what for me is still the best Army musical) Hosea. Full of memorable tunes and words. But over the last two weeks two songs have been going through my head. The words say all that needs to be said, so here they are.
Only people   Then How much more !
We all prefer to classify the people that we meet;
To stamp and label ev’ry one as bitter or as sweet !
But what’s the use of trying to give ev’ry one a name.
For underneath the surface they are people just the same.

There are only people, only people,
And our superficial judgements are all wrong.
There only people, only people,
So why call them rich and poor or weak and strong !
No matter what we call them in this label game,
Underneath the surface folk are much the same,
They all need hope and faith,
These people passing by;
They all need love, they all need God.

She’s with it, she’s not got it !
He’s just tragic, He’s a clown !
They’re awful folk, they’re wonderful.
They’re up or else they’re down !
He’s miserly, He’s generous,
She’s gloomy and she’s gay !
They’re stupid and they’re clever,
Oh the foolish things we say !
There are only people, only people,

Only God our many wants can satisfy.
There are only people, only people,
People can find God if only people try !
No matter what we call them in this label game,
Underneath the surface folk are much the same,
They all need hope and faith,
These people passing by;
They all need love, they all need God.

It’s wrong but we all do it,
He’s bright we say, He’s thick !
She’s beautiful, she’s ugly,
Or she’s slow or else she’s quick,
These people haven’t got a clue;
These know what they’re about.
They’re good, they’re bad,
They’re gay, they’re sad,
They’re in or else way out !
If human hearts are often tender,
And human minds can pity know,
If human love is touched with splendour,
And human hands compassion show:

Then how much more shall God our Father,
In love forgive, In love forgive.

If sometimes men can live for others,
And sometimes give where gifts are spurned,
If sometimes treat their foes as brothers,
And love where love is not returned:
If men will often share their gladness,
If men respond when children cry,
If men can feel each other’s sadness,
Each other’s tears attempt to dry:
Larson & Gowans Larson & Gowans
The Editor




Corps Diary July 2001

Sunday 1st Lt. Col Bob Street will speak on the Call to Life during the evening meeting
Monday 2nd Strawberry Tea 7.30pm. See Joy for tickets.
Saturday 7th Passion – for 12 to 25yr olds. See Ailsa for details.
Sunday 8th Ailsa Flinders preaching on Call to cultivate faith.
Thursday 12th Bible Study Group.
Friday 20th Story Keepers Club 6pm - 7.30pm
Sunday 29th COs away. Joy Preaching.
Tuesday 31st Holiday Club Leaders meeting.




24-7 prayer

29th June - 6th July.
We have had an invitation from Raynes Park Community Church to join them in their 24/7 Prayer week. See the CO for details.




Prayer list

Major Olive Feltwell, who is progressing well after having surgery.

Pray for the leadership team on Holiday club, and for lots of children.

Please remember:- John Taylor, Toni, Bill, Ailsa’s friend Kieth.





To Gareth following his Passing Out Parade with Kent Constabulary, he is based at Ashford.

To Elaine on gaining 2:2 Nursing Degee. To Helen Scott on gaining employment as a Care Assistant.




Highlights from YP Leaders meeting 11th June.

Safe from Harm Issues.
  • Review of current practice. CO to write to Corps folk regarding changes in current practice on Sunday morning & evenings. YP Leaders to action changes immediately.
  • Creche leader rota to be started for family services, and YP Services.
  • Mid week events. Noted that with the CO farewelling that it will not be possible to maintain male leader presence at all YP events. Further discussion to occur.
  • First aid training to be held 20th June.
  • Food Hygiene. Dates of training awaited.
  • Police checks/ references. To be completed for all adults assisting with YP work.
Transport Issues.
  • Car insurance. All parents transporting children to events require Fully Comprehensive insurance covering domestic and social events.
  • Following further discussions at DHQ and agreement at local level, mileage expenses for transporting children to YP events can be paid.
Insurance Issues.
  • YP events at the hall and divisional events are covered by Salvation Army Insurance.
  • Events away, i.e. YP Retreat need to checked with DHQ, but most events will be covered.
Outreach events.
  • Storykeepers continues to grow, and will meet fortnightly from September.
  • Pentecost Picnic. Enjoyed by all who attended. Thanks to Paul & Rebecca for games.
  • Holiday Club. Well in hand. Leaders meeting 31st July.
Music section.
  • YP Band practice to recommence in September on Thursday evenings at 6.30pm until 7pm. Joy to teach brass & Rebecca drums.
  • Timbrel brigade members to be commissioned. Regular practice to be on Thursday 7pm to 7.30 from September.
  • All YP music sections will be on duty for Caroling in December.
Next meeting 17th September at 8pm.




Articles required !

To produce a worthwhile newsletter we need articles. Put you brain into gear, pen to paper, or whatever and let others know your thoughts, see your pictures, or just read your news. The news letter can only be useful if there is a good selection of articles from everyone. SO GO ON GIVE IT A GO !!




Preaching programme for July

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
1st Family Service
(Founders day)
Philip’s story Acts 8 Call to Life *
Lt. Col Bob Street
God Squad Going Back Ezra 1v 1-2, 64-70  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in the main meeting  
8th Peter & Cornelius Acts 10 Call to cultivate faith. *
Ailsa Flinders
God Squad Joining in Ezra ch 3  
Junior Soldiers Class Dance Worksop  
15th Fathers day The First Missionary Journey.
Acts 11-15
Call to Holiness. *
God Squad Looking forward Ezra ch 4-6  
Junior Soldiers Class Dance Worksop  
22nd The Second Missionary Journey.
Acts 16-20
Call to War. *
0 Pure & Simple Ezra ch 7-9  
Junior Soldiers Class Honesty is the best policy. Exodus 20:15  
29th The storm & shipwreck Acts 27 Call to the Family* Joy Rogers
July Rock Solid Luke 6:47-48  
Junior Soldiers Class Telling the truth Exodus 20:16  
  * Based on the book Called to be God’s People.




From Russia with Love !

James Bond it wasn’t, but that did not diminish this evening of thanks giving by the Russian Fellowship at Thornton Heath Corps, as they celebrated three years of God’s blessings on the fellowship and school.

The evening started in praise & worship of God for all he has done. A mixture of modern and traditional Russian worship. The traditional melodies telling of God’s love, how long our souls have waited to know Christ and his peace, and the praise that comes with the presence of Christ in our lives.
There was time for reflection as songs were sung remembering those who have left the fellowship through work, other circumstances, or because they have returned to their homeland.

Two Yiddish folk songs reminded us of the many Jewish influences on Russian life with their distinctive Hebrew melodies on violin and piano. Then we had the pleasure of listening to the children. The words were unfamiliar to our tongue, but the actions to ‘The wise man built his house on the rock’ are international. Keyboard and piano solos followed the vocals. Young Michael having to be woken to play a range of classical items that left us all amazed at his skill and talent.

The evening then moved to the folk music of the Ukraine as Mark, Nellie, Gregory and Ksenya sung several songs accompanied by violin, accordion and guitar, as well as duets and male trio unaccompanied.

All too soon the music drew to a close as in Russian and English we all sang ‘Soon, and very soon we’re going to see the king’. A light supper followed with the chance to catch up on the news. Gregory is taller than Ailsa, Ksenya has finished her GCSEs, Marie is walking and enjoys exploring. Nelly is working as a teacher. An evening to remember, and give thanks for all God is doing through Mark, Nellie and their family.




June Teasers – Answers

When is St. Peter’s day ?

St. Peter is often considered to be the most important apostle; called ‘The Rock’ he is seen by Roman Catholics as the father of all Christians. Popularly believed to have lived and preached in Rome, he was crucified there and his body is now reputedly buried in St. Peter’s Basilica. The 29th June is his feast day, although many of the festivals held, on this day do not seem to bear much relation to the Saint at all.

What is ‘Strewings’ and ‘Bawming’ ?

Haystrewing ceremonies used to be held in many parts of the south-eastern Midlands on St. Peter’s Day, and still are in some churches although the custom has been gradually declining - especially when compared to the similar, elaborate rush strewing processions held in other parts of the country during the summer. Originally designed to provide a simple, cheap floor covering that was also pleasant and scented, the strewing of hay and rush over the church floor became a ceremonial event. The strewings took place at various times of year in different parts of the country. Sometimes hayfields were donated by worthy parishioners for the sole purpose of providing hay for church strewing, bequests which still survive in some areas today. There is a story that the Petertide strewing at the church in Old Weston, Huntingdonshire, was due to the bequest of a certain local man who became so irritated by the clumping of labourers’ boots in church that he ensured a permanent supply of hay to soften the sound !
Villagers in Appleton, Cheshire, still practise an interesting ceremony called Bawming the Thorn. This used always to be performed on St. Peter's Day, but it can now occur at any time in late June. A special hawthorn bush stands in the centre of Appleton village, protected by a fence. On the appointed day this bush is decorated with ribbons and flowers by local children, who then dance round it singing Bawming songs. ‘Bawming’ comes from an old word meaning ‘anoint’, and so this ‘sacred’ bush is being blessed symbolically.




YP outing 23rd june

The first area visited was Underwater World ! At Bird World ? Yes, fish, corals, sea horses, and alligators. Although the alligators where not looking for lunch the piranhas were very active as if they were ready for lunch ! Making our way to Jenny Wren Farm many bought bird seeds to feed to the birds as we meandered past ducks, geese, heron, pelicans and many other exotic birds. Even some of the timid leaders braved ‘feeding the birds’. At Jenny Wren Farm there was lots more to see. Many different species of rabbit, pigs, goats, guineapigs, mice and rats. The best however had to be stroking rabbits, mice, a large guineapig, and ferret. So much excitement and fun lead to one thing. Food ! After which we all watched other birds in the Heron Theatre, including parrots, a barn owl, and a spoonbill who splashed many of the audience whilst a keeper told us about them. During the free time we all went on the safari train, and heard about Vultures, Ostriches and Emus. One male Emu had upset his mate so she went off and found another male, and this poor chap had to be moved to his own enclosure to prevent trouble. It’s nice to know that it is not just man that has ‘women’ trouble. Some of us then went to see other birds, whilst others stayed in the play area, on swings, slides, climbing frames, and of course the sand pit. Feeding the penguins was the next highlight as an intruder kept stealing some of the fish. Living next to Bird World is a group of wild herons. Apparently these herons eat the fish from the lakes and ponds as well as joining in at feeding times. To round off a long and hot day was the Chip Special ! Lots of chips to eat before making our way home. A good day for all, full of fun as well as educational seeing more of God’s creation.




July’s Teasers

When is St James’ Day ?

Why did London lads say ‘Please sir, remember the grotter’ ?