From the co’s desk

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. (John 3: 16) God’s precious gift - His only Son, Jesus Christ was a gift of love to the world. Love today has many facets and is defined in many different ways, yet love is the most important factor in anybody’s life. Life without some form of love is meaningless and empty. The tall lighted tree was being moved outside of the Church, as a positive reminder of God’s love to all men - it’s lights being a reflection of Jesus who came to be the ‘Light of the World’. The minister asked that people in the town might place a gift underneath the tree so that someone in need could have a happy Christmas - it would be as a gift to God. That night as little Angela laid in bed; she thought about the tree that the minister had put outside the Church and wondered how many people would bring a present to Jesus. Although she didn’t have much herself, she desperately wanted to give something. Angela then looked down beside her bed and saw her doll in it’s cot, covered with a beautiful blue fluffy blanket. Suddenly, she knew what to do - she slipped out of bed, picked up the blue blanket and then ran all the way to the Church to place her gift under the tree. As she approached the tree, in the light of the warm brightly coloured lights, Angela saw a figure huddled up on the steps of the Church. As she got nearer, she saw a sad, unkempt teenager with a baby in her arms. Smiling shyly, but with a heart full of love; Angela stepped forward and handed the bewildered young mother the blue fluffy blanket. She said, ‘I really brought this to give to Jesus, but I guess He’d be glad if you had it instead.” With tears in her eyes, the teenager took the blanket and very carefully wrapped it around the sleeping baby, thanking God for this little girl and her gift of a blanket. Yes, the gifts of the heart are more cherished than any other gift. Such gifts of love are a smile, understanding, kindness, friendship, a word of praise, forgiveness and many more such gifts. As we say thank you to God for His great love which came in the gift of His Son Jesus to the world, may we take all that we have, however small it may seem and lay it at His feet, to be used for the good of mankind. Now I bow me at thy stall, Giftless, yet I give thee all; Thou art Lord, and I am thrall To thee, O Son of God.
Major Rosemary Randall




Corps History No 12

Adjutant Thompson and Lieutenant Franklin, excellent lady corps officers of Wimbledon back in 1911, were present at our Theatre to hear Mayor Bathgate introduce General William Booth to the capacity audience. He remarked that The Salvation Army represented a life and a cause of constant fighting; indeed, the Christian life was without question a time of fighting, The Salvation Army had literally carried out this principle, and he hoped they would continue to do so. Here the General expressed his hope that local mayors would join the Army in this fighting. Replied our mayor: ‘mayors have their hands pretty full of fighting, as the General would understand if he visited any of the Wimbledon Borough Council meetings’(laughter!)

The mayor went on to praise the work of the Army which he personally had witnessed in several parts of the country. His next commendation was for ‘the improvement in Salvation Army music in recent years’. His worship especially admired the performances of the Wimbledon Corps band (applause from the big drum).

The Founder had ‘a grand reception’. He was glad to find that the Army was a power in Wimbledon and. that it enjoyed the confidence of the people. He regretted, however, that there was still a ‘strange ignorance and prejudice against the Army, its methods and its leaders’ and he set about redressing some of these notions.

The General himself had been described as a ‘cruel tyrant’, yet he was perhaps the best loved leader of any religious or philanthropic movement on the earth (and modest with it, it seems!). Then, he and his family had been accused of piling up a colossal fortune out of the Army for their personal use. He had also been described as living in a magnificent mansion and running about in flash motor cars, but nobody had ever come forward who could say he had seen either the mansion or the motors!
Ron Foot




Exam Results

Congratulations go to Kerri and Alex Phillips for recent dance exam results Kerri - Distinction in Bronze Tap Dance, Distinction in Modern Dance and Merit in Ballet. Alex Highly commended in Tap and Ballet.




Harvest Thanksgiving

Many thanks to all who gave so generously in goods and money this year. A total of £418 was given in the Harvest Altar Service.




Toy service.

This year the toys donated will be given to “Young Carers”. These are children aged 5 to 15 years old who help care for a parent who is disabled or has a long term illness. During our service our Parents and Toddlers Group will take part to re-enact the Nativity and there will be a special visit from a certain gentleman in Red - I wonder who that might be?




December Teasers

What was the feast of Stephen in the carol ‘Good King Wenceslas’ ?
Why is it traditional to have a special meal on Christmas Day ?




Red Shield Appeal September 2001.

A big, big thank-you to everyone who helped in the preparation of envelopes, delivering and collecting them. Our friends and neighbours in Wimbledon, Mitcham and West Ewell have been generous indeed. The Grand Total collected was £4181-85. After expenses of £554-14 this resulted in a Net total of £3627-71, an increase of £762-78 over last year (total 2000 was £2864-93).
The breakdown of how money was donated is as follows
Money banked prior to Appeal £167-00
Door to Door Collection £1527-29
Postal cheques - West Ewell £768-00
Postal cheques - Wimbledon/Mitcham £1347-50
Standing Day £172-42
Railway Stations £148-27
Static boxes £ 51-37




Corps Diary December 2001

Sunday 2nd 10am. Toy Service. This family service is open to all. Do invite neighbours and friends.
Monday 3rd Carol Concert at Royal Festival Hall. See Salvationist for details.
Tuesday 4th Carolling is at Rathbone House. See Joy for details.
Saturday 8th Carolling at Sava-Centre. 11am to 1-30pm. See Major for details
Sunday 9th 11-30/1-30pm - Carolling at Centre Court
Tuesday 11th Carolling is at Naomi Watts House. See Joy for details.
Sunday 16th 11-30/1-30pm - Carolling at Centre Court
Tuesday 18th Carolling is at Alexander House. See Joy for details.
Thursday 20th Carols at Morden Central Ward Residents Club. See Joy for details.
Sunday 23rd 10am Corps Carol Service.




Prayer list

Please continue to pray for Paul, Bill, Olive, Eddie, Mary & John, that their health will improve and that their families will have the strength to cope.
Give thanks for Ron’s quick return from surgery.
Gill Williams, Toni & her mum & dad Zoe and Eric still need lots of prayer and support
For Ailsa’s friends Sue, Naomi and Terri all off work with stress related illness.
Pray for all who are finding it hard to cope with daily life.





To our newly formed Drama Group, who under the guiding hand of Rebecca, performed their first Drama “Remembrance” which was ably supported by the Songsters and Musicians on Remembrance Sunday during the Salvation Meeting, lead by our Divisional Commanders. If you fancy having a go, up front or supporting in some way do talk to Rebecca. The Drama Group is open to everyone aged 7 years and over - age is no limit!!




Letter from Elaine Huyton

A letter from Elaine has been pinned to the notice board in the main hall.




News, news & more news !!

Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. (Luke 2: 10)
There’s never a shortage of news, Lord. Every day there is enough news to fill the hungry columns of our newspapers, the seconds and the minutes of our radios and televisions. Never an apology for the shortage of news.

We are never short of sad news, Lord. We grow accustomed with a numbing sense of acceptance to the sights of young children, their bodies wrecked through hunger, wracked with pain, gazing hopelessly into a future which is in reality no future at all. We are rarely shocked, Lord, by the sights and the sounds of war - of people fleeing their bombed - scarred cities, of orphans bereaved of parents, or parents mourning the loss of life. We have grown accustomed to such sights, Lord, for sadness seems to be a constant part of today’s news.

We are never short of bad news, Lord. Thousands have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, their sense of fulfilment, their selfesteem and sense of worth. They are statistics, Lord, often mere numbers, instead of people created by your hand and in your image. Families have been divided, marriage vows broken - children’s hearts become a battlefield in the fight for affection and justification.
We have grown accustomed to such sights, Lord, for bad news seems to be a constant part of today’s news. And yet there is glad news, good news. The angels declared it - good news of great joy for all people. God has broken into our world of sadness and evil with divine power, To bring peace where there is hatred, Reconciliation where there is division, Fulfilment where there is frustration and failure, Great joy where there is sadness and sorrow.

Help us, this Christmas, dear Lord, amidst all the noises which clamour for our attention, to be still, to hear the good news, to find great joy and so understand in reality the message of the angels.




Special thanks

To Joy for leading our worship on 28 October 2001 while Major Rosemary was on furlough. The Holiness meeting, “Walking in Jesus’ Footsteps” and the Salvation Meeting, “A recipe for Life” where thought provoking and gave us much to think about.

Thanks also go to Rebecca, Tiffany and Letitia for bringing the meetings to us on 18th November. The Holiness meeting “Murder Mystery” left us all reflecting on the rights and wrongs of the many wars and conflicts occurring around the world. While the Salvation Meeting “I can’t be bothered” reflected on why so many christians seems neither “hot nor cold” and almost apathetic in their faith.




Preaching programme for December

  Morning Holiness meeting Evening Salvation Meeting
2nd Toy Service Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Celebrate his Coming Matthew 24:3,29-51 and Revelation 1  
Junior Soldiers Class Take part in Toy Service  
9th Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Carolling at Centre Court  
Junior Soldiers Class Complete Nativity Scene  
16th Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad Carolling at Centre Court  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in Holiness Meeting  
23rd Carol Service Led by Major Randall. Led by Major Randall.
God Squad No God Squad.  
Junior Soldiers Class Take part in Corps Carol Service  
30th Led by Major Randall NO SERVICE
God Squad No God Squad.  
Junior Soldiers Class Remain in Holiness Meeting  




November Teasers – Answers

What is ‘Stir up Sunday’ ?
The Sunday before advent congregations took the exhortation to ‘Stir up’ to be a reminder that the time had arrived to make their Christmas puddings so that they would have time to mature well for Christmas. It was also believed that puddings made on this day would carry God’s blessings to all who Partook of it. Christmas pudding originated in the 16th century as a plum porridge made of meat broth, fruit juice, wine, prunes, mace and breadcrumbs, which was served in a semi-liquid state. In the late 17th century it began to solidify and by the 18th century it was simply rolled into a ball, wrapped in a cloth and boiled. The Victorians introduced the idea of boiling it in a basin.

Stir up, we beseech thee
The pudding in the pot
And when we get home
We’ll eat it all hot!


Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people; that they, plenteously bringing forth the fruit of good works, may be of thee plenteously rewarded.

The collect for the 25th Sunday after Trinity, Book of common prayer

Who is St. Andrew and when is his day ?
ST. ANDREW is the fisherman apostle and is, of course, the patron saint of Scotland. There are many tales surrounding his life (and how his relics came to Scotland), and a great number of miraculous and heroic deeds were attributed posthumously to him. It is thought that a monk brought some relics to Fife in the north of Scotland, where he built (at an angel's instruction) a church in what is now the city of St. Andrew's. When the Picts, then converted to Christianity won a battle against the English due to 'the appearance of St. Andrew's cross in the heavens', they took the Saint as their patron. The Saint's day November 30th became a Scottish national holiday, and there is great feasting on this day.




Cradle Roll Re-launched

Vivienne Murfin has recently agreed to take on the responsibility of linking up with families who have young children, and with the expert guidance of Major Rosemary re-launch the Corps Cradle Roll. Following much prayer families are now being approached, and on January 13th at 10am we will welcome 15 children who will be received onto the Cradle Roll during our first Cradle Roll Sunday for many years. Do come and support this solemn, but equally noise time (toddlers can never be still or quiet for long). It will be a time of commitment both for the children, but also for us as a Corps as we welcome these young folk as members of God’s family here in Wimbeldon. If you know of any families with young children who might be interested in linking up with a church then do give their details to either Major Rosemary or Vivienne




Christmas SMILES !

It was the school Nativity play. One of the lads had fallen for the little girl who had been cast in the part of Mary, and he desperately wanted to play the part of Joseph. Therefore, he was most put out when he was given the role of the innkeeper. However, all was not lost. When Joseph and Mary knocked on his door during the Nativity play, asking if there was any room in the inn, he replied very cheerfully, “You can come in Mary - but you can buzz off Joe!”

On Boxing Day, Daniel, aged nearly four, picked up his Grandad’s newly acquired camera and wanted to take a picture with it. Grandad, not too surprisingly removed his precious Christmas present to a safer place. Daniel protested with the impeccable logic of experience, “But Grandpa, at your age you must learn to share your toys!”

Just prior to Christmas, six year old Mandy was walking past a filling station with her mother when she noticed a sign outside which read: “There will be a 24 hour service on Christmas Day.” “O look Mum” she said, “That’s even longer than the services we have at our Church.”

The Sunday School teacher was telling the story of the Nativity, and had just finished the part about there being ‘No room at the inn.’ A small voice piped up from the back, “I blame Joseph Miss, he should have booked his holidays earlier.
Major Rosemary




Jokes !

Story Keepers recently had an evening thinking about the Police and what they do. These are the jokes that came in to earn extra points…

Q. Why did the policeman cry at night?
A. Because he could not find his panda!!!!

Q. Why did a police women climb up a tree?
A. Because she wanted to join the special Branch!!!

Q. Why did the robber cry at night?
A. Because he wanted his Mummy!!

Q. Why did the policeman have sore arms?
A. Because he was a member of the flying squad!!!

Q. What did the policeman say to his stomach?
A. I’ve got you under a vest (arrest)!!!!!

Q. What did the carpet in the SAS HQ say to the floor?
A. I’ve got you covered!!!!




Make your mark !

Have you any amusing stories, anecdotes, jokes, cartoons, drawings. Things that you have seen whilst out and about that brought a sudden burst of joy, or sadness. Share it with others. You never know it might be just 'what the doctor ordered' for someone. Send them to the editor for publication. It could be the start of something BIG!