From the CO’s Desk
Jesus said; “if you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace, but now it is hidden from your eyes”

Jesus spoke these words, upon arrival in Jerusalem, to the questioning Pharisees.

Thus it was, springtime, a time for new life, new birth, a time of new growth, a time of expectancy. And certainly, on this particular day. For there was talk around town, whispers from mouth to ear, a king was coming. Jesus, was coming, to Jerusalem, coming home.
Questions in the minds of people, would he come? Would he change things? Would he overthrow the Romans? Was he, the King they had been waiting for? The King of whom the Prophets spoke? Was he, the Messiah?

People had lined the road, along the way, some spread their cloaks on the road, a sign of respect, a sign of welcome to royalty. Others cut leaves and branches from the palms in the field and spread the down or waved the about.

The crowd got bigger and bigger as the procession came closer, disciples burst into song, “Blessed is the King, who comes in the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest!”

But amidst this tumultuous and festive praise, at one point, as they entered the city, Jesus was somewhat in thought, somewhat in sorrow, and spoke those words, as the Pharisees challenged him.

Palm Sunday will soon again be celebrated, the churches together will gather, will sing and pray, and outwardly show, the joy, of belonging to Christ, the joy, of following Jesus, of being a disciple. There too will be the onlookers, the Pharisees of today, for whom true peace is also hidden.

I pray that as we go out, not only on this, or any Sunday, but as we live out our Christianity, day in and day out, that we may touch the lives of many, that we may, in His strength and Power, open the eyes of those who are spiritually blind.

  Wimbledon Salvation Army
109 Kingston Road.
Commanding officers Captains Henk & Gilly Hoitinga
tel Hall: 0208 542 4197




Excerpt from the past.

Corps History No 5

A heading in the 11th September 1886 issue of The War Cry proclaimed:
WIMBLEDON - going ahead; tremendous meetings-grand results!
The report began: Seven o’clock am (!) Sunday 22nd August (incidentally this was one year exactly before our present hall was opened) found us on our knees in St George’s Hall (hired for two days of special services). God was with us. We met at 10 am and fell in for a march over fresh ground. Many women and children crowded the streets to see us; they seemed eager to hear the glad tidings of Salvation, and several followed us to our temporary barracks (probably 79A Russell Road, as we’ve already learned) for the holiness meeting. Among the number was a hoary-headed old man of nearly ninety summers, who came out to the penitent-form at the close and accepted Christ as his Saviour. Hallelujah! Our next meeting was at half-past four o’clock Wimbledon Broadway whence we marched through the principal thoroughfare made three stands, arriving at St George’s Hall at half-past six. The hall was well filled and there was much power in the meeting, which closed with two souls being born for the Kingdom. Monday 23rd: All Wimbledon was alive with people anxious to see the whole proceedings, which were well placarded about the neighbourhood. The chief topics of conversation were The Salvation Army and Captain Wilmer’s Corps, better known as the ‘Wimbledon Wake-ups’.
Such days, good folks and wonderful reading 115 years later!

Next month: your historian shares a wonderful 2000AD Christmas present surprise with you.
'Ron Foot




March Teasers – Answers

What is the emblem of Ireland and why ?

The emblem of Ireland is the shamrock; according to legend St. Patrick used a clover to convert the pagan King Loigaire to Christianity, by showing how the three separate leaves united by one stem resembled the Trinity.

What is the history of Mothering Sunday ?

MOTHERING SUNDAY is a long-established celebration but has become especially popular in recent years. In medieval times it was the day on which people visited their 'mother' church, the cathedral of their diocese. Only in the mid-17th century did it become a day for acknowledging human mothers - perhaps it also became confused with Lady Day on the 25th.March, which celebrates the Mother of God. Special children's services are still held in many churches around the country on this day. On Mothering Sunday it used to be the practice to visit one's own mother and give her gifts of flowers and cakes. People working in service away from home were given the day off by their employers - it was quite common in those days for live-in servants not to see their parents for months at a time. Traditionally, Simnel cakes were taken home and bunches of wild flowers such as violets and primroses.

Who is the patron saint of Wales and what are the Welsh emblems ?

ST. DAVID (or Dewi in Welsh) is the patron saint S of Wales, and the 1st March is the Welsh national day. St. David was a 2nd-century monk who founded the Abbey at St. David's, Pembrokeshire, following very strict and austere rules. He became an extremely popular saint, and his shrine was a major centre for pilgrimage in the 12th century. The Welsh national emblems of the leek and daffodil are obscure in origin, but there are a number of popular theories. There is a story that David led the Welsh to victory against their Saxon foes wearing a leek so that he stood out in battle (in another legend however it is King Cadwallawn). The daffodil is thought to have been chosen because it is like Dafydd, the Welsh name for David. Whatever the reasons, patriotic Welshmen traditionally wear a daffodil or leek on this day.

Lord Illingworth states “People’s mothers always bore me to death. All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy.” From what play does this quote come from, and who wrote it ?

‘A Woman of No Importance’ by Oscar Wilde.




April Teasers

  • What is Carling Sunday ?
  • What is a ‘Hot Cross Bun’ ?
  • What is ‘Lifting’ or ‘Heaving’ ?




Railway Stations Collections.

Friday 6th, April Wimbledon Mainline station. Friday 27th April, Ewell West. As in previous years the YP Corps has been successful in negotiating with South West Trains, to do standing collections at the above stations on the given dates. Collectors are needed to assist. Please note that only 2 collectors are allowed at any one time. The YP Corps will focus on collecting between 7-9.30am, however the remainder of the day is available for collections for Senior Corps funds. If you can assist between on either date please talk to Ailsa for collecting between 7-9.30am, or Henk for any other time of the day.




A prayer for good Friday

Father God,
Give me the courage never to betray you,
The interity not to deny you,
And the hope never to give up.
Teach me to be your servant, And give me your strength..




Corps diary April 2001

Friday 6th Standing collection at Wimbledon Station. See Ailsa or Henk.
Saturday 7th Copenhagen Gospel Choir visit Sutton Corps. See noticeboard in main hall for details.
Sunday 8th Ekklesia at Brighton Congress Hall for 13 to 25 year olds, 6pm to 11pm. See Ailsa for details. March of Witness 9.30am.
Friday 13th Good Friday. Story Keepers—Easter Extravaganza ! 2-5pm at the hall for 5-11yr olds. Cost £1.
Thursday 19th Bible Fellowship at Major Olive Feltwell’s.
Friday 27th Standing collection at Ewell West Station. See Ailsa or Henk.
Sunday 29th Junior Soldiers Day of Renewal.




“Space” .. the final frontier

This years children’s holiday club runs from 6th to 10th August, 9am to 1pm each day. Each year we have been blessed with an enthusiastic team of leaders and helpers, who have made it a joy for all the children who came. Could you help ? Help for one day, several or all the days ? Roles range from supporting children in their teams, running games, to helping serve refreshments and washing sticky fingers ! If you want to know more or can help please talk to Ailsa as soon as possible.
Many thanks Ailsa.




It was said !

Oscar Wilde stated: ‘Scepticism is the beginning of faith.’ Are you sceptical about the story of Holy week, Jesus’ death and resurrection ? If so enjoy the journey of faith that may follow if you choose to explore it.
James Dean once said “What is the thing you respect above all else ? That’s easy. Death. It’s the only thing left to respect. It’s the one inevitable truth.”




Thought of the month

Have you ever considered tracing you ancestors ? It can be very enlightening. My family history shows connections with the ‘Hattersley’s’ with Roy Hattersley (the author and MP) a possible relation. Also on my mothers’ side a relative was hung at York for murder.
How far can we go back ?
Well just think about one event ! “In the beginning God Created” ! Included in this creation is Adam & Eve. If we could trace our families back this must be the trunk of our family tree. Now think again. Why does man harbour hatred towards other races ? If you believe that we are descendants of Adam & Eve, then we are also related to the ‘Telaban’ who recently destroyed historical artefacts, to the many terrorists and others that want to destroy life. Therefore we should pray that they might see that domination and destruction is not the best way, but that acceptance of other cultural beliefs and life style can lead to peace. Unless the world realises this the world will destroy itself all because of religion ? There is a place for everyone in God’s creation. If not He would not have promised, never again to ‘flood’ the world !
Paul Flinders




Preaching programme for April

  Morning Evening
1st London South East Divisional Meetings 10.45am & 2.30pm. The Leas Cliff Hall Folkestone.

Morning meeting only at the hall, led by Joy Rogers.
8th Palm Sunday led by Cadets.
Enrolment of Toni Rogers
led by Cadets.
God Squad The Beginning of the end. Luke 19:28-40, 22:1-23  
Junior Soldiers Class March of Witness 9.30am at the hall.  
13th Good Friday Ecumenical Service. No Evening meeting.
15th Easter Sunday Resurrection Morning. The Walk to Emmaus.
God Squad The Greatest story ever told. Luke 23:50—24:12  
Junior Soldiers Class Salvation for all. John 3:16 & Romans 10:9-13  
22nd Jesus Appears to the Disciples. Jesus and Thomas.
God Squad Close Encounter. Luke 24:13-35  
Junior Soldiers Class The Mercy Seat Exodus 25:10-22 Lev.16:2  
God Squad
Primary Class
Junior Soldiers Day of Renewal.
The end of the beginning.
Junior Soldiers Class Elijah makes his promise. The story of Elijah Cadman  





My favourite song.

Through the years favourite songs change to suit our particular needs. When our daughter Anne and her husband Paul received their commissions as Lieutenants I was asked to speak as a representative of 'Silver Star' mothers and I chose Song 59 on which to base my thoughts. Ever since I have classed it as my favourite: ‘I know thee who thou art’ to the tune ‘Brantwood’. If you have ever walked along the shores of Coniston Water you may have come to Brantwood – a place where the presence of God is so real. You will be able to read the verses for yourselves, and while each brings so much blessing, how wonderful to know ‘Thy name is joined with mine by every human tie’ ! Verse 4 says: ‘Let nothing draw me back or turn my heart from thee, But by the Calvary track bring me at last to see The courts of God, that city fair, And find my name is written there’. I know thee who thou art,
And what thy healing name;
For when my fainting heart
The burden nigh o'erecame,
I saw thy footprints on my road
Where lately passed the Son of God.

Thy name is joined with mine
By every human tie,
And my new name is thine,
A child of God am I;
And never more alone, since thou
Art on the road beside me now.

Beside thee as I walk,
I will delight in thee,
In sweet communion talk
Of all thou art to me;
The beauty of thy face behold
And know thy mercies manifold.

Let nothing draw me back
Or turn my heart from thee,
But by the Calvary track
Bring me at last to see
The courts of God, that city fair,
And find my name is written there.
Muriel Foot
  Albert Orsborn




Stand by your faith.

Donald Cargill (1619-81), a Scottish Covenanter who was ejected from the established church for denouncing the restoration, became an indefatigable field preacher. He fought at Bothwell Bridge and took part in the Sanquhar Declaration in 1680. Having excommunicated the King, the Duke of York and others in Stirlingshire he was arrested and executed on the scaffold at The Cross in Edinburgh. His last words were “Now I am near to getting my crown, which shall be for sure; for I bless the Lord, and desire all of you to bless him that he hath brought me here…. Farewell reading and preaching, praying and believing, wanderings, reproaches and sufferings. Welcome joy unspeakable and full of glory.”




People to remember in Prayer

Caroline Khan who is unwell and struggling to cope with life.

Thanks for Anne Johnson who has had surgery and is doing well.

Anne & Paul as the Cis stays with them to recover from illness.

Mary & Gerald, as Gerald is due to undergo surgery at the end of March or early April.

Bill & Betty as they trust in the Lord to bring strength and healing.

Olive Morris who has had surgery and is staying with Sue & Philip as she recovers and heals.

Ailsa and her colleagues Linda & Viviene as they settle into new jobs.

Thanks for the two new children, Gary & Flora who have joined Story Keepers.




To Helen & Scott on the birth of baby Jay, and to Joy, Bernie, Eric & Zoe on being grand-parents.
To Letitia Rogers on achieving her Gold Junior Soldiers award.
Many thanks to everyone who supported the YP Tiddler Race. A total of £91.45 was raised. This will be split between the Salvation Army Self Denial Appeal and God Squad funds.



It’s worth a visit.

The Odeon cinema in Wimbledon is a place where you can go as a family. It’s great to take friends along too. Good light hearted family entertainment can be had for £5 (adult) and £3.50 (children). Richmond Park is another great place to visit. The children love it. They can run around, watch the squirrels and deer. Gather fir cones, sit by the lake. Go for a meal in the White House, or just have coffee or tea, or take a picnic. It does not cost anything to enjoy the animals and scenery. A great place to sit and get inspiration, or just enjoy the beauty of God’s creation around you.
Joy Rogers.



Your help needed !

Elaine Huyton (yes the daughter of our previous COs) has been accepted onto the Odyssey programme at the Salvation Army Mission Team, and will fly out to the Chikencata Hospital in September to work as part of a medical team. However she does have to raise £2500. To help her on her way her friend Sarah Freese is running the Reading half marathon on 11th March and donating any sponsorship money raised towards this figure. Please sponsor Sarah and help Elaine. Ailsa has a sponsor form