From the CO’s Desk
Is change hard? Is change necessary? Actually change is continuous, only God remains changeless. He is the same today as yesterday. Everything else around and about us, changes. Some changes we like, some we don't, some we see clearly, most are unobtrusive, and whilst in general we are happy for changes in our world, better washing machines, cookers, cars, televisions and a myriad of electrical things, better doctors, dentists, medical know-how and equipment, cleaner air, better food, higher standards of living, when it comes to Church, the tendency is to cling to the safety of what we know. Jesus himself faced a similar situation in the days when He was on earth, and the New Testament records twenty seven times where Jesus uses the phrase; “You have heard it said.... but I say to you” in other words, this is how you do things, now look at this way. Jesus then, and so much today wants us to look at each day anew for each day differs from the one before. How can our own Church, our own Corps, grow? In Scripture we find a good illustration on Church growth in Acts 2:43-47 (Good News) ‘Many miracles and wonders were being done through the apostles, and everyone was filled with awe. All the believers continued together in close fellowship and shared their belongings with one another. They would sell their property and possessions, and distribute the money among all, according to what each one needed. Day after day they met as a group in the temple, and they had their meals together in their homes, eating with glad and humble hearts, praising God and enjoying the good will of all the people, and every day the Lord added to their group those who were being saved’. A wonderful passage of Scripture, and it describes five facets of growth - Fellowship, Discipleship, Worship, Ministry and Evangelism. Two points to note. Firstly God added growth when the Church fulfilled the five purposes, and secondly the growth was daily! Are we doing our part? Let us, as part of the body of Christ together, look at growing warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through worship, broader through ministry and larger through evangelism. I do ask that you will give full consideration to attending the Corps Retreat Day in March, so that together we, may, in the Lord's strength and by His power, re-look, understand, and set into action, our direction for building His kingdom.
  Wimbledon Salvation Army
109 Kingston Road.
Commanding officers Captains Henk & Gilly Hoitinga
tel Hall: 0208 542 4197




Excerpt from the past.

Corps History No 3

We move on just for this month from Victorian days to the Second World War to pay tribute to Mrs Brigadier Gwyneth Thomas who was promoted to Glory on the first day of 2001. Gwyneth and her husband Danny (with whom she is now reunited in Heaven) were commanding officers at Wimbledon from just before D-Day 1944 to shortly after V-E day 1945. Muriel remembers the excitement here in Wimbledon at the end of the war (your historian was still serving in HM Forces overseas then) when Gwyneth and Danny led the corps folk around the neighbourhood to give thanks to God. On a Sunday morning the Corps band and soldiers marched up to the Kirkley Road home of Bandsman Charles Davis to welcome him home from his years as a prisoner-of-war in Germany, and to march him down to our citadel in Kingston Road. For his efforts to escape more than once from prison camps, Charles was moved to the fearsome Colditz where he suffered many hardships. With the liberation of the Channel Islands in May 1945, Danny and Gwyneth were privileged to move on to the lovely L'Islet Corps (still thriving today) in Guernsey to re-establish the Army's work there. Gwyneth was immensely proud of their native land of Wales and always wore the Welsh equivalent of 'The Salvation Army' on the ribbon of her bonnet. Those of us who remember tall, handsome, smiling Danny and little and lovely Gwyneth thank God for their lives and influence. Our Corps here was the richer for their ministry.
'Ron Foot
Next month we return to the scheduled ‘A red hot time’ and ‘a splendid offer’. The Ed.





Full knee-deep lies the winter snow, And winter winds are wearily sighing: Toll ye the church bell sad and slow, And tread softly and speak low, For the old year lies a dying. Old year you must not die; You lived with us so steadily, Old year, you shall not die. He lieth still: he doth not move: He will not see the dawn of day. He hath no other life above. He gave me a friend, and a true true-love, And the New Year will take 'em away. Old year, you must not go; So long as you have been with us, Such joy as you have seen with us, Old year, you shall not go. He froth'd his bumpers to the brim; A jollier year we shall not see. But tho' his eyes are waxing dim, And tho' his foes speak ill of him, He was a friend to me. Old year, you shall not die; We did so laugh and cry with you, I've half a mind to die with you, Old year, if you must die. He was full of joke and jest, But all his merry quips are o'er. To see him die, across the waste His son and heir doth ride post-haste, But he'll be dead before. Every one for his own. The night is starry and cold, my friend, And the New Year blithe and bold, my friend, Comes up to take his own. How hard he breathes! Over the snow I heard just now the crowing cock. The shadows flicker to and fro; The cricket chirps: the light burns low: Tis nearly twelve o'clock. Shake hands before you die. Old year, we'll dearly rue for you: What is it we can do for you ? Speak out before you die. His face is growing sharp and thin. Alack ! Our friend is gone. Close up his eyes: tie up his chin: Step from the corpse, and let him in That standeth there alone, And waiteth at the door. There's a new foot on the floor, my friend, And a new face at the door, my friend, A new face at the door.
From Peoms & Thoughs by G. Emms




People to see.... & Remember
Cis in hospital with a fractured collar bone after a fall.
Continued prayers for Olive, Edith, & Cadets Carol & Alan, all of whom are not well.
Prayers for Ann & her eye.
Toni Rogers completing her Junior Soldier classes.




Appeal For Prayer Partners
* Do have 2 minutes a day to pray for one of the Corps young folk or their leaders?
* Do you have 2 minutes on a Sunday morning to talk to that young person?
* Find out how the week has been at school, college, work, home.
* What was good and not so good.
* What they are looking forward to in the week ahead.
* Could you send them a birthday and Christmas card?
* Could you pray for the people and situations they tell you about?

Yes - Then please consider becoming a YP Prayer Partner.

To day the world is a tough place to be growing up in. Much harder than when we were young. If you have a belief or a commitment to something that makes you an oddity amongst your peer group. If you really believe in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) then admitting you are a Christian is courageous. It needs boldness of faith and the active support of other Christians to help you cope with the ridicule, loneliness and bullying that follows and which could lead to self-doubt and loss of faith.
What are the Rewards of being a YP Prayer Partner?
* Active involvement in the Spiritual battle to win souls for Christ
* Being a positive Christian role model for our young folk
* Helping nurture a young Christian and seeing their faith, confidence and trust in God grow over time.
Interest ?   Convicted ?
During the YP Annual on 21 January 2001 an Appeal was made for individuals who will take on this vital role of being YP Prayer Partners for our young folk and their leaders /helpers. It is not too late to become involved. Please seek Gods guidance in your quiet times, and talk to Ailsa if you are able to assist. You will then be introduced to your prayer partner. If you want to know more, or just talk about it please contact me. Thank- you for taking the time to respond .




February Teasers

What and when is Candlemas Day ?
What and when is Shrove Tuesday ?
What and when is Ash Wednesday ?

Answers to the editor by 15th February.




Did you know !

JANUARY is named after the Roman god Janus, which is Latin for 'opening' (Janus has two faces on his statues, one looking back and the other forward). It was once common practice in many parts of the country for children to go 'apple gifting' on January lst. Apples would be stuck with evergreen twigs - rosemary and box - together with grain an raisins. The apples would be carried by means of three small sticks from house to house, offering 'New Year's blessings' in exchange for small gifts of food or money. In Scotland children would go 'guising', where they soot their faces and sing New Year rhymes in exchange for 'hogmanays'- drinks, gifts and goodies such as slices of ‘Black Bun’. The guisers often left a piece of coal behind them, as it was considered unlucky to visit any house empty handed on New Year's Day.

THE TWELFTH NIGHT after Christmas is a magical time, signifying the end of yule and the culmination of the Christmas jollifications. It is the time for taking down the decorations and burning the tree (it used to be thought that if you keep holly in the house after this date, each leaf and sprig of berries turns into a mischevious spirit!). Twelfth Night is a pagan festival, but was deliberately swallowed up into Epiphany by the Church in the 4th century. However, many old customs still remain. Twelfth Night was traditionally an occasion for games, feasting and general merriment. At the royal court in Medieval times there was much revelry, forfeits, disguisings and play-acting. A Lord of Misrule, appointed at the beginning of the Christmas season, held his final court on this day. He would have led all the festivities for, the last twelve days, helped by a band of twenty to forty courtiers dressed in suitably frivolous garb. In Tudor times, a masque or play would often be presented (such as Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night', perhaps), and the revels would be presided over by the King of the Bean or Queen of the Marrowfat (the Pea). A bean is cooked into a cake, and whoever finds it in their portion is crowned (and, in more recent versions, has to buy a round of drinks).




Wedding Announcement

There has been fevered activity in the Rogers Household over the last week or two as they prepare for the Wedding of Helen (Rogers) and Scott on 10 February 2001. We wish them well for the future and look forward to seeing the photo’s.

In Sympathy….

Paul, Ailsa and Rebecca Flinders thank every one for their prayers and support over the days leading up to and after the death of Paul’s Mum on 27 December.




Preaching programme for February

  Morning Evening
4th Jonah chapters 1-2 Jonah chapters 3-4
God Squad To Boldly Go ! Philippians 2: 19-24
11th Education Sunday led by Cadets led by Cadets
God Squad lWhen the going gets tough. lPhilippians 2: 25-30
18th Ezekiels call. Message of Doom on Jerusalem.
God Squad Living on the Edge. Acts 18: 1-11, 18-28
25th Gods judgement on the nations. Gods promise to His people.
God Squad The Big Issue. Philemon 1-25




Penny for them !

In the 18th century, a Frenchman called Bottineau claimed he could 'see' beyond the horizon by observing the effect approaching ships had on the atmosphere. Bottineau called his new science nauscopy. Between 1778 and 1782 he successfully predicted the arrival at the lie de France (now Mauritius) of 575 ships, as much as four days before they docked. Bottineau's predictions continued to be extremely accurate, and in 1784 he approached the French government, offering his services. The French ministers were suspicious and called Bottineau a crank. He died in 1789, and the secret of nauscopy died with him. Many people consider Christians as cranks. This is no reason to let Christ’s power to die with you, do not be brow beaten, let others know.




It Happened !

YP Annual Prize Giving - Or the Chocolate Prodigal Son

A few weeks ago we welcomed three Cadets into God Squad and spent time quizzing them on their likes and dislikes discovering that chocolate is a favourite food both for the Cadets and God Squad members. In a YP Annual to remember Carol drew on that love of chocolate to remind us all how rich we are living for God. As the Prodigal Son made a “Breakaway” from home and spent many hours enjoying the “Reveals” as he went from “Club to Club” eventually landing up feeding pig’s with “Curly Werly” tails and staring up at the “Galaxy” and “Milk Way”, so bars of chocolate where distributed around the hall. We all tucked into the “Celebrations” that remind us how much God rejoices when we choose to live for him and encourage those we know to live for him as well. The Meeting also saw each of the God Squad Members receive their prizes for their hard work and fun over the last year. Particular commitment and hard work, both at the Corps on Sundays, in work at home and in taking part in other activities and events was acknowledged in the awarding of the YP Shields. God Squad Class of the Year was awarded to “William’s Class”. YP Musician of the Year was awarded to Letitia Rogers. Junior Soldier of the Year was awarded to Gillian Rogers.




It Happened again !!

2001 Space Odyssey…..

Is a film of few words and tremendous story telling through atmosphere, activity and images. “Space 2001” was a party of excited children’s voices, tension during the Fancy Dress competition and games, and busy activity as Alien Marks were made and a wonderful tea consumed (thank you Betty, Lorraine, Joyce for all the work in the kitchen). Congratulations to all 12 who entered the Fancy Dress Competition the Costumes and Masks were great. Well done to Garth and Dylan for winning, and a special mention for Bat-man’s Mum (our Rosie). Prizes for the best decorated mask were won by Letitia and Gillian. The whole afternoon was a great success which would not have been possible with out the willing help of YP Leaders and parents. Thank you for all the help.




A new year, A new club !
Story Keepers” Club Following a fair and democratic Election the name chosen for the new YP Kid’s Club is “Story Keepers”, after our successful Holiday club held last year. The second choice was “Bright Sparks” and the third choice name was “Chatterbox”. Story Keeper’s starts with a “Flip Flop Evening” (linked to Shrove Tuesday) on Friday 23 February 2001, 6 to 7-30pm in the Community Hall. It is open to children aged 5 to 11years. Subs are £1 per child payable on the evening. Flyers will be available shortly, but do tell your friends and neighbours now so the date’s in the diary. Further details from Ailsa.




Corps Council - Main points

  • Proposal that Mark & Nellie Kolpatchi start a fortnightly Russian Fellowship on Sunday afternoons at the Corps.
  • Community Hall developments - Quotes being sought to redesign storage facilities to increase capacity. A new foldup Mercy Seat will be custom made and fitted to the wall under the kitchen hatch.
  • Divisional meetings 1st April. Both CO’s will be at Folkestone, a leader is being sought to special the morning meeting. No details have been received regarding YP events at these meetings, therefore no decision has been made as to whether God Squad will run on that day.
  • Good Friday—Wimbledon Corps is hosting the joint morning service with the Methodist Church. Children’s Easter event will be from 2pm to 5pm.
  • A warrant for Cradle Roll Sergeant has been agreed and the CO’s will follow up.




Things to do.. Think on these things ?

A Sudden Treat ! It was a snow laden morning at Morden Hall Park. The sun gave us added sparkle and took the hard edge from the ice. It was quiet, and we hoped to enjoy a glimpse of natures’ winter wonders. We were not to be disappointed. It was nearing midday as we made our way carefully across the marsh, keenly watching and listening as the colours and sounds about us peeped through their snowy blanket. Then suddenly, out of the blue sky a graceful heron appeared, gliding smoothly across the path to land precisely in front of us, as near as you could dream ! He hadn’t spotted us, but our eyes followed him faithfully. What a beauty ! His outline against the rustic grasses was as clear as a sharp pencil line. His eyes shone as he was waiting and watching. Something moved, and he pounced ! An excellent lunch ensued, consisting of a live squealing mouse, swallowed whole ! Our graceful heron became a strutting hero. As he proudly cleaned his beak on a nearby twig, his manners proved superb. Then a siesta ! With his feathers fluffed for warmth and his neck and legs curled into his bloated frame, he slept. As we crept away, feeling like innocent witnesses, we realised our feet were frozen. The sun had hidden behind a cloud and we too needed nourishment. Heading home our minds agog, hoping against hope that our new camera would be a good one. We thanked God for his merciful benevolence in enabling us to sustain ourselves in an easier way ! Don’t you agree dear reader ?
Sarah How.