15th - 19th August 2005


The holiday club was based on holiday club resource material produced by Children's ministry. The aim was to look at the events around the flood. What Noah would have faced, the skills needed to fullfil his task, and different aspects of Noah's personality.

It should be noted that we have always had a policy of accepting any child within the age limits provided we do not go over our maximum numbers. As in the previous two years we had several children from families of other faiths, a deliberate effort was make on the publicity of this years Holiday Club to emphasise that the Christian viewpoint would be used.


Background Information


Noah was different to what everybody else considered normal, how he felt about this generates the same emotions and feelings as many children experience today.
  • What was it that set him apart from others?
  • What sets us apart from others today, how we can say yes to God today just as Noah did?
  • Can Noah teach us how to accept God's word as true?
  • How can we keep trusting even though we may be ridiculed by some of our peers, and can we believe God's promises?
Heavy stuff!

But with fun activities all of this will be covered which will hopefully & prayerfully give each child something to hold onto for help and encouragement as they progress through life.




Summary of the main daily activities

  • Who can remember Memory Verse from yesterday.
  • Creating a wall frieze of the Ark, noah and animals.
  • Experiments on 3 days. 1) what can be used to water proof paper. 2)What effect salt has on bouancy. 3)Creating rainbows with water & prisms.
  • DVD of Roach and his part in the Noah story.
  • Making Face biscuits.
  • Work sheets related to the day.
  • Games
  • Art & Craft

Some of the Art & Craft and other Activities of the week were.

  • Collage of the Ark and animals.
  • Bug Gliders - Plagues.
  • Decorating biscuits to look like faces of people or animals.
  • Making music from anything & everything.
  • marzipan animals.
  • Scientific experiments.
  • Day out to Chessington.
  • Ten Pin Bowling.
  • 10th Birthday party (this is the 10th holiday club, 1996/7 were run by Majors Steven & Margaret Huyton.
  • Water games (fight)


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