October 2002 saw an intrepid few from the Young Peoples Corps venture out into the wilds of Surrey.
As the following accounts recall an adventurous, fun filled weekend was had by all who came.

Games & Activities

Orienteering proved to be a challenge for all, including the two leaders who shadowed the two groups who had never done orienteering before. Three groups set off on three pre arranged routes, two covering 8 posts and 1 covering 14 posts. Although the teenagers did the longer route they had one person who had done orienteering before and so it was anticipated that all would complete the course by lunch time. It was hoped that all would meet up two posts from the end. The shorter routes almost did, the second of these holding back until the first had cleared the penultimate post. The teenagers arrved back during lunch - having discovered a steep hill and got lost !
Low Rope Challenge by James - The first challenge was to use two planks of wood to cross nine concrete barrels and Rebecca fell into the mud! The second challenge was to walk along one rope holding on to one over your head. Then we crossed the Tarzan rope swinging from one rope to another over more mud! And then we climbed across the rope net. Next was the tricky tight rope. I fell in the mud! Then we needed to go across a bridge made out of rope. Next we gone across another tricky tight rope! And finally came the bosons chair which was difficult. We all needed to work as a team! We all had to help each other! It was fun! The end.
Building a shelter by Charlotte - We had to build a shelter with small logs and ferns in the wood. There were three groups. Group one contained Rosie, Mummy, Dawn, Alex, Ismail and me. Group two contained Lorraine, James, Aidan and Ailsa. Group three was Rebecca and Kerri. Paul showed us how to build a shelter. We all made very good shelters and we all had lots of fun!

Night hike & campfire

Night Hike by Ailsa - Having spent an hour sitting in traffic as we travelled to the Felbury Centre it was good to get out into the woods and stretch our legs. We left at 8-30pm and over the next 2 hours walked about three miles through the woods above Hurtmoor Common. Once the torch lights were switched off and our eyes adjusted to the darkness it was amazing how much we could see and hear in the night. The wind rustling in the tree tops, owls hooting as they hunted for their supper, crickets settling for the night and twigs snapping as people trod on them. With no street lights blinding us we were able to see the Plough and Milky Way in the sky. Other stars were very bright. Trees formed dark silhouette against the sky and we tried working out what they were from their shape. When we reached the top of the hill we could watch the aeroplanes take off and land at Gatwick airport. Hot Chocolate and home made cake awaited us on our return, before we tumbled into our beds tired, but excited about all we had seen.
Camp Fire Picture by Rosie -
I went to a campfire. We ate marsh mallows. Rosie Murfin

Pond Dipping and Colour Palette

Pond Dipping by Aidan - We had to catch water creatures in green nets and put them into little containers full of pond water. I liked finding the little creatures because I liked looking at them and finding out what they were from the pictures.
Colour palettes in the shape of artists paint palettes had coloured circles stuck on them. The idea was to collect as many artifacts as closely matching the colours as possible. This proved more of a challenge to some, whilst some found more than they could place on their palette.


The weekend was based around God's creation and it's Autumn colours. Sunday morning the autumn tree was created. The trunk and branches created by drawing round our feet, writing on one what we enjoyed about the night hike and on the other about something that we had done this weekend that we had not done before. On the leaves of different colours was written how we felt about doing something we had not done before, and giving thanks for someone, something enjoyed. experienced or learnt over the weekend.

The final worship time before returning home saw the tree completed, and we gave thanks to God for his creation and all the wonderful things we had done. But best of all was realizing the truth of the words of John Gowans' song - There are hundreds of things in the world "and God knows everyone and God knows me".
The words are in the Salvation Army Song Book, number 850.
Each person was given a pre-cut cardboard base ball cap. Having spent the weekend out in the woods & fields, everyone was encouraged to create a pattern or picture reflecting what they had seen.


Food, Food glorious hime made food, and plenty of it. Sharing a meal with friends is great at any time, but the hot chocolate and home made cake after the night hike was a dream. The beef-burgers and chips anddoughnuts warmed the chilled spirits of those that fell into the mud on the low rope challenge. Bread and butter pudding with custard quickly filled a hungry hole after spending the afternoon shelter building. But the highlight was Sunday lunch - Roast of Beef and Yorkshire pudding with roast potatoes and roast parsnips, finished off with chocolate gateau and cream !!
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