Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Salvation Army?

The Salvation Army is an international, multiracial Christian Church, we believe in the Holy Spirit, worship God and our Lord Jesus Christ. See the Doctrines.

Is the 'Salvation Army' a charity?

Yes! As well as been a Christian Church and as part of our Christian beliefs. The Salvation Army does welfare work in the community. William Booth believed that the Gospel of Salvation was for the whole person, both Spiritual and physical wellbeing. This is why the Army is known as an agency for social welfare as well as a church. The Salvation Army is one of the biggest voluntary social work agencies in the world.

Why an 'Army' ?

This term was originally used because it described its purpose, which was to fight against sin, evil and exploitation wherever it was found, in the Name of Jesus Christ. As a result there developed the idea of a distinctive uniform.

Who belongs to the 'Salvation Army' ?

Anybody from all walks of life, who wish to worship with us. Members of the Salvation Army are called 'Soldiers' or 'Adherents'.

See Guidance concerning Membership

Do you have to wear a uniform ?

No! It is a personal choice whether or not to wear the uniform. The uniform is worn by the 'Officers' and may be worn by 'Soldiers' as a witness to their faith, Also by the members of the musical sections (Band, Songsters & Singing Company)

What are 'Soldiers' ?

Full members of the Salvation Army, who have chosen to become Christians, have accepted certain moral standards and have signed the 'Soldiers Covenant'. Salvation Army Soldiers do not smoke, drink alcohol, take unprescribed drugs or gamble. It is a personal choice whether or not to wear the uniform.

What are 'Adherents' ?

People who have chosen to make the Salvation Army their spiritual home and place of worship, but do not wish to make all the commitments which a soldier would be expected to make. They do not wear uniform.

Who is your Minister ?

The Salvation Army Officers (Captain, Major etc.) have the status of ordained ministers, they work full time for the Army.

What are the 'Soldiers Covenant' ?

The Soldiers Covenant is a document that states the 'Doctrines' (Beliefs) of the Army, that a person signs when they are ready to become Soldiers of the Salvation Army. (previously called 'Articles of War')

Do I have to stop smoking and drinking alcohol to join ?

No! You may come and worship with us. You can join us as 'Adherents'

Do I have to be able to play a musical instrument or sing ?

No! Membership of the Band or Songster Brigade (adult choir) is voluntary. If you do wish to join a musical section, we will train you to play a musical instrument and read music.

Do Band members get paid ?

No. Only Officers, who are full-time ministers get paid. All other members give up their services voluntarily. They purchase their own uniforms and contribute financially to the upkeep of local and world wide Army work.

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