WordPerfect Tips

Correct those Hard to find mistakes.

  Press ALT & F3 together. A new window is displayed at the bottom of the screen showing all your text plus all the formatting codes inserted by WordPerfect, use the arrow keys to move through them and delete the ones not required

Speedy Selections

Need to grab text in a hurry? Click in the blank area just to the left of your text to select the current line. Double-click to select the paragraph. Triple-click or press Control+A to select the entire document.

Graphic Grabber

Use the Image on Disk option to save disk space and keep often-used graphics up-to-date. For example, rather than actually inserting your company logo into each document, you can reference the image. Select Insert/Graphics/From File, then specify the filename. Click on the Image on Disk check box, then click on OK. The graphic will appear in the document, but it won’t be saved with it. If you make changes to the graphic, they will appear the next time you open the document.


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