Microsoft Word Tips

Close All Documents Instantly

To close all open documents with just one command, hold Shift while you select File. The Close command will be replaced with Close All.

A Drag All the Way

In Word 6 and 7, to drag a text selection to a location that’s not visible on your screen, select Window/Split. A thin grey line will attach to your cursor. Drag the line to the middle of the screen and click the left mouse button. Scroll the bottom window to the area where you want to insert the new text, then drag it from the top window. When you're finished, select Window/Remove Split to restore the single-window display.

Speedy Selections

Need to grab text in a hurry? Click in the blank area just to the left of your text to select the current line. Double-click to select the paragraph. Triple-click or press Control+A to select the entire document.

Type the Untypeable

To insert a trademark symbol, press Control+Alt+T. Control+Alt+R inserts a registered trademark symbol, and Control+Alt+C inserts a copyright symbol.

Watch Your Table Grow

To add multiple cells, rows or columns to an existing table, in the current table highlight the number of cells, rows or columns you want to add, starting where you need the new ones to appear. Right-click on that selection and select Insert Cells. If you selected an entire column or row, select Insert Columns or Insert Rows.


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