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Fried Frames

When a text or a table frame is selected, pressing the Delete key only deletes the character before the insertion point. To delete the entire frame, select the frame with the pointer and press Ctrl+Delete. (In Publisher 2000 it is Ctrl+Shift+X)


Repeating Tools

To repeatedly use the same tool, you must normally select the tool each time. To keep the tool selection active, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the tool. When finished with the tool, select the Pointer or any other tool in the toolbox.


Easy Zoom

The easiest way to zoom in on a frame you've just drawn is to right-click outside the frame. A pop-up menu will appear that includes the three most popular zoom selections. Choose the Zoom to Selection option. In Publisher 200 select the 'Selected Objects' option.


Create an Instant Text Frame

If you only want to create a text document in Publisher and have just opened a new page, don't bother with the Text tool. Just press the spacebar. Publisher will create the text frame for you, encompassing the entire page. This won't work if there are any other objects on the page.


Rapid Rotation

Publisher provides the normal menu options to rotate a frame in a publication, but an easier method using the mouse and keyboard is also available. Select the frame you want to rotate, press the Alt key and move the pointer over any of the frame-sizing handles. Now click and drag to rotate the image in any direction.


Paste with a Mouse

Whenever you need multiple copies of an object, the usual method is Edit/Copy, Edit/Paste, move the object, Edit/Paste, move the object …. An easier way is hold down th e Ctrl key, drag the object to where you want it, and release the mouse button. Instead of moving the original object a new copy will be created.


Task Shortcut

Move the cursor from one text frame to the next connected text frame

Change all highlighted text to Small Caps format (to caps in 2000) Ctrl+Shift+K
Decrease kerning between letters Ctrl+Shift+[
Increase kerning between letters Ctrl+Shift+]

Decrease font size by one point Ctrl+[
Increase font size by one point Ctrl+]


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