Microsoft Excel Tips

  Require Same column formats & widths on several sheets.

Group the sheets before widening the columns on one sheet. Columns will widen simultaneously in all the sheets that are grouped.

Print Multiple ranges on one Page.

You cannot make multiple ranges print on the same page, but you can hide columns or rows that may lie between the ranges. Select the columns letters or row numbers, then right click the mouse and choose hide from the short cut menu. When you print you worksheet, the hidden columns or rows will not appear in the printout.

Print the Grid lines or not !

Choose File from the menubar, select Page set up followed by clicking the Sheet tab. If the Gridlines option is ticked the gridlines will be printed, if it is not ticked they will not.

Text or Numeric ?

If you are unsure whether Excel accepted your entry as Text or Numeric, remember that Numbers and Dates are by default right justified within the cell, and Text is left justified. This is assuming that you have not changed the alignment yourself.

Enter a Series using AutoFill.

To enter the months for example, enter the first required month. Move the mouse pointer onto the tiny black square located at the lower right hand corner of the cell. Notice that it changes to a cross hair, click and hold down the mouse button and drag the AutoFill handle across the row or down the column to enter the rest of the months.


This also works with numbers, but you need to enter at least two and highlight the cells before dragging the AutoFill handle.

Get the Right Fit

To make each column just wide enough to accommodate the text in it, select the columns you want to adjust and move the pointer over the division between any two column letters. When the cursor changes to a large plus sign with arrows pointing left and right, double-click on the left-mouse button to adjust the entire selection. To adjust only one column, follow the same procedure, but without selecting anything first. When you double-click near the division between two columns, Excel adjusts the column to the left of the division.

View all Formulas

From the TOOLS menu select OTIONS. Click on the View Tab, then in the WINDOW Options click on Formulas.


This will display the formulas in the worksheet. Remove the check mark to return to normal view.


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