More About Me


  • I have developed various applications using proprietary software for my employers, NHS hospitals and Surrey County Council Social Services. Most of these applications are databases, but also cover spreadsheets.


  • I was involved in training doctors & nurses to use computers and specific software applications.


  • I was consulted on the introduction of work procedures & BSI procedures using a word processor to provide easier amendments and a quicker BS 5750 accreditation.


  • Specified configuration and supervised construction of PCs.


  • Consulted and assisted in the translation and adaptation of Social Service information leaflets to Rebus symbol language for use by people with learning disabilities.


  • Contracted to prepared the Order of Service for weddings using a word processor and graphics packages.


  • I am a qualified British Standards Institute accredited auditor.


  • MSc in Information Systems achieved in one year of full time study.


  • In Scouting the most rewarding achievement has been organising a week long camp for 70 Cub scouts and 40 leaders from two different Scout groups. This involved ensuring that all equipment, including tents and cooking utensils (for use on an open fire), were available and transported to the camp site, that all activities were supervised and that all hikes and visits to places of interest had been checked in both wet and dry conditions.
Employment History

Kingston University


Full time student on a one year MSc.In Information Systems (1995/6).

Phillips Petroleum Co. E-A. Ltd.

Barclays Bank PLC.

Industrial Art Works.

August 1978 to June 1995.

1973 to 1978.

June to September 1973