Landed at Geneva midmorning and picked up the car and put everything in the boot, not thinking, including the camera. Sign posts for the motorway were a bit sparce so we ended up driving round the block twice before we spotted a sign for Lausanne. All motorway until Aigle about an hour from Geneva. We stopped just before Vionnaz and got the camera out. It was raining on and off most of the way.
Saturday night, early Sunday was punctuated with heavy rain and thunderstorms. Monday we wanted to walk up theskislope visible from our lounge Le Jorette. Tuesday St. Maurice, but the day after Switzerland's birthday most things were shut, so we went back another day. Wednesday we went to Zermatt and the Matterhorn. On the way back to Geneva we stopped off at Chillon Cháteau and Villeneuve.
Chillon Cháteau Walk to Le Croix Walk up the Le Jorette Ski slope. Les Cretes resort St. Maurice
Torgon Villeneuve Vionnaz Zermatt - Matterhorn

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There's our resort in them there hills (mountains).
The road into Vionnaz
Vionnaz, road toTorgon just to the right of the church.
The road to Torgon was a long zig zag road with many hairpin bends. Not quiet as scary as some of the Scotish roads. here we past an old buckect from the hydro station. The climbed steeply as can be seen here and in the Vionnaz pictures. Awayside memorial
Vionnaz in the foreground and Aigle in the background. The bridge in the centre is where the first two pictures were taken. Terracing for what looked like a vineyaard
Vionnaz as seen as we climbed up the mountain side.
Various views on the way up to Torgon.
Montreux just vissible in the centre on the other side of Lake Geneva Looking over the valley towards Aigle (left)
Vionnaz, part oft he road is vissible below the power line (right).
Industrial part of Vionnaz Vionnaz bottom centre Le Cretes resort across the valley.
Aigle castle (centre of picture) is reported asbeing worth a visit, but we never got to it.