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Narrowboat Canal Holiday - North Kilworth Pictures

One of the leaflets on board was one for a little village North Kilworth that gave an interesting history. Unfortunately we could not moor at the North Kilworth marina so we stopped on the way home. Reproduced is the leaflet produced in 2002 with hyperlinks to pictures of the places mentioned. We did not visit all the places listed below but I have included the details, just follow the links. The numbered list relates to the map at the bottom of this page which is also hyperlinked.
North Kilworth, a Conservation Area, in south Leicestershire lies close to the River Avon on the Northamptonshire border. At the time of the Domesday survey there were two settlements Chivelesworde and Cleveliorde, which later differentiated into North and South Kilworth. North Kilworth owes much to the local geology of clays and gravels which form an aquifer feeding the springs which are such an unusual feature of the area. They were vital to the early settlement and were used as a water supply until 50 years ago. Look out for cobbles and boulders from the sands now found in walls and yards. Notice also the various large boulders of coarse sandstone lying around the village. These are erratics and were dumped by glaciers during an ice age. There is ample parking to the rear of the Village Hall. Alternative parking is available in front of the Swan Inn and the White Lion PH. on the A4304. The trail starts by the Village Hall. (We were advised that the car park at the rear of the village hall is not public parking anymore).

Murder in Dag Lane. Dag Lane was the scene of a murder in 1382, triggered by a property dispute between the Rector (John Chaumberlyne) and a parishioner: The court records, now held in Leicester indicate that the Rector and his servant John were found guilty by Jury of murdering Nicholas Wiseman, but that subsequently both received a royal pardon.

A thoroughly smashing gentleman. When the Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII) came to hunt in North Kilworth he would stay at Wheler Lodge near We/ford returning next morning to London on the milk train. The village was a/ways abuzz with excitement when he came. Every one thought he was "thoroughly smashing. The children were let out of morning school to see him at the meet. On one occasion a maid, who was cleaning upstairs in Kilworth Hall (16), saw him coming with a lady friend on horseback along the bridle path. When he drew close she shouted out with excitement "Here he comes!" To her dying day she remembered the smile he gave her when he looked up to see who had called out.
These pictures are not included on the tour.
Elmwood cottage Belgrave cottage Thatched cottage in Hawthorne Lane
1. Belgrave Village Hall. 2. The Old School
3. Nether Hall 4. The Churchyard Gates
5. St Andrew's Church. 6. The Churchyard wall in Dag Lane
7. Stoney 8. Blind Man's Lantern
9. The Farmyard. 10. Ivy House
11. Tudor Cottages. 12. The Washpit
Optional detour 13 -15  
13.The Shoulder of Mutton 14. The old road
15. Kilworth House  
16. North Kilworth Hall. 17. Western Cottages.
18. Landau House and the Royal Implement Works. 19. Bed of Roses
20. The narrow High Street 21. The Green
22. Spring Cottage. 23. The Bogs
24. The Millennium Green