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Note the Guinness harp. It faces the opposite way to the Irish harp that forms the Irish emblem. The story has it that Guinness copyrighted thie harp and as a result would not let the Irish parliament use it. So after much debate someone suggested using a mirror image of the harp, this would not break the copyright. So the Irish now have the Irish Harp .


These two pictures have been copied from the web.

This site looked very promising on the brochures. However we drove directly to the site only to be told that we had to book a tour from the visitors centre a few miles away just outside Slane. We were then told that we would be bussed up to the site and back, the total time for the tour would be 3 hours. We did not have three hours so left without seeing anything The information below has been transposed from the leaflet we were given. No other documentation we had told us about the tour procedures.
There is no direct access to the Monuments. All access is through the Visitor Centre and by guided tour. Go back up the road you came, north to N51. Take a left at the N51 towards Slane village. Take a left at the crossroads in the centre of the village for Dublin on the N2. Cross the river Boyne and take the left, following the signs all the way for Bru na Boinne/Newgrange Monument. It is 17KM to the Visitor Centre from the Site. As the number of visitors that can be accommodated at the Monuments each day is limited, visitors are advised to come as early in the day as possible.

Derelict house just outside Slane.

Slane bridge from a southern approach
Unfortunately Slane Castle was closed as our visit was out of season, but we were able to get down to it.

On the road to Carrick-A-Rede.

Just one of a fewoccassions of rain.