Germany Holiday Pictures

The last holiday we had with Ailsa's long time friend Helana was our greek holiday, so we planned to visit her and Hebert in Leipzig. Helena suggested going to Kracow, as this came up as one of our future holiday locations we extended our stay and included Poland on this holiday. Our Polish pictures have been given a seperate section 'Poland'
Our itinary was Ostend - Koln - Colditz - Leipzig (including Eissenach {& Wartburg}, Eisleben, Quadlinburg and Weimar) - Gorlitz (via Meissen and Bautzen) - Cracow (via Wroclaw) -Dresden - Frankfurt - Ostend
Bautzen Colditz Dresden Eisleben Eissenach
Frankfurt Gorlitz Koln Leipzig Meissen
Ostend Quedlinburg The Wartburg Weimar